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Kelch-like 13

This gene encodes a BTB and kelch domain containing protein and belongs to the kelch repeat domain containing superfamily of proteins. The encoded protein functions as an adaptor protein that complexes with Cullin 3 and other proteins to form the Cullin 3-based E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase complex. This complex is necessary for proper chromosome segregation and completion of cytokinesis. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2010] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Aurora, Cul3, Ubiquitin, PCNA, Cullin
Papers on KLHL13
Whole-exome sequencing in patients with inherited neuropathies: outcome and challenges.
Auer-Grumbach et al., Vienna, Austria. In J Neurol, 2014
In addition, combining data of WES and linkage analysis identified SH3BP4, ITPR3, and KLHL13 as novel IPN candidate genes.
The Cul3-KLHL21 E3 ubiquitin ligase targets aurora B to midzone microtubules in anaphase and is required for cytokinesis.
Peter et al., Zürich, Switzerland. In J Cell Biol, 2010
Interestingly, KLHL21 but not KLHL22 is necessary for cytokinesis and regulates translocation of the chromosomal passenger complex (CPC) from chromosomes to the spindle midzone in anaphase, similar to the previously described BTB-Kelch proteins KLHL9 and KLHL13.
A Cul3-based E3 ligase regulates mitosis and is required to maintain the spindle assembly checkpoint in human cells.
Peter et al., Zürich, Switzerland. In Cell Cycle, 2008
Inactivation of the Cul3/KLHL9/KLHL13 ligase leads to premature degradation of Cyclin B and exit from the mitotic state in the presence of microtubule poisons.
A Cul3-based E3 ligase removes Aurora B from mitotic chromosomes, regulating mitotic progression and completion of cytokinesis in human cells.
Peter et al., Zürich, Switzerland. In Dev Cell, 2007
In a complex with the substrate-specific adaptors KLHL9 and KLHL13, Cul3 is required for correct chromosome alignment in metaphase, proper midzone and midbody formation, and completion of cytokinesis.
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