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Antigen identified by monoclonal antibody Ki-67

Kia, MKI67, Antigen Ki-67, proliferation-related Ki-67 antigen
This gene encodes a nuclear protein that is associated with and may be necessary for cellular proliferation. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described. A related pseudogene exists on chromosome X. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, PCNA, p53, HAD, bcl-2
Papers on Kia
Effect of HPV on tumor expression levels of the most commonly used markers in HNSCC.
Masarik et al., Brno, Czech Republic. In Tumour Biol, Jan 2016
Our study was focused on the possible HPV-specificity of molecular markers that could be key players in important steps of cancerogenesis (MKI67, EGF, EGFR, BCL-2, BAX, FOS, JUN, TP53, MT1A, MT2A, VEGFA, FLT1, MMP2, MMP9, and POU5F).
Down-regulation of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2 ) is involved in the damages of the hindgut mucosa in lactating goats after fed a high-concentrate diet.
Zhao et al., Nanjing, China. In Exp Physiol, Dec 2015
The expression of MKI67 and CCND2 (two proliferation markers) mRNA and protein was significantly decreased in the caecal mucosa of HC goats compared to LC (P < 0.05).
Structural and molecular regulation of lung maturation by intratracheal VEGF administration in the normally grown and placentally restricted fetus.
Morrison et al., Adelaide, Australia. In J Physiol, Dec 2015
We examined the effect on expression of genes regulating VEGF signalling (FLK and KDR), angiogenesis (ANGTP1, AQP1, ADM), alveolarisation (MMP2, MMP9, TIMP1, COL1A1, ELN), proliferation (IGR1, IGF2, IGF1R, MKI67, PCNA), inflammation (CCL2, CCL4, IL1B, TNFA, TGFB1, IL10) and surfactant maturation (SFTP-A, SFTP-B, SFTP-C, SFTP-D, PCYT1A, LPCAT, LAMP3, ABCA3).
Elevated autophagy gene expression in adipose tissue of obese humans: A potential non-cell-cycle-dependent function of E2F1.
Rudich et al., Beersheba, Israel. In Autophagy, Dec 2015
Elevated E2F1 mainly characterized the adipocyte fraction, whereas MKI67 (marker of proliferation Ki-67) was elevated in the stromal-vascular fraction of adipose tissue.
The role of proto-oncogene GLI1 in pituitary adenoma formation and cell survival regulation.
Baumgartner-Parzer et al., Vienna, Austria. In Endocr Relat Cancer, Oct 2015
Therefore, expression levels of components of the Hh pathway, stem cell marker SOX2, cell cycle regulator tumor-protein 53 (TP53), proliferation marker Ki67 (MKI67) and superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) were evaluated in 30 human pituitary adenomas in comparison to control tissue.
Signatures of Adverse Pathological Features, Androgen Insensitivity and Metastatic Potential in Prostate Cancer.
Imkamp et al., Hannover, Germany. In Anticancer Res, Oct 2015
RESULTS: The following genes appeared to be possibly related to the metastatic potential of the tumor: ELOVL fatty acid elongase 7 (ELOVL7), enhancer of zeste 2 polycomb repressive complex 2 subunit (EZH2), gastrulation brain homeobox 2 (GBX2), golgi membrane protein 1 (GOLM1), homeobox C6 (HOXC6), minichromosome maintenance complex component 6 (MCM6), marker of proliferation Ki-67 (MKI67), mucin 1, cell surface associated (MUC1), MYC binding protein 2, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase (MYCBP2), somatostatin receptor 1 (SSTR1), topoisomerase (DNA) II alpha 170 kDa (TOP2A) and exportin 6 (XPO6).
Genetic and Histopathological Responses to Cadmium Toxicity in Rabbit's Kidney and Liver: Protection by Ginger (Zingiber officinale).
Mansour et al., Turabah, Saudi Arabia. In Biol Trace Elem Res, Oct 2015
UNASSIGNED: This study aimed to examine the protective effects of ginger (G) on the genetic response induced by cadmium (Cd) and immunohistochemical expression of Caspase3 and MKI67 in the kidney and liver of rabbits.
TKTL1 promotes cell proliferation and metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
Song et al., Shijiazhuang, China. In Biomed Pharmacother, Aug 2015
Silencing of TKTL1 expression decreased cell proliferation through inhibiting the expression of MKI67 and cyclins including Ccna2, Ccnb1, Ccnd1 and Ccne1.
[Changes in the number of copies of genetic loci in gastric cancer].
Gudueva et al., Rostov-na-Donu, Russia. In Mol Biol (mosk), Jul 2015
The data suggest that the number of copies of changes in the BAX, CASP3, CASP8, OCT4, C-MYC, SOX2, BCL2, NANOG, CASP9, NFKB1, HV2, ACTB, MKI67, IL-10, GSTP1, and P53 genes play an important role in the malignization of gastric tissue.
The prognostic significance of protein tyrosine phosphatase 4A2 in breast cancer.
Lin et al., Nanjing, China. In Onco Targets Ther, 2014
Low PTP4A2 expression was associated with estrogen receptor-negative tumors and tumors with higher histological grading; furthermore, low expression was inversely correlated with the expression of genes involved in proliferation, including MKI67 and the MCM gene family encoding the minichromosome maintenance proteins.
Ferulic acid combined with aspirin demonstrates chemopreventive potential towards pancreatic cancer when delivered using chitosan-coated solid-lipid nanoparticles.
Prabhu et al., Pomona, United States. In Cell Biosci, 2014
In addition, the immunohistochemical analysis of tumor tissue showed significant decrease in expression of proliferation proteins PCNA and MKI67, and also increased expression of apoptotic proteins p-RB, p21, and p-ERK1/2 indicating the pro-apoptotic role of the regimen.
Prognostic significance of MTOR pathway component expression in neuroendocrine tumors.
Kulke et al., Boston, United States. In J Clin Oncol, 2013
Expression of PIK3CA, MTOR, or p-EIF4EBP1 was associated with high MKI67 (Ki-67) labeling index.
Basal Ki67 expression measured by digital image analysis is optimal for prognostication in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Dort et al., Calgary, Canada. In Eur J Cancer, 2012
Results suggest that rigorous comparisons of measurement approaches should be applied in a tumour-type and treatment-specific manner to enhance the clinical application of Ki67 assessment.
A framework for quantitative assessment of Ki67 distribution in preneoplastic bronchial epithelial lesions.
MacAulay et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Anal Quant Cytol Histol, 2012
We quantified the spatial distribution of Ki67-expressing cells within the epithelium in a large cohort of 613 lung biopsy sections
A review of transcriptome studies combined with data mining reveals novel potential markers of malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Landi et al., Pisa, Italy. In Mutat Res, 2012
A list of MGs was thus produced, including PTGS2, BIRC5, ASS1, JUNB, MCM2, AURKA, FGF2, MKI67, CAV1, SFRP1, CCNB1, CDK4, and MSLN that might represent potential novel biomarkers or therapeutic targets for MPM.
Keratocystic odontogenic tumors: predictive factors of recurrence by Ki-67 and AgNOR labelling.
Keskin et al., İstanbul, Turkey. In Int J Med Sci, 2011
It is thought that Ki-67 and AgNOR might be helpful as a prognostic marker for the recurrences of keratocystic odontogenic tumors.
Ki-67 and MCM-2 in dental follicle and odontogenic cysts: the effects of inflammation on proliferative markers.
Cabbar et al., İstanbul, Turkey. In Scientificworldjournal, 2011
The results of this study indicated that the higher MCM-2 expressions in RC than the KCOT might be related to the inflammation and this protein might be more sensitive to inflammation.
The use of a combination of Ki-67, Galectin-3, and PTTG can distinguish the benign and malignant thyroid tumor.
Zhang et al., Ürümqi, China. In Clin Lab, 2011
The combination of Galectin-3 and PTTG is complementary as a diagnostic biomarker for patients with papillary carcinoma.
Mechanisms of peripheral neuropathy associated with bortezomib and vincristine in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: a prospective analysis of data from the HOVON-65/GMMG-HD4 trial.
Sonneveld et al., Rotterdam, Netherlands. In Lancet Oncol, 2010
By contrast, early-onset vincristine-induced peripheral neuropathy was characterised by upregulation of genes involved in cell cycle and proliferation, including AURKA (3·31 times; p=1·04×10(-2)) and MKI67 (3·66 times; p=1·82×10(-3)), and the presence of SNPs in genes involved in these processes-eg, GLI1 (rs2228224 [0·13, 0·02-0·97, p=1·18×10(-2)] and rs2242578 [0·14, 0·02-1·12, p=3·00×10(-2)]).
Kinetic and chemical properties of ATP sulphurylase from Penicillin chrysogenum.
Segel et al., In Ciba Found Symp, 1978
Nitration of the tyrosine increases the Km for MgATP without significantly affecting Kia for MgATP or Vmaxf.
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