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LIM homeobox transcription factor 1 alpha

Lmx1a, LMX1
This gene encodes a homeodomain and LIM-domain containing protein. The encoded protein is a transcription factor that acts as a positive regulator of insulin gene transcription. This gene also plays a role in the development of dopamine producing neurons during embryogenesis. Mutations in this gene are associated with an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2012] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: LIM, CAN, en-1, PTX3, Wnt1
Papers on Lmx1a
Differences in the spatiotemporal expression and epistatic gene regulation of the mesodiencephalic dopaminergic precursor marker PITX3 during chicken and mouse development.
Wizenmann et al., München, Germany. In Development, Feb 2016
We also discovered that the Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway is both, necessary and sufficient for the induction of ectopic PITX3 expression in chick mesencephalon downstream of WNT9A induced LMX1a transcription.
Loss of neurogenesis in Hydra leads to compensatory regulation of neurogenic and neurotransmission genes in epithelial cells.
Galliot et al., Genève, Switzerland. In Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, Feb 2016
By crossing these results with cell-type-specific transcriptomics, we identified epithelial genes up-regulated upon loss of neurogenesis: transcription factors (Dlx, Dlx1, DMBX1/Manacle, Ets1, Gli3, KLF11, LMX1A, ZNF436, Shox1), epitheliopeptides (Arminins, PW peptide), neurosignalling components (CAMK1D, DDCl2, Inx1), ligand-ion channel receptors (CHRNA1, NaC7), G-Protein Coupled Receptors and FMRFRL.
Cell fate determination, neuronal maintenance and disease state: The emerging role of transcription factors Lmx1a and Lmx1b.
Lévesque et al., Québec, Canada. In Febs Lett, Jan 2016
LIM-HD Lmx1a and Lmx1b orchestrate complex temporal and spatial gene expression of the dopaminergic pathway, and evidence shows they are also involved in adult neuronal homeostasis.
Zdhhc15b Regulates Differentiation of Diencephalic Dopaminergic Neurons in zebrafish.
Hao et al., Jinan, China. In J Cell Biochem, Dec 2015
Consistent with the decreased number of DA neurons following knock-down of zdhhc15b, the expression of fate determination-related transcription factors such as nurr1, foxA2, and lmx1a were also reduced in morphant zebrafish.
Polymorphisms of dopamine pathway genes NRG1 and LMX1A are associated with cognitive performance in bipolar disorder.
Landén et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Bipolar Disord, Dec 2015
OBJECTIVES: LIM homeobox transcription factor 1, alpha (LMX1A) and neuregulin 1 (NRG1) are susceptibility genes for schizophrenia that have been implicated in the dopaminergic pathway and have been associated with altered cognitive functioning.
Dickkopf 3 Promotes the Differentiation of a Rostrolateral Midbrain Dopaminergic Neuronal Subset In Vivo and from Pluripotent Stem Cells In Vitro in the Mouse.
Prakash et al., München, Germany. In J Neurosci, Oct 2015
Dkk3 transcription in the murine ventral midbrain coincides with the onset of mdDA neurogenesis and is required for the activation and/or maintenance of LMX1A (LIM homeobox transcription factor 1α) and PITX3 (paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 3) expression in the corresponding mdDA precursor subset, without affecting the proliferation or specification of their progenitors.
EMT in cervical cancer: its role in tumour progression and response to therapy.
Rizvi et al., Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France. In Cancer Lett, Feb 2015
Tumour suppressors, such as LMX-1, SFRP1, klotho, and miR-155, suppress EMT in cervical cancer.
Mapping Mammalian Cell-type-specific Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Using KD-CAGE and ChIP-seq Data in the TC-YIK Cell Line.
Forrest et al., Yokohama, Japan. In Front Genet, 2014
As a complimentary approach we used ChIP-seq on four of these factors to identify NEUROD1, LMX1A, PAX6, and RFX6 binding sites in the human genome.
Genetic findings in obsessive-compulsive disorder connect to brain-derived neutrophic factor and mammalian target of rapamycin pathways: implications for drug development.
Srivastava et al., Baltimore, United States. In Drug Dev Res, 2014
The OCD susceptibility genes DLGAP1, RYR3, PBX1-MEIS2, LMX1A and candidate genes BDNF and GRIN2B are components of the neuronal growth, differentiation and neurogenesis pathways BDNF-mTOR.
Lmx1a allows context-specific isolation of progenitors of GABAergic or dopaminergic neurons during neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells.
Pouton et al., Australia. In Stem Cells, 2012
Data conclude that Lmx1a is a useful marker for the extraction of progenitors of GABAergic or dopaminergic neurons.
Lmx1a and lmx1b function cooperatively to regulate proliferation, specification, and differentiation of midbrain dopaminergic progenitors.
Ang et al., London, United Kingdom. In J Neurosci, 2011
This study demonstrated that Lmx1a and Lmx1b function cooperatively to regulate proliferation, specification, and differentiation of mDA progenitors, including their floor plate-like properties.
Specific and integrated roles of Lmx1a, Lmx1b and Phox2a in ventral midbrain development.
Perlmann et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Development, 2011
data establish that Lmx1b influences the differentiation of multiple neuronal subtypes in the ventral midbrain, whereas Lmx1a appears to be exclusively devoted to the differentiation of the dopamine neuron lineage
Transcription factor-induced lineage selection of stem-cell-derived neural progenitor cells.
Perlmann et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Cell Stem Cell, 2011
The Lmx1a can induce desired neuronal lineages from most expressing neural progenitor cells by a mechanism resembling developmental binary cell-fate switching.
Generation of knockout mice expressing a GFP-reporter under the control of the Lmx1a locus.
Mansouri et al., Göttingen, Germany. In Gene Expr Patterns, 2011
Generation of knockout mice expressing a GFP-reporter under the control of the Lmx1a locus.
Wnt1-lmx1a forms a novel autoregulatory loop and controls midbrain dopaminergic differentiation synergistically with the SHH-FoxA2 pathway.
Kim et al., Belmont, United States. In Cell Stem Cell, 2010
In this study, we identified a novel Wnt1-Lmx1a autoregulatory loop during mDA differentiation of ESCs and confirmed its in vivo presence during embryonic development.
The homeobox gene lim-6 is required for distinct chemosensory representations in C. elegans.
Lockery et al., Eugene, United States. In Nature, 2001
In addition, only ASEL expresses the homeobox gene lim-6, an orthologue of the human LMX1 subfamily of homeobox genes.
[Control of the positioning of the vertebrate limb axes during development].
Catala, Paris, France. In Morphologie, 2000
The dorsal region is specified by Wnt7a and Lmx1 whereas Engrailed 1 gene plays a role in ventral specification.
[LIM homeobox genes family in nervous system].
Zhou et al., Beijing, China. In Sheng Li Ke Xue Jin Zhan, 1997
The members of the LIM homeobox genes family which have recently been identified include lin-11, mec-3, apterous(ap), isl-1, LH-2, Rlim, lim-1, lmx-1, Xlim-1 and Xlim-3.
Dorsal cell fate specified by chick Lmx1 during vertebrate limb development.
Izpisúa Belmonte et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Nature, 1996
Here we report the isolation of a vertebrate LIM-homeodomain containing gene, Chick Lmx1 (C-Lmx1).
Induction of the LIM homeobox gene Lmx1 by WNT7a establishes dorsoventral pattern in the vertebrate limb.
Tabin et al., Boston, United States. In Cell, 1995
To define the molecular events involved in this process, we have analyzed the function of WNT7a, a secreted factor expressed in the dorsal ectoderm, and LMX1, a LIM homeodomain transcription factor expressed in the dorsal mesenchyme.
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