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CSN3 casein kappa

kappa-Casein, CSN3, KCA
The protein encoded by this gene possesses kinase activity that phosphorylates regulators involved in signal transduction. It phosphorylates I kappa-Balpha, p105, and c-Jun. It acts as a docking site for complex-mediated phosphorylation. The gene is located within the Smith-Magenis syndrome region on chromosome 17. Two transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2010] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Milk protein, alpha s1-casein, HAD, CAN, ACID
Papers on kappa-Casein
Matrix-based three-dimensional culture of buffalo mammary epithelial cells showed higher induction of genes related to milk protein and fatty acid metabolism.
Mukesh et al., Karnāl, India. In Cell Biol Int, Feb 2016
The expression of milk casein genes viz., alpha S1-casein (CSN1S1), alpha S2-casein (CSN1S2), beta-casein (CSN2), kappa-casein (CSN3); and fatty acid metabolism genes viz., butyrophilin (BTN1A1), glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase (GPAM), fatty acid-binding protein 3 (FABP3), and stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) was assessed in 3D culture in comparison to traditional monolayer culture using qRT-PCR.
The effect of long-term under- and overfeeding on the expression of six major milk proteins' genes in the mammary tissue of goats.
Zervas et al., Athens, Greece. In J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (berl), Dec 2015
UNASSIGNED: Milk protein synthesis in the mammary gland involves expression of six major milk proteins' genes whose nutritional regulation remains poorly defined.
CSNAP Is a Stoichiometric Subunit of the COP9 Signalosome.
Sharon et al., Israel. In Cell Rep, Nov 2015
We show that CSNAP binds CSN3, CSN5, and CSN6, and its incorporation into the CSN complex is mediated through the C-terminal region involving conserved aromatic residues.
Short communication: predictive ability of Fourier-transform mid-infrared spectroscopy to assess CSN genotypes and detailed protein composition of buffalo milk.
Carnier et al., Padova, Italy. In J Dairy Sci, Sep 2015
Contents of protein fractions, as well as CSN1S1 and CSN3 genotypes, were assessed by reversed phase HPLC.
The effect of long term under- and over-feeding on the expression of six major milk protein genes in the mammary tissue of sheep.
Zervas et al., Athens, Greece. In J Dairy Res, Aug 2015
In conclusion, the feeding level and consequently the nutrients availability, affected the milk protein yield and milk volume by altering the CSN1S1, CSN1S2, CSN2, CSN3, LALBA and BLG gene expression involved in their metabolic pathways.
The preliminary study on the effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I on κ-casein synthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells in vitro.
Loor et al., Yangzhou, China. In J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (berl), Aug 2015
The quantity of κ-casein protein was measured by ELISA, and the κ-casein gene (CSN3) expression was examined by real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR).
Increased Basolateral Amygdala Pyramidal Cell Excitability May Contribute to the Anxiogenic Phenotype Induced by Chronic Early-Life Stress.
Weiner et al., Dayton, United States. In J Neurosci, Aug 2015
Adolescent social isolation was associated with a significant increase in the intrinsic excitability of BLA pyramidal cells and a blunting of the medium component of the afterhyperpolarization potential, a voltage signature of calcium-activated potassium (Kca) channel activity.
Molecular Characterization of the Llamas (Lama glama) Casein Cluster Genes Transcripts (CSN1S1, CSN2, CSN1S2, CSN3) and Regulatory Regions.
Erhardt et al., Grugliasco, Italy. In Plos One, 2014
The most represented mRNA populations were those correctly assembled (85.07%) and they encoded for mature proteins of 215, 217, 187 and 162 amino acids respectively for the CSN1S1, CSN2, CSN1S2 and CSN3 genes.
Exotic stable cesium polynitrides at high pressure.
Yao et al., Luoyang, China. In Sci Rep, 2014
Along with the CsN3, we identified five new stoichiometric compounds (Cs3N, Cs2N, CsN, CsN2, and CsN5) with interesting structures that may be experimentally synthesizable at modest pressures (i.e., less than 50 GPa).
Comparative characteristics of DNA polymorphisms of κ-casein gene (CSN3) in the horse and donkey.
Dario et al., Bari, Italy. In Genet Mol Res, 2014
In the equine species no selective pressure for milk purpose was performed, therefore the polymorphisms at milk protein loci were mainly considered as result of natural selection or as indirect consequence of selection oriented to increase body size or to improve conformation.
Inhibition of Csn3 expression induces growth arrest and apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells.
Zang et al., Shanghai, China. In Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 2012
this study demonstrates Csn3 as an oncogene that regulates the tumorigenesis process in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells.
Rare variants in ischemic stroke: an exome pilot study.
O'Connell et al., Baltimore, United States. In Plos One, 2011
CSN3 was found to contain an interesting coding polymorphism as well as containing excess rare variation as compared with the other genes evaluated in cerebral ischemia patients.
Association between CSN3 and BCO2 gene polymorphisms and milk performance traits in the Czech Fleckvieh cattle breed.
Urban et al., Brno, Czech Republic. In Genet Mol Res, 2011
Statistical analysis established that the CSN3 gene has no statistically significant influence on daily milk, fat and protein yield and SCC
RNAi-mediated COPS3 gene silencing inhibits metastasis of osteogenic sarcoma cells.
Guo et al., Beijing, China. In Cancer Gene Ther, 2011
of the COPS3 gene might have important roles in metastasis of osteosarcoma cells.
Effects of beta-kappa-casein (CSN2-CSN3) haplotypes and beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) genotypes on milk production traits and detailed protein composition of individual milk of Simmental cows.
Carnier et al., Padova, Italy. In J Dairy Sci, 2010
Effects of beta-kappa-casein (CSN2-CSN3) haplotypes and BLG genotypes on yields were weak or trivial.
Computational Study on Cesium Azide Trapped in a Cyclopeptidic Tubular Structure.
La Manna et al., Southampton, United Kingdom. In J Chem Theory Comput, 2008
The structures and the electronic properties of host-guest complexes formed by a cyclopeptidic tubular aggregate and the species CsN3, Cs2(N3)2, and Cs2N6 have been investigated by means of density functional theory.
Cloned transgenic cattle produce milk with higher levels of beta-casein and kappa-casein.
Laible et al., Hamilton, New Zealand. In Nat Biotechnol, 2003
To enhance milk composition and milk processing efficiency by increasing the casein concentration in milk, we have introduced additional copies of the genes encoding bovine beta- and kappa-casein (CSN2 and CSN3, respectively) into female bovine fibroblasts.
Micelle stability: kappa-casein structure and function.
Hill et al., Palmerston North, New Zealand. In J Dairy Sci, 1998
The stability of the casein micelle is dependent on the presence of kappa-casein (CN) on the surface of the micelle where it functions as an interface between the hydrophobic caseins of the micelle interior and the aqueous environment.
[Corneal ulcerative lesions in type-I immediate hypersensitivity].
Giuri, Timişoara / Temesvár, Romania. In Oftalmologia, 1997
The allergic keratoconjunctivitis (KCA) represents the ocular manifestation of the systemic hypersensitiveness.
A human lymphocyte homing receptor, the hermes antigen, is related to cartilage proteoglycan core and link proteins.
Butcher et al., Stanford, United States. In Cell, 1989
We report here the cloning of cDNA for gp90Hermes expressed in a mucosal HEV-binding B lymphoblastoid cell line, KCA.
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