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Kelch-like 31

Top mentioned proteins: TUBE, MyoD, Wnt1, Myf5, TRAM
Papers on Klhl31
Klhl31 attenuates β-catenin dependent Wnt signaling and regulates embryo myogenesis.
Münsterberg et al., Norwich, United Kingdom. In Dev Biol, Jul 2015
Klhl31 is a member of the Kelch-like family in vertebrates, which are characterized by an amino-terminal broad complex tram-track, bric-a-brac/poxvirus and zinc finger (BTB/POZ) domain, carboxy-terminal Kelch repeats and a central linker region (Back domain).
Whole Genome Association Studies of Residual Feed Intake and Related Traits in the Pig.
Rothschild et al., Ames, United States. In Plos One, 2012
Specifically, a very highly significantly associated QTL for LMA on SSC7 with skeletal myogenesis genes (e.g., KLHL31) was identified for subsequent fine mapping.
Klhl31 is associated with skeletal myogenesis and its expression is regulated by myogenic signals and Myf-5.
Münsterberg et al., Norwich, United Kingdom. In Mech Dev, 2009
Klhl31 is an orthologue of Drosophila Kelch and belongs to a family of Kelch-like proteins in vertebrates.
A novel human BTB-kelch protein KLHL31, strongly expressed in muscle and heart, inhibits transcriptional activities of TRE and SRE.
Wu et al., Changsha, China. In Mol Cells, 2008
These results suggest that KLHL31 protein may act as a new transcriptional repressor in MAPK/JNK signaling pathway to regulate cellular functions.
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