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Interleukin 12 receptor, beta 2

IL-12Rbeta2, IL-12 receptor beta2, IL12RB2
The protein encoded by this gene is a type I transmembrane protein identified as a subunit of the interleukin 12 receptor complex. The coexpression of this and IL12RB1 proteins was shown to lead to the formation of high-affinity IL12 binding sites and reconstitution of IL12 dependent signaling. The expression of this gene is up-regulated by interferon gamma in Th1 cells, and plays a role in Th1 cell differentiation. The up-regulation of this gene is found to be associated with a number of infectious diseases, such as Crohn's disease and leprosy, which is thought to contribute to the inflammatory response and host defense. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: IL-12, IFN-gamma, beta2, TH2, IL-4
Papers on IL-12Rbeta2
IL12RB2 Polymorphisms correlate with risk of lung adenocarcinoma.
Pistoia et al., Genova, Italy. In Immunobiology, Feb 2016
In a previous study, lack of IL-12 signaling in il12rb2 knock-out mice was found to predispose to lung adenocarcinoma (LAC).
Interactions of the Immune System with Skin and Bone Tissue in Psoriatic Arthritis: A Comprehensive Review.
Maverakis et al., Sacramento, United States. In Clin Rev Allergy Immunol, Feb 2016
In addition, there are numerous other genetic susceptibility loci (LCE3, CARD14, NOS2, NFKBIA, PSMA6, ERAP1, TRAF3IP2, IL12RB2, IL23R, IL12B, TNIP1, TNFAIP3, TYK2) and geoepidemiologic factors that contribute to the wide variability seen in psoriasis.
Functional analysis of differences in transcriptional activity conferred by genetic variants in the 5' flanking region of the IL12RB2 gene.
Nakasho et al., Nishinomiya, Japan. In Immunogenetics, Jan 2016
Interleukin 12 receptor β chain (IL12RB2) is a crucial regulatory factor involved in cell-mediated immune responses, and genetic variants of the gene encoding IL12RB2 are associated with susceptibility to various immune-related diseases.
The immunogenetics of Behçet's disease: A comprehensive review.
Remmers et al., Bethesda, United States. In J Autoimmun, Nov 2015
Genome-wide association studies have identified associations with genome-wide significance (P < 5 × 10(-8)) in the IL23R-IL12RB2, IL10, STAT4, CCR1-CCR3, KLRC4, ERAP1, TNFAIP3, and FUT2 loci.
Unstable Foxp3+ regulatory T cells and altered dendritic cells are associated with lipopolysaccharide-induced fetal loss in pregnant interleukin 10-deficient mice.
Robertson et al., Groningen, Netherlands. In Biol Reprod, Oct 2015
Affymetrix microarray revealed an altered transcriptional profile in Treg cells from pregnant Il10(-/-) mice, with elevated expression of Ctse (cathepsin E), Il1r1, Il12rb2, and Ifng.
Flohé et al., Essen, Germany. In Shock, Oct 2015
When PBMC were exposed to S. aureus in the absence of autologous serum, NK cells increased the production of IFN-g and the expression of the IL-12R beta2 except NK cells from patients on d 8 after trauma.
No significant impact of IFN-γ pathway gene variants on tuberculosis susceptibility in a West African population.
Thye et al., Hamburg, Germany. In Eur J Hum Genet, Sep 2015
By analysing 20 major genes whose proteins contribute to IFN-γ signalling we have assessed a large fraction of the variability in genes that might contribute to susceptibility to TB. Genetic variants were identified by sequencing the promoter regions and all exons of IFNG, IFNGR1, IFNGR2, IRF1, IL12A, IL12B, IL12RB1, IL12RB2, IL23A, IL23R, IL27, EBI3, IL27RA, IL6ST, SOCS1, STAT1, STAT4, JAK2, TYK2 and TBX21 in 69 DNA samples from Ghana.
Immunohistochemistry-based prognostic biomarkers in NSCLC: novel findings on the road to clinical use?
Micke et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Expert Rev Mol Diagn, Apr 2015
Only 26 proteins first described after 2008 (ALDH1A1, ANXA1, BCAR1, CLDN1, EIF4E, EZH2, FOLR1, FOXM1, IL7R, IL12RB2, KIAA1524, CRMP1, LOX, MCM7, MTA1, MTDH, NCOA3, NDRG2, NEDD9, NES, PBK, PPM1D, SIRT1, SLC7A5, SQSTM1 and WNT1) demonstrated a consistent prognostic association in two or more independent patient cohorts, thus qualifying as promising candidates for diagnostic use.
The composition and signaling of the IL-35 receptor are unconventional.
Vignali et al., Memphis, United States. In Nat Immunol, 2012
Signaling through the IL-35 receptor required the transcription factors STAT1 and STAT4.
A GWAS follow-up study reveals the association of the IL12RB2 gene with systemic sclerosis in Caucasian populations.
Martin et al., Granada, Spain. In Hum Mol Genet, 2012
data clearly support the IL12RB2 genetic association with systemic sclerosis (SSc), and suggest a relevant role of the interleukin 12 signaling pathway in SSc pathogenesis.
IL-12Rβ2 is essential for the development of experimental cerebral malaria.
Quesniaux et al., Orléans, France. In J Immunol, 2012
IL-12R-beta2 signaling is essential for Plasmodium berghei ANKA-induced experimental cerebral malaria development
Prevalence, distribution and functional significance of the -237C to T polymorphism in the IL-12Rβ2 promoter in Indian tuberculosis patients.
Prasad et al., New Delhi, India. In Plos One, 2011
the -237 polymorphic site in the 5' promoter region of the IL-12Rbeta2 (SNP ID: rs11810249) gene associated with the AP-4 transcription motif GAGCTG
[Analysis of disease-pathway by identifying susceptible genes to primary biliary cirrhosis].
Makamura et al., Nagasaki, Japan. In Nihon Rinsho Meneki Gakkai Kaishi, 2011
Although these susceptibility loci are different from those identified in European descent (IL12A, IL12RB2, SPIB), these loci are involved in the same signaling pathways, differentiation of T lymphocyte to Th1 cells and differentiation of B lymphocyte to plasma cells.
Bovine IFNGR2, IL12RB1, IL12RB2, and IL23R polymorphisms and MAP infection status.
Karrow et al., Guelph, Canada. In Mamm Genome, 2011
Four SNPs in IFNGR2, IL12RB1, IL12RB2, and IL23R were found to be associated with the MAP infection status of the resource population.
Progress in the genetics of primary biliary cirrhosis.
Invernizzi et al., Toronto, Canada. In Semin Liver Dis, 2011
With the application of genome-wide technology, HLA was confirmed as the strongest association and many other risk loci have been identified, with equivalent effect size to HLA, including IL12A, IL12RB2, STAT4, IRF5-TNPO3, 17q12.21,
Genome-wide association studies identify IL23R-IL12RB2 and IL10 as Behçet's disease susceptibility loci.
Inoko et al., Yokohama, Japan. In Nat Genet, 2010
We identified two suggestive associations on chromosomes 1p31.3 (IL23R-IL12RB2, rs12119179, P = 2.7 x 10(-8)) and 1q32.1 (IL10, rs1554286, P = 8.0 x 10(-8)).
Genome-wide association study identifies variants in the MHC class I, IL10, and IL23R-IL12RB2 regions associated with Behçet's disease.
Gül et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nat Genet, 2010
and the IL23R-IL12RB2 locus (rs924080, P = 6.69 x 10(-9), OR = 1.28, 95% CI 1.18-1.39).
Interleukin-12 receptor beta2: from cytokine receptor to gatekeeper gene in human B-cell malignancies.
Airoldi et al., Genova, Italy. In J Clin Oncol, 2009
Studies established the concept that the IL-12Rbeta2 gene is a gatekeeper from cancer.
Primary biliary cirrhosis associated with HLA, IL12A, and IL12RB2 variants.
Siminovitch et al., Toronto, Canada. In N Engl J Med, 2009
Our data show significant associations between primary biliary cirrhosis and common genetic variants at the HLA class II, IL12A, and IL12RB2 loci
Sequential polarization and imprinting of type 1 T helper lymphocytes by interferon-gamma and interleukin-12.
Höfer et al., Berlin, Germany. In Immunity, 2009
We use mathematical modeling to analyze the expression kinetics of T-bet, interferon-gamma, and the IL-12 receptor beta2 chain (IL-12Rbeta2) during Th1 cell differentiation, in the presence or absence of interleukin-12 or interferon-gamma signaling.
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