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Jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2

Jumonji, JMJ, JARID2
This gene is an ortholog of the mouse jumonji gene, which encodes a nuclear protein essential for mouse embryogenesis, including neural tube formation. Overexpression of mouse jumonji negatively regulates cell proliferation. The jumonji proteins contain a DNA-binding domain, called an AT-rich interaction domain (ARID), and share regions of similarity with human retinoblastoma-binding protein-2 and the human SMCX protein. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Histone, demethylase, Polycomb, CAN, V1a
Papers on Jumonji
Identification of family-determining residues in Jumonji-C lysine demethylases: A sequence-based, family-wide classification.
Slama, Paris, France. In Proteins, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: Histone post-translational modifications play a critical role in the regulation of gene expression.
Resetting the epigenome for heart regeneration.
Hudson et al., Brisbane, Australia. In Semin Cell Dev Biol, Feb 2016
BMP, bone morphogenetic protein; Bvht, Braveheart; CBP, CREB-binding protein; Cdkn, cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor; DOT1L, disruptor of telomeric silencing-1; DNMTs, DNA methyltransferases; eRNAs, enhancer RNAs; ESCs, embryonic stem cells; FGF, fibroblast growth factor; FOX, Forkhead box; Gcn5, general control of amino acid synthesis protein 5; HATs, histone acetyl transferases; HDACs, histone deacteylases; H3K27, histone 3, lysine 27; HMTs, histone methyltransferases; Jmj, Jumonji; JMJD3, Jumonji domain-containing protein 3; KDMs, histone lysine demethylases; lncRNAs, long non-coding RNAs; Mhrt, Myheart; miRNAs, microRNAs; Myh, myosin heavy chain; PRC2, polycomb repressive complex 2; PSCs, pluripotent stem cells; PTM, post-translational modification; SIRTs, Sirtuins; SMYD1, SET and MYND domain containing 1; Srf, serum response factor; TET, Ten-eleven translocation; TGF-β, transforming growth factor beta; TFs, transcription factors; UTX, ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat, X chromosome.
Design and discovery of new pyrimidine coupled nitrogen aromatic rings as chelating groups of JMJD3 inhibitors.
Xiong et al., Shanghai, China. In Bioorg Med Chem Lett, Feb 2016
In 2012, Kruidenier et al. reported GSK-J1 as a selective Jumonji H3K27 demethylase (JMJD3 and UTX) inhibitor.
Jumonji Domain Containing 5 (JMJD5) Associates with Spindle Microtubules and Is Required for Proper Mitosis.
Sun et al., Taiwan. In J Biol Chem, Jan 2016
UNASSIGNED: Precise mitotic spindle assembly is a guarantee of proper chromosome segregation during mitosis.
Docking and Linking of Fragments To Discover Jumonji Histone Demethylase Inhibitors.
Fujimori et al., Oxford, United Kingdom. In J Med Chem, Jan 2016
UNASSIGNED: Development of tool molecules that inhibit Jumonji demethylases allows for the investigation of cancer-associated transcription.
JMJD3 as an epigenetic regulator in development and disease.
Wang et al., Houston, United States. In Int J Biochem Cell Biol, Oct 2015
The Jumonji domain containing-3 (Jmjd3, KDM6B) and ubiquitously transcribed X-chromosome tetratricopeptide repeat protein (UTX, KDM6A) have been identified as H3K27 demethylases that catalyze the demethylation of H3K27me2/3.
Hypoxia Induces Production of L-2-Hydroxyglutarate.
Thompson et al., New York City, United States. In Cell Metab, Sep 2015
Elevated D-2HG can block differentiation of malignant cells by functioning as a competitive inhibitor of α-ketoglutarate (α-KG)-dependent enzymes, including Jumonji family histone lysine demethylases.
Histone methyltransferases and demethylases: regulators in balancing osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
Wang et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Int J Oral Sci, 2014
In recent years, histone modification has been a growing topic in the field of MSC lineage specification, in which the Su(var)3-9, enhancer-of-zeste, trithorax (SET) domain-containing family and the Jumonji C (JmjC) domain-containing family represent the major histone lysine methyltransferases (KMTs) and histone lysine demethylases (KDMs), respectively.
Emerging Roles of JmjC Domain-Containing Proteins.
Fisher et al., Palmerston North, New Zealand. In Int Rev Cell Mol Biol, 2014
Jumonji C (JmjC) domain-containing proteins are a diverse superfamily of proteins containing a characteristic, evolutionarily conserved β-barrel structure that normally contains binding sites for Fe(II) and α-ketoglutarate.
Dynamics of H3K27me3 methylation and demethylation in plant development.
Ito et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Plant Signal Behav, 2014
While components of the H3K27me3 writer, Polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2), have been reported for almost 2 decades, it is only recently that JUMONJI (JMJ) proteins are reported as H3K27me3 demethylases, affirming the dynamic nature of histone modifications.
Expression pattern of JMJD1C in oocytes and its impact on early embryonic development.
Zhang et al., Changchun, China. In Genet Mol Res, 2014
On screening, the Jumonji domain containing 1C (JMJD1C) gene had the highest level of expression and hence was used for subsequent experiments.
miR-155 activates cytokine gene expression in Th17 cells by regulating the DNA-binding protein Jarid2 to relieve polycomb-mediated repression.
Muljo et al., Bethesda, United States. In Immunity, 2014
miR-155-deficient Th17 and T regulatory (Treg) cells expressed increased amounts of Jarid2, a DNA-binding protein that recruits the Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2) to chromatin.
Jarid2 links MicroRNA and chromatin in Th17 cells.
Merkenschlager, London, United Kingdom. In Immunity, 2014
(2014) bring microRNAs and chromatin together by showing how activation-induced miR-155 targets the chromatin protein Jarid2 to regulate proinflammatory cytokine production in T helper 17 cells.
Erk1/2 activity promotes chromatin features and RNAPII phosphorylation at developmental promoters in mouse ESCs.
Reinberg et al., New York City, United States. In Cell, 2014
Erk2 binds to specific DNA sequence motifs typically accessed by Jarid2 and PRC2.
A selective jumonji H3K27 demethylase inhibitor modulates the proinflammatory macrophage response.
Wilson et al., Stevenage, United Kingdom. In Nature, 2012
The jumonji (JMJ) family of histone demethylases are Fe2+- and α-ketoglutarate-dependent oxygenases that are essential components of regulatory transcriptional chromatin complexes.
Frequent deletions of JARID2 in leukemic transformation of chronic myeloid malignancies.
Kralovics et al., Vienna, Austria. In Am J Hematol, 2012
In chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms & myelodysplastic syndromes, there were frequent deletions in a 1.1 Mb region of the short arm of chromosome 6 containing only the JARID2 gene. This del6p was associated with leukemic transformation.
Jarid2 (Jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2) regulates NOTCH1 expression via histone modification in the developing heart.
Lee et al., Madison, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2012
Jarid2 (Jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2) regulates NOTCH1 expression via histone modification in the developing heart.
Jarid2 regulates mouse epidermal stem cell activation and differentiation.
Benitah et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Embo J, 2011
Jarid2 is required for the scheduled proliferation of epidermal stem and progenitor cells necessary to maintain epidermal homeostasis.
Coordinated regulation of differentiation and proliferation of embryonic cardiomyocytes by a jumonji (Jarid2)-cyclin D1 pathway.
Takeuchi et al., Machida, Japan. In Development, 2011
A Jmj-cyclin D1 pathway coordinately regulates proliferation and differentiation of cardiomyocytes.
PRC2 complexes with JARID2, MTF2, and esPRC2p48 in ES cells to modulate ES cell pluripotency and somatic cell reprogramming.
Wang et al., Birmingham, United States. In Stem Cells, 2011
these studies identify JARID2, MTF2, and esPRC2p48 as important regulatory subunits of PRC2 in ES cells and reveal critical functions of these subunits
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