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Interleukin 21 receptor

IL-21R, Interleukin-21 Receptor
The protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine receptor for interleukin 21 (IL21). It belongs to the type I cytokine receptors, and has been shown to form a heterodimeric receptor complex with the common gamma-chain, a receptor subunit also shared by the receptors for interleukin 2, 4, 7, 9, and 15. This receptor transduces the growth promoting signal of IL21, and is important for the proliferation and differentiation of T cells, B cells, and natural killer (NK) cells. The ligand binding of this receptor leads to the activation of multiple downstream signaling molecules, including JAK1, JAK3, STAT1, and STAT3. Knockout studies of a similar gene in mouse suggest a role for this gene in regulating immunoglobulin production. Three alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2010] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: IL-21, CD4, Interleukin-2, CAN, HAD
Papers using IL-21R antibodies
B7-2 (CD86) controls the priming of autoreactive CD4 T cell response against pancreatic islets.
Unutmaz Derya, In PLoS ONE, 2003
... IL-21R KO C57BL/6 mice were backcrossed onto the OT1 C57BL/6 transgenic strain to obtain IL-21R ...
Papers on IL-21R
Improved Treatment of Breast Cancer with Anti-HER2 Therapy Requires Interleukin-21 Signaling in CD8+ T Cells.
Smyth et al., Australia. In Cancer Res, Feb 2016
Our analysis of data from a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of chemotherapy plus/minus trastuzumab suggested that the magnitude of trastuzumab benefit on distant disease-free survival was higher for increasing expression of the IL21 receptor (IL21R).
IL-10 from marginal zone precursor B cells controls the differentiation of Th17, Tfh and Tfr cells in transplantation tolerance.
Bromberg et al., Pune, India. In Immunol Lett, Feb 2016
Deficiency or blockade of IL-6, IL-21, IL-21R, or CCR6 prevented B cell depletion-induced acute cellular rejection; while agonistic mCCL20-Ig induced rejection.
Role of IL-21 signaling pathway in transplant-related biology.
Gong et al., Hangzhou, China. In Transplant Rev (orlando), Jan 2016
Since pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-21 and its receptor (IL-21R) are closely involved in regulating both innate and adaptive immune responses, it is conceivable that they may play important roles in the field of organ transplantation.
In the Intestinal Mucosa of Children With Potential Celiac Disease IL-21 and IL-17A are Less Expressed than in the Active Disease.
Maglio et al., Napoli, Italy. In Am J Gastroenterol, Jan 2016
The presence of IL-21 receptor was investigated by western blot.
Endothelial interleukin-21 receptor up-regulation in peripheral artery disease.
Annex et al., Charlottesville, United States. In Vasc Med, Jan 2016
A recent report from our group in a pre-clinical mouse PAD model showed that interleukin-21 receptor (IL-21R) is up-regulated in the endothelial cells from ischemic hindlimb muscle.
Modulation of Cytokines in Cancer Patients by Intravenous Ascorbate Therapy.
Casciari et al., Wichita, United States. In Med Sci Monit, Dec 2015
These include mitogens (EGF, Fit-3 ligand, HGF, IGF-1, IL-21R) and chemo-attractants (CTAC, Eotaxin, E-selectin, Lymphotactin, MIP-1, MCP-1, TARC, SDF-1), as well as inflammation and angiogenesis factors (FGF-6, IL-1β, TGF-1).
Interleukin-21-Producing CD4(+) T Cells Promote Type 2 Immunity to House Dust Mites.
Lambrecht et al., Gent, Belgium. In Immunity, Sep 2015
Il21r(-/-) mice developed reduced type 2 responses and the IL-21 receptor (IL-21R) enhanced Th2 cell function in a cell-intrinsic manner.
Advances in IL-21 biology - enhancing our understanding of human disease.
Tangye, Australia. In Curr Opin Immunol, Jun 2015
However, recent discoveries of loss-of function mutations in IL21 or IL21R in humans have unveiled unexpected roles for IL-21 in immune regulation.
Human IL-21 and IL-21R deficiencies: two novel entities of primary immunodeficiency.
Klein et al., Bethesda, United States. In Curr Opin Pediatr, 2014
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review highlights the recent identification of human interleukin-21 (IL-21) and interleukin-21 receptor (IL-21R) deficiencies as novel entities of primary immunodeficiency.
B-cell memory and primary immune deficiencies: interleukin-21 related defects.
Mazer et al., Montréal, Canada. In Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol, 2013
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purpose of this study is to describe recent advances in our understanding of the role of interleukin-21 (IL-21) in B-cell maturation, and how defects in IL-21 receptor (IL-21R) signalling pathways (IL-21R/γc/JAK3/STAT3) are related to primary immune deficiencies.
The cytokines IL-21 and GM-CSF have opposing regulatory roles in the apoptosis of conventional dendritic cells.
Leonard et al., Bethesda, United States. In Immunity, 2013
Furthermore, adoptive transfer of wild-type CD4+ T cells caused more severe colitis with increased DCs and interferon-γ (IFN-γ)-producing CD4+ T cells in Il21r(-/-)Rag2(-/-) mice (which lack T cells and have IL-21-unresponsive DCs) than in Rag2(-/-) mice.
Phlegm-dampness constitution: genomics, susceptibility, adjustment and treatment with traditional Chinese medicine.
Han et al., Beijing, China. In Am J Chin Med, 2012
Genomics studies found four upregulated genes: COPS8, GNPDA1, CD52 and ARPC3; and six downregulated genes: GSPT2, CACNB2, FLJ20584, UXS1, IL21R and TNPO in the phlegm-dampness constitution.
IL-21 promotes lupus-like disease in chronic graft-versus-host disease through both CD4 T cell- and B cell-intrinsic mechanisms.
Rus et al., Baltimore, United States. In J Immunol, 2012
IL-21R expression on donor CD4+ T cells is essential for sustaining T cell number and help for B cells, resulting in more severe lupus-like renal disease, but it does not alter the balance of T helper (Th)17 cells and regulatory T cells.
Interleukin-21 receptor-mediated signals control autoreactive T cell infiltration in pancreatic islets.
von Herrath et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Immunity, 2012
IL-21R controls both antigen transport by DCs and the crucial beacon function of CD4(+) cells for autoreactive CD8(+) cells to reach the islets.
IL-21R expression on CD8+ T cells promotes CD8+ T cell activation in coxsackievirus B3 induced myocarditis.
Huber et al., Harbin, China. In Exp Mol Pathol, 2012
Data indicate that CD8KO recipients given either C57Bl/6 or IL-21RKO CD8+ cells showed the recipients given C57Bl/6 CD8+ cells with significantly greater myocarditis than recipients of IL-21RKO CD8+ cells.
IL-21 inhibits T cell IL-2 production and impairs Treg homeostasis.
Walker et al., Birmingham, United Kingdom. In Blood, 2012
IL-21 and IL-2 can have overlapping roles in promoting conventional T-cell responses but play distinct roles in controlling Treg homeostasis and function.
Crystal structure of interleukin-21 receptor (IL-21R) bound to IL-21 reveals that sugar chain interacting with WSXWS motif is integral part of IL-21R.
Hartmann et al., Århus, Denmark. In J Biol Chem, 2012
Crystal structure of IL-21 binding to IL-21R reveals that the WSXWS motif of IL-21R is C-mannosylated at the first tryptophan.
IL-21R on T cells is critical for sustained functionality and control of chronic viral infection.
Kopf et al., Zürich, Switzerland. In Science, 2009
Cell-autonomous IL-21 receptor (IL-21R)-dependent signaling by CD8+ T cells was required for sustained cell proliferation and cytokine production during chronic infection.
T follicular helper (TFH) cells in normal and dysregulated immune responses.
Mackay et al., Sydney, Australia. In Annu Rev Immunol, 2007
Central to the function of CD4(+) T cells is IL-21, a "helper" cytokine produced by T(FH) cells that potently stimulates the differentiation of B cells into Ab-forming cells through IL-21R.
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