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KIAA0020, Minor histocompatibility antigen HA-8
Top mentioned proteins: Tec, CAN, HA-8, Pumilio, HLA-A
Papers on KIAA0020
Minor histocompatibility antigens are expressed in syncytiotrophoblast and trophoblast debris: implications for maternal alloreactivity to the fetus.
Petroff et al., Auckland, New Zealand. In Am J Pathol, 2012
We mapped the expression of four mHAgs (human mHAg 1, pumilio domain-containing protein KIAA0020, B-cell lymphoma 2-related protein A1, and ribosomal protein S4, Y linked) in the placenta.
hPuf-A/KIAA0020 modulates PARP-1 cleavage upon genotoxic stress.
Chang et al., Taipei, Taiwan. In Cancer Res, 2011
Human hPuf-A/KIAA0020 was first identified as a new minor histocompatibility antigen in 2001.
Minor histocompatibility antigen HA-8 mismatch and clinical outcome after HLA-identical sibling donor allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
Gallardo et al., In Haematologica, 2005
We analyzed the clinical outcome of 146 adult patients receiving an HLA-identical sibling donor stem cell transplant depending on HA-8 matching status.
Minor histocompatibility antigens--targets of graft versus leukemia responses.
Warren et al., Seattle, United States. In Int J Hematol, 2002
Using cDNA expression cloning, genetic polymorphisms in the human IFI-75, Uty, KIAA0020, and UGT2B17 genes have been identified to encode new minor H antigens presented by HLA A3, B8, A2, and A29 respectively.
Feasibility of using genetic linkage analysis to identify the genes encoding T cell-defined minor histocompatibility antigens.
Riddell et al., Seattle, United States. In Tissue Antigens, 2002
As a test case, we used a CTL clone that recognizes HA-8, a minor histocompatibility antigen encoded by the KIAA0020 gene and presented by HLA-A*0201.
The immunogenicity of a new human minor histocompatibility antigen results from differential antigen processing.
Riddell et al., Charlottesville, United States. In J Exp Med, 2001
This peptide, RTLDKVLEV, is derived from KIAA0020, a gene of unknown function located on chromosome 9. Polymorphic alleles of KIAA0020 encode the alternative sequences PTLDKVLEV and PTLDKVLEL.
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