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Taste receptor, type 2, member 46

TAS2R46 belongs to the large TAS2R receptor family. TAS2Rs are expressed on the surface of taste receptor cells and mediate the perception of bitterness through a G protein-coupled second messenger pathway (Conte et al., 2002 [PubMed 12584440]). For further information on TAS2Rs, see MIM 604791.[supplied by OMIM, Sep 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: hTAS2R43, ACID, hTAS2R47, TAS2R50, hTAS2R44
Papers on hTAS2R46
Structural requirements of bitter taste receptor activation.
Meyerhof et al., Potsdam, Germany. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2010
The generation of chimeric and mutant receptors followed by calcium imaging analyses identified receptor regions and amino acid residues critical for activation of hTAS2R46, -R43, and -R31.
The human bitter taste receptor hTAS2R50 is activated by the two natural bitter terpenoids andrographolide and amarogentin.
Meyerhof et al., Potsdam, Germany. In J Agric Food Chem, 2009
This paper presents the pharmacological characterization of this receptor and analyzes its functional relationship with the previously deorphaned hTAS2R43, hTAS2R44, hTAS2R46, and hTAS2R47.
Broad tuning of the human bitter taste receptor hTAS2R46 to various sesquiterpene lactones, clerodane and labdane diterpenoids, strychnine, and denatonium.
Meyerhof et al., Potsdam, Germany. In J Agric Food Chem, 2007
In the present study, we report about the stimulation of heterologously expressed human bitter taste receptors, hTAS2Rs, by the bitter sesquiterpene lactone herbolide D. A specific response to herbolide D was observed i.a. for hTAS2R46, a so far orphan bitter taste receptor without any known ligand.
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