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HMG box domain containing 4

High mobility group (HMG) proteins are nonhistone chromosomal proteins. See HMG2 (MIM 163906) for additional information on HMG proteins.[supplied by OMIM, Nov 2010] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: TOM1, serum response factor, TCF, NLK, TAK1
Papers on HMG2L1
Sleeping Beauty Transposition.
Izsvák et al., In Microbiol Spectr, Apr 2015
Transcriptional control of transposase expression is regulated by the HMG2L1 transcription factor.
Repression of smooth muscle differentiation by a novel high mobility group box-containing protein, HMG2L1.
Wang et al., Albany, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2010
the first evidence of this novel HMG2L1 molecule playing an important role in attenuating smooth muscle differentiation
Transcriptional activities of the Sleeping Beauty transposon and shielding its genetic cargo with insulators.
Ivics et al., Berlin, Germany. In Mol Ther, 2008
Transcription from the 5'-UTR of SB is upregulated by the host-encoded factor high-mobility group 2-like 1 (HMG2L1), and requires a 65-base pair (bp) region not present in commonly used SB vectors.
Gene-based SNP mapping of a psychotic bipolar affective disorder linkage region on 22q12.3: association with HMG2L1 and TOM1.
NIMH Genetics Initiative Bipolar Disorder Consortium et al., Baltimore, United States. In Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet, 2008
high-mobility group protein 2-like 1 and SNP mapping of a psychotic bipolar affective disorder linkage region on 22q12.3
Negative regulation of Wnt signalling by HMG2L1, a novel NLK-binding protein.
Shibuya et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Genes Cells, 2003
We isolated the gene HMG2L1 and showed that injection of Xenopus HMG2L1 (xHMG2L1) mRNA into Xenopus embryos inhibited Wnt/beta-catenin-induced axis duplication and expression of Wnt/beta-catenin target genes.
TOM1 genes map to human chromosome 22q13.1 and mouse chromosome 8C1 and encode proteins similar to the endosomal proteins HGS and STAM.
Dumanski et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Genomics, 1999
This map includes its distal neighbors HMOX1 and MCM5 and two proximal novel genes, one of which is a HMG-box-containing gene (HMG2L1), and the other of unknown function.
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