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Interferon, omega 1

interferon omega 1, IFNW1, Interferon-omega
Top mentioned proteins: ACID, HAD, p16, CAN, SDSL
Papers on interferon omega 1
Genetic polymorphisms in the 9p21 region associated with risk of multiple cancers.
Yang et al., Bethesda, United States. In Carcinogenesis, 2014
ASSET analyses identified four SNPs significantly associated with multiple cancers: rs3731239 (CDKN2A intronic) with ESCC, GC and BC (P = 3.96 × 10(-) (4)); rs10811474 (3' of IFNW1) with RCC and BrC (P = 0.001); rs12683422 (LINGO2 intronic) with RCC and BC (P = 5.93 × 10(-) (4)) and rs10511729 (3' of ELAVL2) with LC and BrC (P = 8.63 × 10(-) (4)).
Protective efficacy of IFN-ω AND IFN-λs against influenza viruses in induced A549 cells.
Betáková et al., In Acta Virol, 2014
Interferon omega (IFN-ω) is antigenetically different from IFN-α and IFN-β and can affect patients who are resistant to these IFNs.
How immunogenetically different are domestic pigs from wild boars: a perspective from single-nucleotide polymorphisms of 19 immunity-related candidate genes.
Beja-Pereira et al., Porto, Portugal. In Immunogenetics, 2013
Among four non-synonymous outlier SNPs, one from TLR4 gene was identified as being subject to positive (diversifying) selection and three each from CD36, IFNW1, and IL1B genes were suggested as under balancing selection.
Influence of genetic variants in type I interferon genes on melanoma survival and therapy.
Kumar et al., Heidelberg, Germany. In Plos One, 2011
The rs10964859 polymorphism was located at 3'UTR and rs10964862 was 9.40 Kb towards 5'UTR of IFNW1 gene.
Structural linkage between ligand discrimination and receptor activation by type I interferons.
Garcia et al., Stanford, United States. In Cell, 2011
The crystal structures of two human type I IFN ternary signaling complexes containing IFNalpha2 and IFNomega reveal recognition modes and heterotrimeric architectures that are unique among the cytokine receptor superfamily but conserved between type I IFNs.
Preparation of CHO cell-derived rhIFN-ω-Fc with improved pharmacokinetics.
Chen et al., Beijing, China. In Antiviral Res, 2011
Interferon-omega (IFN-ω) may be a useful, promising and alternative antiviral agent, in addition to IFN-α-2a and IFN-α-2b.
Associations of 9p21 variants with cutaneous malignant melanoma, nevi, and pigmentation phenotypes in melanoma-prone families with and without CDKN2A mutations.
Goldstein et al., Bethesda, United States. In Fam Cancer, 2010
Single nucleotide polymorphism in ACO1 gene is associated with skin pigmentation.
Novel sequence variation of AIRE and detection of interferon-omega antibodies in early infancy.
Maródi et al., Debrecen, Hungary. In Clin Endocrinol (oxf), 2010
Data show that a novel c.1344delC mutation in AIRE and anti-IFN-omega antibodies appear very early in life are helpful to differentiate APS I from other multi-organ autoimmune diseases.
Characterization and virus-induced expression profiles of the porcine interferon-omega multigene family.
Zheng et al., Shanghai, China. In J Interferon Cytokine Res, 2009
Interferon-omega is a member of the type I interferon family.
Gateways to clinical trials.
Prous et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol, 2007
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Liposomal plasmid DNA encoding human thymosin alpha and interferon omega potently inhibits liver tumor growth in ICR mice.
Hou et al., Nanjing, China. In J Gastroenterol Hepatol, 2006
AIM: To evaluate the potential therapeutic effect of liposomal gene delivery, genes encoding for human thymosin alpha1 (Talpha1) and interferon omega1 were injected via the tail vein into mice bearing a Hep-A-22 liver tumor.
Polymorphism discovery and association analyses of the interferon genes in type 1 diabetes.
Todd et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Bmc Genet, 2005
In the present report, we have adopted a linkage disequilibrium (LD) mapping approach to test for an association between T1D and three regions encompassing 13 interferon alpha (IFNA) genes, interferon omega-1 (IFNW1), interferon beta-1 (IFNB1), interferon gamma (IFNG) and the interferon consensus-sequence binding protein 1 (ICSBP1).
Human interferons alpha, beta and omega.
Zoon et al., Bethesda, United States. In Growth Factors, 2004
type I interferons interact with receptor components results and have roles in the activation of a number of signaling pathways [review]
Interferon-omega suppresses hepatitis B surface antigen production in human hepatoma cell line.
Kontsek et al., Bratislava, Slovakia. In Acta Virol, 1996
Biological activities of human interferon (IFN) omega are less well characterized than those of other type I human IFNs.
Expression of human interferon omega 1 in Sf9 cells. No evidence for complex-type N-linked glycosylation or sialylation.
Glössl et al., Vienna, Austria. In Eur J Biochem, 1993
Human interferon omega 1 (IFN-omega 1) was expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 insect cells using the baculovirus expression system.
Cloning, sequencing and expression in E. coli of interferon-omega 1 gene.
Hou et al., Beijing, China. In Sci China B, 1993
Human interferon omega 1 (huIFN-omega 1) gene was isolated and cloned from chromosome DNA derived from a Chinese fetal liver via polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
Are the acid-labile interferon alpha and interferon omega-1 identical?
Novák et al., Bratislava, Slovakia. In Virology, 1991
The interferon (IFN) activity found in human leukocyte IFN alpha preparations, autoimmune and AIDS sera, and others was reported to have distinct antigenic and deviating biological properties.
Antigenic structure of human interferon omega 1 (interferon alpha II1): comparison with other human interferons.
Adolf, In J Gen Virol, 1987
Recombinant human interferon (IFN) omega 1 (IFN-alpha II1) was compared with other human IFNs with regard to antigenic structure, using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.
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