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Bobby sox homolog

HBP2, BBX, MDS-001
Top mentioned proteins: ACID, HAD, CAN, Sox, V1a
Papers on HBP2
Identification and functional characterization of the BBX24 promoter and gene from chrysanthemum in Arabidopsis.
Hong et al., Beijing, China. In Plant Mol Biol, Sep 2015
The B-box (BBX) family is a subgroup of zinc finger transcription factors that regulate flowering time, light-regulated morphogenesis, and abiotic stress in Arabidopsis.
Evaluation of PPARα activation by known blueberry constituents.
Yokoyama et al., United States. In J Sci Food Agric, Jun 2015
It was also considered important to investigate the effect of pterostilbene on PPARα gene expression, and relate results with hepatic mRNA PPARα expression up-regulation observed previously in hamsters fed a diet supplemented with blueberry peels extract (BBX).
Characterization of Bbx, a member of a novel subfamily of the HMG-box superfamily together with Cic.
Lv et al., Chengdu, China. In Dev Genes Evol, 2014
Bobby sox homolog (BBX), a newly identified HMG-Box protein, may function as a sequence-specific transcription factor.
NBM-T-BBX-OS01, Semisynthesized from Osthole, Induced G1 Growth Arrest through HDAC6 Inhibition in Lung Cancer Cells.
Weng et al., Taiwan. In Molecules, 2014
In this study, we demonstrated the effects of semisynthesized NBM-T-BBX-OS01 (TBBX) from osthole on HDAC6-mediated growth arrest in lung cancer cells.
Genome-Wide Comparative Analysis of Flowering-Related Genes in Arabidopsis, Wheat, and Barley.
Yang et al., Edmonton, Canada. In Int J Plant Genomics, 2014
These further analyses showed that orthologous gene pairs in three critical flowering gene families (PEBP, MADS, and BBX) exhibited similar expression patterns among 13 developmental stages in wheat and barley, suggesting similar functions among the orthologous genes with sequence and expression similarities.
An apple B-box protein, MdCOL11, is involved in UV-B- and temperature-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis.
Moriguchi et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In Planta, 2014
Arabidopsis PAP1 is under the control of a series of upstream factors involved in light signal transduction and photomorphogenesis, such as ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL 5 (HY5) and B-box family (BBX) proteins.
The BBX family of plant transcription factors.
Botto et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Trends Plant Sci, 2014
The B-box (BBX) proteins are a class of zinc-finger transcription factors containing a B-box domain with one or two B-box motifs, and sometimes also feature a CCT (CONSTANS, CO-like, and TOC1) domain.
Gene set enrichment analysis of the NF-κB/Snail/YY1/RKIP circuitry in multiple myeloma.
Spandidos et al., Irákleion, Greece. In Tumour Biol, 2014
Among many, we highlighted on FNDC3B, TPD52, BBX, MBNL1 and MFAP2.
Convergence of Light and ABA signaling on the ABI5 promoter.
Holm et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Plos Genet, 2014
Here, we show that BBX21 (also known as SALT TOLERANCE HOMOLOG 2), a B-box (BBX) protein previously shown to positively regulate seedling photomorphogenesis, is also involved in ABA signaling.
Bobby Sox homology regulates odontoblast differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells/progenitors.
Park et al., Taegu, South Korea. In Cell Commun Signal, 2013
The result revealed bobby sox homolog (BBX) to be expressed most strongly during odontoblast differentiation.
Conserved CO-FT regulons contribute to the photoperiod flowering control in soybean.
Fu et al., Beijing, China. In Bmc Plant Biol, 2013
BACKGROUND: CO and FT orthologs, belonging to the BBX and PEBP family, respectively, have important and conserved roles in the photoperiod regulation of flowering time in plants.
BBX proteins in green plants: insights into their evolution, structure, feature and functional diversification.
Botto et al., Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Gene, 2013
In Arabidopsis thaliana, some works have found that B-box proteins (BBX) play central developmental functions in flowering, light and abiotic stress signaling.
Nuclear factor one X regulates Bobby sox during development of the mouse forebrain.
Piper et al., Brisbane, Australia. In Cell Mol Neurobiol, 2013
Here, we identify the transcription factor Bobby sox (Bbx) as a target for NFI-mediated transcriptional control.
The BBX subfamily IV: additional cogs and sprockets to fine-tune light-dependent development.
Sarmiento, Colombia. In Plant Signal Behav, 2013
Recent mutant analyses using model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and protein interaction assays have unraveled a new set of players, an 8-member subfamily of B-box proteins, known as BBX subfamily IV.
Lenalidomide: targeted anemia therapy for myelodysplastic syndromes.
Bellamy et al., Tampa, United States. In Cancer Control, 2006
This review examines the clinical experience from the MDS-001 and MDS-003 clinical trials that led to this approval, the results of biological correlates supporting the targets of drug action, and the results from a non-del(5q) multicenter study (MDS-002).
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