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Chorionic gonadotropin, beta polypeptide

hCG-beta, CGB, CG beta
This gene is a member of the glycoprotein hormone beta chain family and encodes the beta 3 subunit of chorionic gonadotropin (CG). Glycoprotein hormones are heterodimers consisting of a common alpha subunit and an unique beta subunit which confers biological specificity. CG is produced by the trophoblastic cells of the placenta and stimulates the ovaries to synthesize the steroids that are essential for the maintenance of pregnancy. The beta subunit of CG is encoded by 6 genes which are arranged in tandem and inverted pairs on chromosome 19q13.3 and contiguous with the luteinizing hormone beta subunit gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: HCG, chromogranin B, CAN, HAD, CD45
Papers on hCG-beta
Fatal acute cardiac vasculopathy during cisplatin-gemcitabine-bevacizumab (CGB) chemotherapy for advanced urothelial carcinoma.
Mesa et al., Minneapolis, United States. In J Infect Chemother, Feb 2016
BACKGROUND: Bladder cancer (BC) accounts for ∼14,680 deaths annually in the U.S. The prognosis of advanced disease remains dismal with current therapies.
Conformational analysis of champedak galactose-binding lectin under different urea concentrations.
Tayyab et al., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Plant Physiol Biochem, Jan 2016
Conformational analysis of champedak galactose-binding (CGB) lectin under different urea concentrations was studied in phosphate-buffered saline (pH 7.2) using far-ultraviolet circular dichroism (far-UV CD), tryptophan (Trp) fluorescence and ANS fluorescence.
Human chorionic gonadotropin β subunit affects the expression of apoptosis-regulating factors in ovarian cancer.
Jankowska et al., Poznań, Poland. In Oncol Rep, Jan 2016
To test this hypothesis, we applied two models: an in vitro model of ovarian cancer using OVCAR-3 and SKOV-3 cell lines transfected with the CGB5 gene and an in vivo model of ovarian cancer tissues.
MTA3 regulates differentiation of human cytotrophoblast stem cells.
Parast et al., San Diego, United States. In Placenta, Sep 2015
MTA3 knockdown in JEG3 resulted in a 2-3 fold decrease in STB markers, CGB and GCM1, as well as in hCG secretion.
Proteomic analyses reveal that loss of TDP-43 affects RNA processing and intracellular transport.
Rogelj et al., Ljubljana, Slovenia. In Neuroscience, Jun 2015
We show that Ran-binding protein 1 (RanBP1), DNA methyltransferase 3 alpha (Dnmt3a) and chromogranin B (CgB) are downregulated upon TDP-43 knockdown.
Decreased STAT3 in human idiopathic fetal growth restriction contributes to trophoblast dysfunction.
Murthi et al., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In Reproduction, May 2015
In this study, we propose the hypothesis that JAK-STAT pathway genes are differentially expressed in idiopathic FGR-affected pregnancies and contribute to abnormal feto-placental growth by modulating the expression of the amino acid transporter SNAT2, differentiation marker CGB/human chorionic gonadotrophin beta-subunit (β-hCG) and apoptosis markers caspases 3 and 8, and TP53.
Review: hCGs: different sources of production, different glycoforms and functions.
Evain-Brion et al., Paris, France. In Placenta, Apr 2015
The hCG β-subunit contains two sites of N-glycosylation and four sites of O-glycosylation and is encoded by a cluster of genes (CGB).
[Intervention effect and mechanism of compound Ginkgo biloba preparations on nonalcoholic fatty liver].
Pan et al., In Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi, Apr 2015
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the intervention effect and mechanism of compound Ginkgo biloba (CGB) preparations on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
[Impact of bariatric surgery on vitamin metabolisms in obese patients].
Feidorov et al., In Ter Arkh, 2014
Controlled gastric banding (CGB) was carried out in 20 patients (mean body mass index (BMI), 41.3 ± 8.2 kg/m2); gastric sleeve resection (GSR) in 40 patients, and gastric shunting (GS) in 40 (the mean BMI in these groups were 41.1 ± 17.8 and 45.9 ± 6.2 kg/m2, respectively).
Structural and functional analysis of rare missense mutations in human chorionic gonadotrophin β-subunit.
Laan et al., Tartu, Estonia. In Mol Hum Reprod, 2012
the accumulated data indicate that only mutations with neutral or mild functional consequences might be tolerated in the major hCG-beta genes CGB5 and CGB8.
Median levels of serum biomarkers of fetal Down syndrome detected during the first trimester among pregnant Thai women.
Tongsong et al., Chiang Mai, Thailand. In Int J Gynaecol Obstet, 2012
Ethnic group-specific median for free beta-hCG should be incorporated during first-trimester screening for fetal Down syndrome;The equation of best fit for free beta-hCG was: predicted median free beta-hCG level=465.332x10(-0.024xgestational age in days)
Enrichment of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor/Ca2+ channels in secretory granules and essential roles of chromogranins.
Hur et al., Inch'ŏn, South Korea. In Cell Calcium, 2012
Chromogranins A (CGA) and B (CGB) also directly bind the IP(3)Rs and activate the IP(3)R/Ca(2+) channels at the intragranular pH 5.5.
Early first-trimester free-β-hCG and PAPP-A serum distributions in monochorionic and dichorionic twins.
Comas et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Prenat Diagn, 2012
Pregnancy-associated plasma protein A and free-beta-hCG values are gestational age specific.
βhCG and PAPP-A in first trimester: predictive factors for preeclampsia?
Schmidt et al., Essen, Germany. In Hypertens Pregnancy, 2011
The serum levels of betahCG were significantly higher in pregnancies which subsequently developed preeclampsia.
Review: Toward an integrated evolutionary understanding of the mammalian placenta.
Wildman, Detroit, United States. In Placenta, 2011
CGB, LGALS13, GH2) that are important in the development and function of the human placenta.
CGB and GNRH1 expression analysis as a method of tumor cells metastatic spread detection in patients with gynecological malignances.
Jankowska et al., Poznań, Poland. In J Transl Med, 2010
Assessment of CGB and GNRH1 expression level in cancer patients' blood may be useful for indicating metastatic spread of tumor cells.
Genomics and genetics of gonadotropin beta-subunit genes: Unique FSHB and duplicated LHB/CGB loci.
Laan et al., Tartu, Estonia. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, 2010
Despite the common evolutionary ancestry and functional relatedness of the gonadotropin hormone beta (GtHB) genes, the single-copy FSHB (at 11p13) and the multi-copy LHB/CGB genes (at 19q13.32)
Immunohistochemical and biochemical studies with region-specific antibodies to chromogranins A and B and secretogranins II and III in neuroendocrine tumors.
Stridsberg et al., Lisbon, Portugal. In Cell Mol Neurobiol, 2010
Plasma concentrations of different epitopes of CgA and CgB varied.
Use of a rapid hCG-beta-subunit radioimmunoassay in acute gynaecological emergencies.
Chard et al., In Lancet, 1980
Chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) was measured by a rapid and sensitive radioimmunoassay in 100 female patients with lower abdominal pain attending an emergency department.
Ectopic production of chorionic gonadotropin and its subunits by islet-cell tumors. A specific marker for malignancy.
Gorden et al., In N Engl J Med, 1977
Seventeen of 27 patients with functioning islet-cell carcinomas had elevated plasma levels of hCG or one of its subunits (hCG-alpha and hCG-beta).
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