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NOP16 nucleolar protein homolog

HSPC111, HBV pre-S2 trans-regulated protein 3
NOP16 is transcriptionally regulated by c-Myc (MYC; MIM 190080), upregulated in breast cancer, and overexpression is associated with poor patient survival (Butt et al., 2008).[supplied by OMIM, Jun 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: c-Myc, Rhodopsin, PC1, CtBP2, RhoA
Papers on HSPC111
ROCK has a crucial role in regulating prostate tumor growth through interaction with c-Myc.
Liu et al., Beijing, China. In Oncogene, 2015
ROCK could increase the transcriptional activity of c-Myc by promoting c-Myc protein stability, and ROCK inhibition reduced c-Myc-mediated expression of mRNA targets (such as HSPC111) and microRNA targets (such as miR-17-92 cluster).
CtBP2 could promote prostate cancer cell proliferation through c-Myc signaling.
Zhang et al., Tianjin, China. In Gene, 2014
Additionally, CtBP2 inhibition could decrease the level of c-Myc and its direct transcriptional target, HSPC111.
HSPC111 governs breast cancer growth by regulating ribosomal biogenesis.
Liu et al., Tianjin, China. In Mol Cancer Res, 2014
In this report, a crucial role for the HSPC111 (NOP16) multiprotein complex in governing ribosomal biogenesis and tumor growth was determined.
Molecular characterizations of Nop16 in murine mammary tumors with varying levels of c-Myc.
Rose-Hellekant et al., Duluth, United States. In Transgenic Res, 2012
NOP16, also known as HSPC111, has been identified as a MYC and estrogen regulated gene in in vitro studies, hence coexpression levels were strongly correlated.
The estrogen and c-Myc target gene HSPC111 is over-expressed in breast cancer and associated with poor patient outcome.
Musgrove et al., Australia. In Breast Cancer Res, 2007
HSPC111 is an estrogen and c-Myc target gene that is over-expressed in breast cancer and is associated with an adverse patient outcome.
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