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GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase A

GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase
This gene is thought to encode a GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase. This enzyme catalyzes the reaction which converts mannose-1-phosphate and GTP to GDP-mannose which is involved in the production of N-linked oligosaccharides. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
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Papers on GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase
Rice GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase OsVTC1-1 and OsVTC1-3 play different roles in ascorbic acid synthesis.
Zhang et al., Beijing, China. In Plant Mol Biol, Feb 2016
GDP-D-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMPase) catalyzes the synthesis of GDP-D-mannose, which is a precursor for ascorbic acid (AsA) synthesis in plants.
GMPPB-Associated Dystroglycanopathy: Emerging Common Variants with Phenotype Correlation.
Mathews et al., Marshfield, United States. In Hum Mutat, Dec 2015
Mutations in GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase B (GMPPB), a catalyst for the formation of the sugar donor GDP-mannose, were recently identified as a cause of muscular dystrophy resulting from abnormal glycosylation of α-dystroglycan.
KONJAC1 and 2 Are Key Factors for GDP-Mannose Generation and Affect l-Ascorbic Acid and Glucomannan Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis.
Kotake et al., Saitama, Japan. In Plant Cell, Dec 2015
In Arabidopsis thaliana, a GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMPP), VITAMIN C DEFECTIVE1 (VTC1), catalyzes a rate-limiting step in AsA synthesis: the formation of GDP-Man.
Manipulation of the rice L-galactose pathway: evaluation of the effects of transgene overexpression on ascorbate accumulation and abiotic stress tolerance.
Liu et al., Yangzhou, China. In Plos One, 2014
These genes encoded the GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMP), GDP-mannose-3',5'-epimerase (GME), GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase (GGP), L-galactose-1-phosphate phosphatase (GPP), L-galactose dehydrogenase (GDH), and L-galactono-1,4-lactone dehydrogenase (GalLDH).
ISPD mutations account for a small proportion of Italian Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy cases.
Comi et al., Milano, Italy. In Bmc Neurol, 2014
BACKGROUND: Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD), caused by defective α-dystroglycan (α-DG) glycosylation, was recently associated with mutations in Isoprenoid synthase domain-containing (ISPD) and GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase B (GMPPB) genes.
Differential transcriptional regulation of L-ascorbic acid content in peel and pulp of citrus fruits during development and maturation.
Zacarías et al., Paterna, Spain. In Planta, 2014
Differences in AsA content between varieties were associated with differential gene expression of GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (GMP), GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase (GGP) and L-galactose-1-phosphate phosphatase (GPP), myo-inositol oxygenase in peel, and GGP and GPP in pulp.
Mutations in GMPPA cause a glycosylation disorder characterized by intellectual disability and autonomic dysfunction.
Hübner et al., Dresden, Germany. In Am J Hum Genet, 2013
Surprisingly, GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase activity was unchanged and GDP-mannose levels were strongly increased in lymphoblasts of individuals with GMPPA mutations.
Mutations in GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase B cause congenital and limb-girdle muscular dystrophies associated with hypoglycosylation of α-dystroglycan.
Muntoni et al., Sanger, United States. In Am J Hum Genet, 2013
Congenital muscular dystrophies with hypoglycosylation of α-dystroglycan (α-DG) are a heterogeneous group of disorders often associated with brain and eye defects in addition to muscular dystrophy.
Regulation of ascorbic acid synthesis in plants.
Huang et al., Beijing, China. In Plant Signal Behav, 2013
GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (VTC1) is the initial AsA biosynthetic enzyme in L-galactose pathway, we previously showed that Arabidopsis ERF98 transcriptionally activates gene expression of VTC1 to improve AsA content and respond salt stress; recent discovery of the interaction between photomorphogenic factor COP9 signalosome (CSN) subunit CSN5B and VTC1 indicates that CSN5B promotes VTC1 degradation in the dark, which keeps the change of AsA content from day to night.
Investigation of ascorbate metabolism during inducement of storage disorders in pear.
Johnston et al., Lleida, Spain. In Physiol Plant, 2013
Quantitative polymerase chain reaction indicated that all cultivars responded to CA storage by increasing transcripts for APXs, and surprisingly the pre-l-galactose pathway gene GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase, of which the product GDP mannose, is utilized either for cell wall polysaccharides, protein N-glycosylation or ascorbate production.
The novel Arabidopsis thaliana svt2 suppressor of the ascorbic acid-deficient mutant vtc1-1 exhibits phenotypic and genotypic instability.
Barth et al., Morgantown, United States. In F1000res, 2012
A mutation in the ascorbic acid biosynthesis gene VTC1, which encodes GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase, results in conditional root growth inhibition in the presence of ammonium.
Reducing AsA leads to leaf lesion and defence response in knock-down of the AsA biosynthetic enzyme GDP-D-mannose pyrophosphorylase gene in tomato plant.
Ye et al., Wuhan, China. In Plos One, 2012
In the present study, we manipulated a gene of GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase which catalyzes the conversion of D-mannose-1-P to GDP-D-mannose in AsA biosynthetic pathway and found out the phenotype alteration of tomato.
Antisense-mediated depletion of GMPase gene expression in tobacco decreases plant tolerance to temperature stresses and alters plant development.
Yu et al., China. In Mol Biol Rep, 2012
In our previous work [1] we investigated the role of tomato GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase (EC in plants by overexpressing its gene in tobacco leaves and showed its function in AsA metabolism and detoxification of reactive oxygen species under temperature stresses.
Studies on the substrate specificity of a GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase from Salmonella enterica.
Lowary et al., Edmonton, Canada. In Beilstein J Org Chem, 2011
A series of methoxy and deoxy derivatives of mannopyranose-1-phosphate (Manp-1P) were chemically synthesized, and their ability to be converted into the corresponding guanosine diphosphate mannopyranose (GDP-Manp) analogues by a pyrophosphorylase (GDP-ManPP) from Salmonella enterica was studied.
L-ascorbic acid biosynthesis.
Smirnoff, Exeter, United Kingdom. In Vitam Horm, 2000
GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase and L-galactono-1,4-lactone dehydrogenase have been cloned.
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