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Glycoprotein IX

Top mentioned proteins: ACID, p22, iNOS, GP2, Anova
Papers on Gp9
Development of an Assay for the Identification of Receptor Binding Proteins from Bacteriophages.
Szymanski et al., Edmonton, Canada. In Viruses, Dec 2015
When phage P22 was screened using this assay, Gp9 was the only RBP discovered, confirming previous predictions that this is the sole RBP encoded by this phage.
A Plant-Produced Bacteriophage Tailspike Protein for the Control of Salmonella.
Menassa et al., London, Canada. In Front Plant Sci, 2014
The receptor binding domain of the tailspike protein Gp9 from the P22 bacteriophage was recently shown to reduce Salmonella colonization in the chicken gut.
Fine mapping of radiation susceptibility and gene expression analysis of LEC congenic rat lines.
Harada et al., Chiba, Japan. In Genomics, 2005
We mapped seven positional candidate genes, Bmp10, Gpr73, Gp9, Cnbp, Copg, Rab7, and Rpn1, to an approximately 1.2-Mb region located between loci D4Got85 and D4Got148 on chromosome 4. None of the seven genes has been reported to be associated with radiation susceptibility.
Influence of drying and HEMA treatment on dentin wettability.
Degrange et al., Montrouge, France. In Dent Mater, 2002
A computerized contact angle device complementing a special software (Wingoutt) was used to measure the contact angle (theta) kinetics of a reference liquid (pure H(2)O) in the ten groups each of ten dentin surfaces during 120 s: Gp1: etched (37% phosphoric acid for 15 s) and blot-dried; Gp2: 3 s dried; Gp3: 5 s air-dried; Gp4: 10 s air-dried; Gp5: 20 s air-dried; Gp6: 30 s air-dried; Gp7: 1 min dried with hair dryer; Gp8: 5 s air-dried and HEMA treated; Gp9: 30 s air-dried followed by HEMA treatment; Gp10: HEMA treated prior to 30 s air-drying.
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