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HB2 non-symbiotic hemoglobin 2

GLB2, AHB2, non-symbiotic haemoglobin-2
class 2 non-symbiotic hemoglobin (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, OUT, HAD, V1a, Sim
Papers on GLB2
Function of type-2 Arabidopsis hemoglobin in the auxin-mediated formation of embryogenic cells during morphogenesis.
Stasolla et al., Winnipeg, Canada. In Plant J, 2013
Suppression of Arabidopsis GLB2, a type-2 nonsymbiotic hemoglobin, enhances somatic embryogenesis by increasing auxin production.
Haemoglobin modulates NO emission and hyponasty under hypoxia-related stress in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Mur et al., Slagelse, Denmark. In J Exp Bot, 2012
The production of both gases was increased with reduced expression of either of the Hb genes GLB1 or GLB2, whereas NO emission decreased in plants overexpressing these genes.
Haemoglobin modulates salicylate and jasmonate/ethylene-mediated resistance mechanisms against pathogens.
Hebelstrup et al., Aberystwyth, United Kingdom. In J Exp Bot, 2012
This study examined how NO-oxidizing haemoglobins (Hb) encoded by GLB1, GLB2, and GLB3 in Arabidopsis could influence both defence pathways.
Manipulation of hemoglobin expression affects Arabidopsis shoot organogenesis.
Stasolla et al., Winnipeg, Canada. In Plant Physiol Biochem, 2011
Over-expression of GLB1 and GLB2 induces shoot formation at low levels of cytokinins.
Oxygen binding to Arabidopsis thaliana AHb2 nonsymbiotic hemoglobin: evidence for a role in oxygen transport.
Mozzarelli et al., Parma, Italy. In Iubmb Life, 2011
Results are consistent with a role for AHb2 as an oxygen carrier, as recently proposed on the basis of experiments on AHb2-overexpressing mutants of A. thaliana.
Nonsymbiotic hemoglobin-2 leads to an elevated energy state and to a combined increase in polyunsaturated fatty acids and total oil content when overexpressed in developing seeds of transgenic Arabidopsis plants.
Geigenberger et al., Liège, Belgium. In Plant Physiol, 2011
These results provide evidence for a specific function of class 2 hemoglobin in seed oil production and in promoting the accumulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids by facilitating oxygen supply in developing seeds.
Ligand migration and binding in nonsymbiotic hemoglobins of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Nienhaus et al., Karlsruhe, Germany. In Biochemistry, 2010
In AHb2, the HisE7 side chain is removed from the bound ligand; rebinding barriers are low, and CO molecules can populate only primary docking site B.
Expression of NO scavenging hemoglobin is involved in the timing of bolting in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Jensen et al., Århus, Denmark. In Planta, 2008
We investigated the effect of silencing the class 1 non-symbiotic hemoglobin gene, GLB1, and the effect of overexpression of GLB1 or the class 2 non-symbiotic hemoglobin gene, GLB2, in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Different roles of protein dynamics and ligand migration in non-symbiotic hemoglobins AHb1 and AHb2 from Arabidopsis thaliana.
Viappiani et al., Parma, Italy. In Gene, 2007
Finding strongly supports the idea that AHb1 and AHb2 have distinct physiological functions.
Repair of methylation damage in DNA and RNA by mammalian AlkB homologues.
O'Connor et al., Duarte, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2005
The mRNAs of AHB2 and ABH3 are expressed most in testis for ABH2 and ABH3, whereas expression of the homologous mouse genes is different.
Activation of the Oryza sativa non-symbiotic haemoglobin-2 promoter by the cytokinin-regulated transcription factor, ARR1.
Sarath et al., Lincoln, United States. In J Exp Bot, 2004
Using in silico methods, several putative phytohormone-responsive cis-elements in the Oryza sativa non-symbiotic haemoglobin (NSHB) 1-4 and Arabidopsis thaliana NSHB1-2 promoters have been identified.
Expression and evolution of functionally distinct haemoglobin genes in plants.
Peacock et al., Canberra, Australia. In Plant Mol Biol, 2001
The Arabidopsis GLB1 and GLB2 genes are likely to be functionally distinct.
Two hemoglobin genes in Arabidopsis thaliana: the evolutionary origins of leghemoglobins.
Peacock et al., Australia. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 1997
The second hemoglobin gene, AHB2, represents a class of nonsymbiotic hemoglobin (class 2) related in sequence to the symbiotic hemoglobin genes of legumes and Casuarina.
Rice embryo globulins: amino-terminal amino acid sequences, cDNA cloning and expression.
Hattori et al., Tsu, Japan. In Plant Cell Physiol, 1996
The deduced amino acid sequence of REG2 was found to be 68% identical to that of the maize GLB2 globulin.
Characterization of the maize Globulin-2 gene and analysis of two null alleles.
Wallace et al., Urbana, United States. In Biochem Genet, 1991
A Mr 45,000 globulin component, designated GLB2, is encoded by the Glb2 gene.
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