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LIM homeobox protein 9

Lhx9, LH2b
This gene encodes a member of the LIM homeobox gene family of developmentally expressed transcription factors. The encoded protein contains a homeodomain and two cysteine-rich zinc-binding LIM domains involved in protein-protein interactions. The protein is highly similar to a mouse protein that causes gonadal agenesis when inactivated, suggesting a role in gonadal development. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: LIM, SF-1, Lim1, Lhx5, CAN
Papers on Lhx9
Lhx9 gene expression during early limb development in mice requires the FGF signalling pathway.
Wilson et al., Dunedin, New Zealand. In Gene Expr Patterns, Sep 2015
Lhx9 is a member of the LIM-homeodomain gene family necessary for the correct development of many organs including gonads, limbs, heart and the nervous system.
Key Role of Amino Acid Repeat Expansions in the Functional Diversification of Duplicated Transcription Factors.
Albà et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Mol Biol Evol, Sep 2015
We experimentally test the role of alanine-rich LCRs in two different TF gene families, PHOX2A/PHOX2B and LHX2/LHX9.
Integrated analysis of gene expression and DNA methylation changes induced by hepatocyte growth factor in human hepatocytes.
Yin et al., Xiamen, China. In Mol Med Report, Sep 2015
Furthermore, integration analysis of gene expression and DNA methylation changes revealed novel potential tumor suppressor genes TSGs including MYOCD, PANX2 and LHX9.
Evolutionarily conserved regulation of hypocretin neuron specification by Lhx9.
Prober et al., Pasadena, United States. In Development, Apr 2015
Using zebrafish as a high-throughput system to screen for factors that can specify Hcrt neurons in vivo, we identified the LIM homeobox transcription factor Lhx9 as necessary and sufficient to specify Hcrt neurons.
LIM homeobox protein 5 (Lhx5) is essential for mamillary body development.
Varela-Echavarría et al., Mexico. In Front Neuroanat, 2014
Interestingly, we also found an ectopic domain expressing Lhx2 and Lhx9 along the anterio-posterior hypothalamic axis.
Generation and characterization of Lhx9-GFPCreER(T2) knock-in mouse line.
Gan et al., Rochester, United States. In Genesis, 2014
LHX9 is a LIM-homeodomain transcription factor essential for the development of gonads, spinal cord interneurons, and thalamic neurons to name a few.
Combinatorial expression of Lef1, Lhx2, Lhx5, Lhx9, Lmo3, Lmo4, and Prox1 helps to identify comparable subdivisions in the developing hippocampal formation of mouse and chicken.
Medina et al., Lleida, Spain. In Front Neuroanat, 2013
We carried out a study of the expression patterns of seven developmental regulatory genes (Lef1, Lhx2, Lhx9, Lhx5, Lmo3, Lmo4, and Prox1), in combination with topological position, to identify the medial pallial derivatives, define its major subdivisions, and compare them between mouse and chicken.
Chronology, magnitude and duration of expression of putative sex-determining/differentiation genes in a turtle with temperature-dependent sex determination.
Wibbels et al., Birmingham, United States. In Sex Dev, 2013
To date, the current study represents the most comprehensive simultaneous evaluation of the chronology of mRNA expression profiles of putative sex-determining/differentiation genes (Dmrt1, Sox9, Amh, Lhx9, and Foxl2) from gonads incubated at male- and female-producing temperatures in T. scripta.
The olfactory amygdala in amniotes: an evo-devo approach.
Medina et al., Lleida, Spain. In Anat Rec (hoboken), 2013
Lhx6, Shh, Tbr1, Lhx9, Lhx5, Otp, and Pax6) in embryos of mouse, chicken, emydid turtles, and a pipid frog.
Seizure evoked regulation of LIM-HD genes and co-factors in the postnatal and adult hippocampus.
Tole et al., Mumbai, India. In F1000res, 2012
We report a distinct and field-specific regulation of LIM-HD genes Lhx1, Lhx2, and Lhx9, LIM-only gene Lmo4, and cofactor Clim1a in the adult hippocampus after seizure induction.
Contribution of genoarchitecture to understanding forebrain evolution and development, with particular emphasis on the amygdala.
Abellán et al., Lleida, Spain. In Brain Behav Evol, 2010
In all tetrapods studied, the amygdala includes at least 4 components: (1) a ventral pallial part, characterized by expression of Lhx2 and Lhx9, that includes part of the basal amygdalar complex in mammals and a caudal part of the dorsal ventricular ridge in sauropsids and also produces a cell subpopulation of the medial amygdala; (2) a striatal part, characterized by expression of Pax6 and/or Islet1, which includes the central amygdala in different species; (3) a pallidal part, characterized by expression of Nkx2.1 and, in amniotes, Lhx6, which includes part of the medial amygdala, and (4) a hypothalamic part (derived from the supraoptoparaventricular domain or SPV), characterized by Otp and/or Lhx5 expression, which produces an important subpopulation of cells of the medial extended amygdala (medial amygdala and/or medial bed nucleus of the stria terminalis).
Aberrant methylation and reduced expression of LHX9 in malignant gliomas of childhood.
Pietsch et al., Bonn, Germany. In Neoplasia, 2009
LHX9 gene is frequently silenced in pediatric malignant astrocytomas
FGF receptor dependent regulation of Lhx9 expression in the developing nervous system.
McFarlane et al., Calgary, Canada. In Dev Dyn, 2009
while FGF signalling initiates and maintains brain XLhx9 expression, in the eye primordium the requirement of FGFs for expression is rapidly lost.
Transcriptional control of axonal guidance and sorting in dorsal interneurons by the Lim-HD proteins Lhx9 and Lhx1.
Klar et al., Jerusalem, Israel. In Neural Dev, 2008
Lhx9 and Lhx1 serve as a binary switch in controlling the rostral versus caudal longitudinal turning of the caudal commissural axons. Lhx1 determines caudal turning and Lhx9 triggers rostral turning.
Diverse expression patterns of LIM-homeodomain transcription factors (LIM-HDs) in mammalian inner ear development.
Chen et al., Boston, United States. In Dev Dyn, 2008
The second wave of expression at E12.5 includes Lhx3, 5, 9, Isl2, and Lmx1b in the differentiating sensory epithelia with cellular specificities.
A molecular program for contralateral trajectory: Rig-1 control by LIM homeodomain transcription factors.
Dodd et al., New York City, United States. In Neuron, 2008
Lhx2/9 regulate directly the expression of Rig-1. And expressed by a set of commissural relay neurons and are required for the this neuron axon projection.
[Morphogenesis and differentiation of the female genital tract. Genetic determinism and epithelium-stromal interactions].
Amălinei, Jászvásár, Romania. In Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi, 2007
Female genital tract derives from the Müllerian ducts, a number of genes being involved in its regulation, like Lim1, Lhx9, Emx, Pax-2, Hox-A9, Hox-A10, Hox-A11, Hox-A13, Wnt-4, Wnt-7, WT1, SF-1, and GATA-4.
[Elevated plasma concentration of homocysteine, low level of vitamin B6, pyridoxal, and vitamin D insufficiency in patients with hip fracture: a possible explanation for detrimental cross-link pattern in bone collagen].
Saito, In Clin Calcium, 2006
Collagen cross-links are of two types; lysyl oxidase (LOX) and lysyl hydroxylase (PLOD1; LH1, PLOD2; LH2b) controlled cross-links, and advanced glycation end products, pentosidine.
Battle of the sexes: new insights into genetic pathways of gonadal development.
Meeks et al., Chicago, United States. In Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc, 2002
Murine models provide evidence for additional genes (Lhx9, Emx2, M33, Dmrt, Fgf9).
The LIM homeobox gene Lhx9 is essential for mouse gonad formation.
Westphal et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nature, 2000
Here we show that transcripts of the LIM homeobox gene Lhx9 are present in urogenital ridges of mice at embryonic day 9.5; later they localize to the interstitial region as morphological differentiation occurs.
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