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Glutamate receptor, ionotrophic, AMPA 3

GluR3, mGluR3, mGlu3, GRM3, metabotropic glutamate receptor 3
Glutamate receptors are the predominant excitatory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain and are activated in a variety of normal neurophysiologic processes. These receptors are heteromeric protein complexes composed of multiple subunits, arranged to form ligand-gated ion channels. The classification of glutamate receptors is based on their activation by different pharmacologic agonists. The subunit encoded by this gene belongs to a family of AMPA (alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate)-sensitive glutamate receptors, and is subject to RNA editing (AGA->GGA; R->G). Alternative splicing at this locus results in different isoforms, which may vary in their signal transduction properties. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
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Papers on GluR3
Lower [3H]LY341495 binding to mGlu2/3 receptors in the anterior cingulate of subjects with major depressive disorder but not bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
Dean et al., Melbourne, Australia. In J Affect Disord, Feb 2016
LIMITATIONS: Using this approach we are unable to determine whether the change represents fluctuations in mGlu2, mGlu3, or both.
In Vitro Pharmacological and Rat Pharmacokinetic Characterization of LY3020371, a Potent and Selective mGlu2/3 Receptor Antagonist.
Monn et al., Indianapolis, United States. In Neuropharmacology, Jan 2016
In membranes from cells expressing recombinant human mGlu2 and mGlu3 receptor subtypes, LY3020371.HCl competitively displaced binding of the mGlu2/3 radiolabelled ligand [(3)H]-459477 with high affinity (hmGlu2 Ki = 5.26 nM; hmGlu3 Ki = 2.50 nM).
Pharmacogenetic study of long-term response to interferon-β treatment in multiple sclerosis.
Martinelli-Boneschi et al., Milano, Italy. In Pharmacogenomics J, Jan 2016
Finally, we found an enrichment of pathways related to inflammatory processes and presynaptic membrane, the latter with involvement of genes related to glutamatergic system (GRM3 and GRIK2), confirming its potential role in the response to IFNβ.The Pharmacogenomics Journal advance online publication, 8 December 2015; doi:10.1038/tpj.2015.85.
mGluR3 Activation Recruits Cytoplasmic TWIK-1 Channels to Membrane that Enhances Ammonium Uptake in Hippocampal Astrocytes.
Zhou et al., Columbus, United States. In Mol Neurobiol, Dec 2015
Here, the regulation of TWIK-1 membrane expression by Gi/Go-coupled metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 (mGluR3) and its functional impact on ammonium uptake has been studied.
Conformational dynamics of a class C G-protein-coupled receptor.
Isacoff et al., Berkeley, United States. In Nature, Sep 2015
Unlike mGluR2, mGluR3 displays basal dynamics, which are Ca(2+)-dependent and lead to basal protein activation.
Perspectives on the mGluR2/3 agonists as a therapeutic target for schizophrenia: Still promising or a dead end?
Gao et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, Aug 2015
We argue that the cellular and molecular actions of mGluR2/3 agonists, the distinct roles between mGluR2 and mGluR3, as well as their effects on different stages of the disease and different subpopulations of patients, remain incompletely studied.
Group I and group II metabotropic glutamate receptor allosteric modulators as novel potential antipsychotics.
Conn et al., United States. In Curr Opin Pharmacol, Feb 2015
Finally, recent genetic studies suggest mGlu3 modulators may be pro-cognitive.
The genetic basis of new treatment modalities in melanoma.
Kunz, Leipzig, Germany. In Curr Drug Targets, 2014
At the same time, high throughput sequencing studies of melanoma unraveled a series of new treatment candidates for future treatment approaches such as ERBB4, GRIN2A, GRM3, and RAC1.
Xanthurenic Acid Activates mGlu2/3 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and is a Potential Trait Marker for Schizophrenia.
Simmaco et al., Italy. In Sci Rep, 2014
We report here that the kynurenine metabolite, xanturenic acid (XA), interacts with, and activates mGlu2 and mGlu3 metabotropic glutamate receptors in heterologous expression systems.
Glutamate-dependent neuroglial calcium signaling differs between young and adult brain.
Nedergaard et al., Rochester, United States. In Science, 2013
In contrast, mGluR3, whose activation inhibits adenylate cyclase but not calcium signaling, was expressed in astrocytes at all developmental stages.
Patterned expression of ion channel genes in mouse dorsal raphe nucleus determined with the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas.
Commons et al., Boston, United States. In Brain Res, 2012
This study demonistrated that Gria3 gene expression in mouse dorsal raphe nucleus
GluA3-deficiency in mice is associated with increased social and aggressive behavior and elevated dopamine in striatum.
Wang et al., Baltimore, United States. In Behav Brain Res, 2012
This study demonistrated that the GluA3-deficiency in mice is associated with increased social and aggressive behavior and elevated dopamine in striatum.
Antiparkinsonian action of a selective group III mGlu receptor agonist is associated with reversal of subthalamonigral overactivity.
Amalric et al., Marseille, France. In Neurobiol Dis, 2012
New evidence for the antiparkinsonian efficiency of group III mGlu receptor agonism points to the regulation of the overactive subthalamo-nigral connection as a main site of action in an early stage of Parkinson's disease.
mGluR3 and not mGluR2 receptors mediate the efficacy of NAAG peptidase inhibitor in validated model of schizophrenia.
Neale et al., In Schizophr Res, 2012
This study demonistrated that mGluR3 and not mGluR2 receptors mediate the efficacy of NAAG peptidase inhibitor in validated model of schizophrenia.
Extinction-dependent alterations in corticostriatal mGluR2/3 and mGluR7 receptors following chronic methamphetamine self-administration in rats.
See et al., Charleston, United States. In Plos One, 2011
analysis of extinction-dependent alterations in corticostriatal mGluR2/3 and mGluR7 receptors following chronic methamphetamine self-administration in rats
Exon capture analysis of G protein-coupled receptors identifies activating mutations in GRM3 in melanoma.
Samuels et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nat Genet, 2011
Melanoma cells expressing mutant GRM3 had reduced cell growth and cellular migration after short hairpin RNA-mediated knockdown of GRM3 or treatment with a selective MEK inhibitor, AZD-6244, which is currently being used in phase 2 clinical trials
Subunit-specific rules governing AMPA receptor trafficking to synapses in hippocampal pyramidal neurons.
Malinow et al., United States. In Cell, 2001
In hippocampus, most AMPA-Rs are hetero-oligomers composed of GluR1/GluR2 or GluR2/GluR3 subunits.
Autoantibodies to glutamate receptor GluR3 in Rasmussen's encephalitis.
McNamara et al., Salt Lake City, United States. In Science, 1994
During efforts to raise antibodies to recombinant glutamate receptors (GluRs), behaviors typical of seizures and histopathologic features mimicking Rasmussen's encephalitis were found in two rabbits immunized with GluR3 protein.
Application of Novel Therapeutic Agents for CNS Injury: NAAG Peptidase Inhibitors
Lyeth, Boca Raton, United States. In Unknown Journal, 0001
NAAG is an abundant peptide found in the brain and is released from neurons after intense depolarization and functions as a selective agonist at metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 3 (mGluR3), which is located on both neurons and astrocytes.
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