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Zinc finger protein 35

HF10, ZNF35, Zfp105, HF.10
Top mentioned proteins: HAD, CAN, CD8, ACID, OUT
Papers on HF10
High Frequency (10 kHz) or Burst Spinal Cord Stimulation in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patients With Predominant Back Pain: Preliminary Data From a Prospective Observational Study.
Vatter et al., Bonn, Germany. In Neuromodulation, Feb 2016
Currently, two new stimulation concepts, the burst and the HF10 stimulation paradigms successfully suppress intractable back pain levels in this difficult-to-treat subgroup.
Cervical 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation in the management of chronic, medically refractory migraine: A prospective, open-label, exploratory study.
Martelletti et al., Roma, Italy. In Eur J Pain, Jan 2016
Paresthesia-free cervical 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation (HF10 SCS) may provide an alternative.
Novel 10-kHz High-frequency Therapy (HF10 Therapy) Is Superior to Traditional Low-frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Back and Leg Pain: The SENZA-RCT Randomized Controlled Trial.
Burgher et al., Czech Republic. In Anesthesiology, Oct 2015
Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) delivered at 10 kHz (as in HF10 therapy) may provide pain relief without the paresthesias typical of traditional low-frequency SCS.
Effect of Hydrofluoric Acid Concentration on Resin Adhesion to a Feldspathic Ceramic.
Valandro et al., In J Adhes Dent, Aug 2015
mm) of VitaBlocks Mark II were used, divided into 5 groups (n=5): one unconditioned control (UC) group with no ceramic surface treatment, and 4 other groups that were etched for 60 s with different concentrations of HF: 1% (HF1), 3% (HF3), 5% (HF5) and 10% (HF10).
Influence of hydrofluoric acid concentration on the flexural strength of a feldspathic ceramic.
Felipe Valandro et al., Rio Grande, Brazil. In J Mech Behav Biomed Mater, Aug 2015
Specimens were randomly divided into 5 groups (n=30): SC (control) no ceramic surface etching; HF1, HF3, HF5 and HF10 ceramic surface etching for 60s with 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% HF acid concentrations, respectively.
10-kHz High-Frequency SCS Therapy: A Clinical Summary.
Van Buyten et al., Australia. In Pain Med, May 2015
A spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy called HF10 SCS uses 10-kHz high-frequency stimulation to provide pain relief without paresthesia.
Combination therapy of oncolytic herpes simplex virus HF10 and bevacizumab against experimental model of human breast carcinoma xenograft.
Kodera et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Int J Cancer, May 2015
Our approach to enhance the antitumor effect of the oncolytic HSV is to combine oncolytic HSV HF10 and bevacizumab in the treatment of breast cancer.
Phase I Dose-escalation Clinical Trial of HF10 Oncolytic Herpes Virus in 17 Japanese Patients with Advanced Cancer.
Nishiyama et al., In Hepatogastroenterology, 2014
HF10 is a spontaneous mutant of herpes simplex virus -1 (HSV-1) that replicates within tumors and destroys cancers without damaging normal tissue and organs.
Sustained effectiveness of 10 kHz high-frequency spinal cord stimulation for patients with chronic, low back pain: 24-month results of a prospective multicenter study.
Smith et al., London, United Kingdom. In Pain Med, 2014
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term efficacy and safety of paresthesia-free high-frequency spinal cord stimulation (HF10 SCS) for the treatment of chronic, intractable pain of the low back and legs.
Systemic CD8+ T cell-mediated tumoricidal effects by intratumoral treatment of oncolytic herpes simplex virus with the agonistic monoclonal antibody for murine glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor.
Shiku et al., Japan. In Plos One, 2013
In this study, we examined the tumoricidal effects of oncolytic HF10, a naturally occurring mutant of herpes simplex virus type-1, combined with an agonistic DTA-1 monoclonal antibody specific for the glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor.
Cost effectiveness of a novel 10 kHz high-frequency spinal cord stimulation system in patients with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS).
Al-Kaisy et al., Gent, Belgium. In J Long Term Eff Med Implants, 2013
The objective of the current study was to evaluate the cost effectiveness of 10 kHz high-frequency SCS (HF10 SCS) compared to conventional medical management (CMM), reoperation, and traditional nonrechargeable (TNR-SCS) and rechargeable SCS (TR-SCS).
Expression of zinc finger protein 105 in the testis and its role in male fertility.
Lan et al., Louisville, United States. In Mol Reprod Dev, 2010
Results suggest that ZFP105 is a male germ-cell factor and plays a role in male reproduction.
Immunodominant, protective response to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii requires antigen processing in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Shastri et al., Berkeley, United States. In Nat Immunol, 2008
Here we identified GRA6, a polymorphic protein secreted in the parasitophorous vacuole, as the source of the immunodominant and protective decapeptide HF10 presented by the H-2L(d) major histocompatibility complex class I molecule.
Non-engineered, naturally oncolytic herpes simplex virus HSV1 HF-10: applications for cancer gene therapy.
Nishiyama et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Curr Gene Ther, 2008
We also discuss the preclinical and clinical studies of HF-10, a non-engineered oncolytic HSV-1 virus, and its potential for use in cancer gene therapy.
[Oncolytic virotherapy using replication-competent herpes simplex viruses].
Goshima et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Uirusu, 2007
We have isolated a spontaneously occurring herpes simplex virus type 1 mutant, designated HF10, which efficiently replicates and induces cell fusion in most transformed cells, but is highly attenuated in mice.
[Novel treatment with oncolytic herpes simplex virus, 'HF10' against breast cancer].
Nakao et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Nihon Rinsho, 2004
An oncolytic herpes simplex virus type 1 mutant, named HF10, has been isolated and evaluated for anti-tumor efficacy in syngeneic immuno-competent mouse models.
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