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Integrin, alpha 2

Integrin alpha2, VLA-2, GPIa, CD49b, DX5
This gene product belongs to the integrin alpha chain family. Integrins are heterodimeric integral membrane glycoproteins composed of a distinct alpha chain and a common beta chain. They are found on a wide variety of cell types including, T cells, fibroblasts and platelets. Integrins are involved in cell adhesion and also participate in cell-surface mediated signalling. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CD45, CAN, HAD, VLA-4, IIa
Papers on Integrin alpha2
Nonclassical CD4+CD49b+ Regulatory T Cells as a Better Alternative to Conventional CD4+CD25+ T Cells To Dampen Arthritis Severity.
Louis-Plence et al., Montpellier, France. In J Immunol, Feb 2016
We found that repetitive injections of immature dendritic cells expanded Foxp3-negative CD49b(+) Treg cells that displayed an effector memory phenotype.
Sphere-Derived Multipotent Progenitor Cells Obtained From Human Oral Mucosa Are Enriched in Neural Crest Cells.
Harada et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Stem Cells Transl Med, Jan 2016
The expression pattern of α2-integrin (CD49b) in OMSFCs also differed from that in OMSCs.
NKp46(+) NK cells attenuate metabolism-induced hepatic fibrosis by regulating macrophage activation.
Hahn et al., Charlottesville, United States. In Hepatology, Jan 2016
Using a murine model of NASH, we demonstrate that DX5(+) NKp46(+) NK cells are increased during disease and play a role in polarizing Mϕ toward M1-like phenotypes.
Natural killer cell maturation markers in the human liver and expansion of an NKG2C+KIR+ population.
Khakoo et al., Southampton, United Kingdom. In Lancet, Mar 2015
Mononuclear cells were isolated by ficoll separation and cell surface staining performed for CD3, CD56, CD16, CD57, CD117, CD161, CD158a, CD158b, CD49a, CD49b, CXCR6, NKG2C, and NKp46.
IFN-γ modulates Ly-49 receptors on NK cells in IFN-γ-induced pregnancy failure.
Peng et al., Beijing, China. In Sci Rep, 2014
We have previously shown that interferon gamma (IFN-γ) induces aberrant CD49b(+) natural killer (NK) cell recruitment by regulating CX3CL1 and eventually provokes foetal loss.
Mixed chimerism evolution is associated with T regulatory type 1 (Tr1) cells in a β-thalassemic patient after haploidentical haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Gregori et al., Roma, Italy. In Chimerism, 2014
In this unique β-Thal patient we assessed the donor engraftment overtime after transplantation, the potential loss of the non-shared HLA haplotype, and the presence of CD49b(+)LAG-3(+) T regulatory type 1 (Tr1) cells, previously demonstrated to be associated with PMC after HLA-related HSCT for β-Thal.
Lessons from helminth infections: ES-62 highlights new interventional approaches in rheumatoid arthritis.
Harnett et al., Glasgow, United Kingdom. In Clin Exp Immunol, 2014
As its core mechanism involves targeting of interleukin (IL)-17 responses, which despite being pathogenic in RA are important for combating infection, we discuss how its selective targeting of IL-17 production by T helper type 17 (Th17) and γδ T cells, while leaving that of CD49b(+) natural killer (NK and NK T) cells intact, reflects the ability of helminths to modulate the immune system without immunocompromising the host.
A committed precursor to innate lymphoid cells.
Bendelac et al., Chicago, United States. In Nature, 2014
They excluded classical LTi and NK cells, but included a peculiar subset of NK1.1(+)DX5(-) 'NK-like' cells residing in the liver.
Human platelet antigens - 2013.
McFarland et al., Milwaukee, United States. In Vox Sang, 2014
Other platelet GP complexes, GPIb/V/IX, GPIa/IIa and CD109, express the remaining 13 HPAs.
Tr1 cells and the counter-regulation of immunity: natural mechanisms and therapeutic applications.
Battaglia et al., Milano, Italy. In Curr Top Microbiol Immunol, 2013
Recently, CD49b and LAG-3 have been identified as Tr1-cell-specific biomarkers in mice and humans.
α2β1 Integrin.
Zutter et al., Nashville, United States. In Adv Exp Med Biol, 2013
The α2β1 integrin, also known as VLA-2, GPIa-IIa, CD49b, was first identified as an extracellular matrix receptor for collagens and/or laminins [55, 56].
Coexpression of CD49b and LAG-3 identifies human and mouse T regulatory type 1 cells.
Roncarolo et al., Milano, Italy. In Nat Med, 2013
By gene expression profiling of human Tr1 cell clones, we identified the surface markers CD49b and lymphocyte activation gene 3 (LAG-3) as being stably and selectively coexpressed on mouse and human Tr1 cells.
Azidothymidine is effective against human multiple myeloma: a new use for an old drug?
Bydlowski et al., São Paulo, Brazil. In Anticancer Agents Med Chem, 2013
We evaluated the cytotoxic effect of AZT in human MM cell lines sensitive (8226/S) or resistant to doxorubicin (8226/DX5) and human T cell lymphoblast-like cells, uterine sarcoma cells, and HUVEC using MTT assay.
Identification, characterization, and epitope mapping of human monoclonal antibody J19 that specifically recognizes activated integrin α4β7.
Chen et al., Shanghai, China. In J Biol Chem, 2012
Data suggest that monoclonal antibody J19 is a potentially powerful tool for both studies on alpha(4)beta(7) activation mechanism and development of novel therapeutics targeting the activated lymphocyte expressing high affinity alpha(4)beta(7).
Involvement of host cell integrin α2 in Cryptosporidium parvum infection.
Zhu et al., College Station, United States. In Infect Immun, 2012
This evidence indicates that host cell ITGA2 might be involved in interacting with Cryptosporidium during infection.
Integrin α1/β1 and α2/β1 as a receptor for IgA1 in human glomerular mesangial cells in IgA nephropathy.
Narita et al., Niigata, Japan. In Int Immunol, 2012
study identified integrin alpha1/beta1 and alpha2/beta1 heterodimer as a new candidate IgA1 receptor in human mesangial cells
β-arrestin-1 participates in thrombosis and regulates integrin aIIbβ3 signalling without affecting P2Y receptors desensitisation and function.
Mangin et al., Strasbourg, France. In Thromb Haemost, 2012
beta-arr1 has a role in promoting thrombus formation, in part through its participation in alphaIIbbeta3 signalling, but neither beta-arr1 or beta-arr2 have a role in agonist-induced platelet activation and P2Y receptors desensitisation
The transcription factors T-bet and Eomes control key checkpoints of natural killer cell maturation.
Reiner et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Immunity, 2012
Conversely, maturation characterized by loss of constitutive TRAIL expression and induction of Ly49 receptor diversity and integrin CD49b (DX5(+)) required Eomes.
Development of transgenic cloned pig models of skin inflammation by DNA transposon-directed ectopic expression of human β1 and α2 integrin.
Mikkelsen et al., Århus, Denmark. In Plos One, 2011
Development of transgenic cloned pig models of skin inflammation by DNA transposon-directed ectopic expression of human beta1 and alpha2 integrin.
Professional memory CD4+ T lymphocytes preferentially reside and rest in the bone marrow.
Radbruch et al., Berlin, Germany. In Immunity, 2009
Here we show that in the memory phase of specific immune responses, most of the memory CD4(+) T lymphocytes had relocated into the bone marrow (BM) within 3-8 weeks after their generation-a process involving integrin alpha2.
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