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Frizzled family receptor 5

FZD5, Frizzled-5, Fz5
Members of the 'frizzled' gene family encode 7-transmembrane domain proteins that are receptors for Wnt signaling proteins. The FZD5 protein is believed to be the receptor for the Wnt5A ligand. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Frizzled, Wnt5a, GPCR, FZD3, Frizzled-2
Papers on FZD5
G-quadruplexes as novel cis-elements controlling transcription during embryonic development.
Calcaterra et al., Rosario, Argentina. In Nucleic Acids Res, Feb 2016
Among the PQSs able to fold in vitro as G-quadruplex, those present in nog3, col2a1 and fzd5 promoters were selected for further studies.
The microRNA-29 family in cartilage homeostasis and osteoarthritis.
Clark et al., Farmington, United States. In J Mol Med (berl), Jan 2016
Amongst these, FZD3, FZD5, DVL3, FRAT2, and CK2A2 were validated as direct targets of the miR-29 family.
Effects of soluble and particulate Cr(VI) on genome-wide DNA methylation in human B lymphoblastoid cells.
Zhang et al., Hangzhou, China. In Mutat Res Genet Toxicol Environ Mutagen, Oct 2015
The results of mRNA expression showed that after Cr(VI) treatment, mRNA expression changes of four genes (TBL1Y, FZD5, IKZF2, and KIAA1949) were consistent with their DNA methylation alteration, but DNA methylation changes of other six genes did not correlate with mRNA expression.
WNT3 involvement in human bladder exstrophy and cloaca development in zebrafish.
Nordenskjöld et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Hum Mol Genet, Oct 2015
In total 13 variants were identified in WNT3, WNT6, WNT7A, WNT8B, WNT10A, WNT11, WNT16, FZD5, LRP1 and LRP10 genes and predicted as potentially disease causing, of which seven variants were novel.
Roles of miR-196a on gene regulation of neuroendocrine tumor cells.
Giandomenico et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, Oct 2015
miR-196a downstream genes BMP4, ETS1, CTNNB1, FZD5, LRP5 and LRP6 were significantly upregulated at transcriptional level in miR-196a silenced CNDT2.5 and NCI-H727 cells.
Integrative network-based analysis of mRNA and microRNA expression in 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3-treated cancer cells.
Evelo et al., Maastricht, Netherlands. In Genes Nutr, Sep 2015
Six of the nine differentially expressed microRNAs target genes in the extended network, including CLSPN, an important checkpoint regulator in the cell cycle that was down-regulated, and FZD5, a receptor for Wnt proteins that was up-regulated.
miR-124 represses FZD5 to attenuate P-glycoprotein-mediated chemo-resistance in renal cell carcinoma.
He et al., Xi'an, China. In Tumour Biol, Aug 2015
In comparison with their parental cells, miR-124 was downregulated in Caki-2/DOX and Caki-2/VBL cells, accompanied by increased FZD5 and P-gp.
A review of 1α,25(OH)2D3 dependent Pdia3 receptor complex components in Wnt5a non-canonical pathway signaling.
Schwartz et al., Atlanta, United States. In J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol, Aug 2015
Wnt5a initiates its calcium-dependent effects via binding its receptors Frizzled2 (FZD2) and Frizzled5 (FZD5) and receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 2 (ROR2), activating intracellular calcium release and stimulating PKC and CaMKII.
Structure, phylogeny, and expression of the frizzled-related gene family in the lophotrochozoan annelid Platynereis dumerilii.
Schneider et al., Ames, United States. In Evodevo, 2014
RESULTS: Phylogenetic analyses confirm conserved homologs for four frizzled receptors (Fz1/2/7, Fz4, Fz5/8, Fz9/10) and sFRP1/2/5 in five of six lophotrochozoan species.
WNT5A transforms intestinal CD8αα(+) IELs into an unconventional phenotype with pro-inflammatory features.
Ran et al., Shanghai, China. In Bmc Gastroenterol, 2014
RESULTS: Non-canonical WNT pathway elements represented by FZD5, WNT5A and NFATc1 were remarkably elevated in colitis IELs.
Wnt5a/FZD5/CaMKII signaling pathway mediates the effect of BML-111 on inflammatory reactions in sepsis.
Cai et al., China. In Int J Clin Exp Med, 2014
AIMS: This study aims to investigate the effect of 5(S), 6(R)-7-trihydroxymethyl heptanoate (BML-111) on the Wnt5a/frizzled-5 (FZD5)/calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) signaling pathway in septic mice, and to explore whether this pathway mediates the effect of BML-111 on inflammatory response in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced RAW 264.7 cells.
Wnt/β-Catenin and Wnt5a/Ca Pathways Regulate Proliferation and Apoptosis of Keratinocytes in Psoriasis Lesions.
Li et al., Xi'an, China. In Cell Physiol Biochem, 2014
METHODS: The expression levels of WNT5A, and genes encoding its receptors frizzled2 (FZD2) and frizzled5 (FZD5) were examined in samples obtained from individuals with psoriasis and healthy controls.
ARID3B Directly Regulates Ovarian Cancer Promoting Genes.
Cowden Dahl et al., Indianapolis, United States. In Plos One, 2014
ARID3B also binds to the promoter of Wnt5A and its receptor FZD5.
Regulation of retinal progenitor expansion by Frizzled receptors: implications for microphthalmia and retinal coloboma.
Swaroop et al., Bethesda, United States. In Hum Mol Genet, 2012
studies suggest a dose-dependent regulation of signaling by Fz5 and Fz8 in optic fissure/disc formation and progenitor expansion
Expression profile of WNT molecules in prostate cancer and its regulation by aminobisphosphonates.
Hofbauer et al., Dresden, Germany. In J Cell Biochem, 2011
Several members of the WNT pathway, including WNT5A, FZD5, and DKK1 were highly up-regulated in PCa tissue from patients with advanced PCa.
A coated vesicle-associated kinase of 104 kDa (CVAK104) induces lysosomal degradation of frizzled 5 (Fzd5).
Miki et al., Suita, Japan. In J Biol Chem, 2009
Studies identify CVAK104 as a novel binding partner of Dishevelled (Dvl) and that CVAK104 also interacts with Fzd5.
The pseudoreceptor BMP and activin membrane-bound inhibitor positively modulates Wnt/beta-catenin signaling.
Chen et al., Beijing, China. In J Biol Chem, 2008
BAMBI interacts with Wnt receptor Frizzled5, coreceptor LRP6, and Dishevelled2 and increases the interaction between Frizzled5 and Dishevelled2
An essential role for frizzled 5 in mammalian ocular development.
Nathans et al., Baltimore, United States. In Development, 2008
These results demonstrate a central role for frizzled signaling in mammalian eye development and are likely to be relevant to the etiology of congenital human ocular anomalies.
WNT signaling in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.
Katoh, Tokyo, Japan. In Curr Drug Targets, 2008
FZD1, FZD2, FZD3, FZD4, FZD5, FZD6, FZD7, FZD8, FZD9, FZD10, LRP5, LRP6, and ROR2 are transmembrane receptors transducing WNT signals based on ligand-dependent preferentiality for caveolin- or clathrin-mediated endocytosis.
Networking of WNT, FGF, Notch, BMP, and Hedgehog signaling pathways during carcinogenesis.
Katoh, Tokyo, Japan. In Stem Cell Rev, 2007
From 1996 to 2002, we cloned and characterized WNT2B/WNT13, WNT3, WNT3A, WNT5B, WNT6, WNT7B, WNT8A, WNT8B, WNT9A/WNT14, WNT9B/WNT14B, WNT10A, WNT10B, WNT11, FZD1, FZD2, FZD3, FZD4, FZD5, FZD6, FZD7, FZD8, FZD10, FRAT1, FRAT2, NKD1, NKD2, VANGL1, RHOU/ARHU, RHOV/ARHV, GIPC2, GIPC3, FBXW11/betaTRCP2, SOX17, TCF7L1/TCF3, and established a cDNA-PCR system for snap-shot and dynamic analyses on the WNT-transcriptome.
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