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Ezrin, ezrin2
Top mentioned proteins: Actin, ERM, V1a, CAN, Rhodopsin
Papers on Ezrin
Desmoplastic Melanoma: An Updated Immunohistochemical Analysis of 40 cases with a Proposal for an Additional Panel of Stains for Diagnosis.
Suster et al., Milwaukee, United States. In J Cutan Pathol, Jan 2016
The purpose of this study was to analyze 40 cases of DM with a comprehensive panel of immunohistochemical markers (KBA.62, p16, Ezrin, WT-1, MITF-1, SOX-10, CD117, SOX-2, Nestin, PNL2, p75, MART-1, gp100 and S100p) to obtain a more complete understanding of the potential use of these antibodies in the diagnosis of DM.
Scaffolding during the cell cycle by A-kinase anchoring proteins.
Schmidt et al., Groningen, Netherlands. In Pflugers Arch, Dec 2015
After that, we will review our recent knowledge of AKAPs linked to the regulation and progression of the cell cycle, with special focus on AKAP12, AKAP8, and Ezrin.
Inhibition of cell adhesion by phosphorylated Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin.
Miyake et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In Cell Adh Migr, Dec 2015
Altered phosphorylation status of the C-terminal Thr residues of Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin (ERM) is often linked to cell shape change.
EBP50 inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth and invasion by targeting the β-catenin/E-cadherin pathway.
Peng et al., Wuhan, China. In Exp Ther Med, Oct 2015
UNASSIGNED: Ezrin-radixin-moesin (ERM)-binding phosphoprotein 50 (EBP50) has previously been demonstrated to be associated with the malignant transformation of numerous types of human cancer.
Phosphoinositides in the regulation of actin cortex and cell migration.
Itoh et al., Kōbe, Japan. In Biochim Biophys Acta, Jun 2015
It maintains cell shape by linking the actin cortex to the membrane via interactions with Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin (ERM) proteins and class I myosins.
STRIPAK components determine mode of cancer cell migration and metastasis.
Sahai et al., London, United Kingdom. In Nat Cell Biol, 2015
We show that FAM40A negatively regulates the MST3 and MST4 kinases, which promote the co-localization of the contractile actomyosin machinery with the Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin family proteins by phosphorylating the inhibitors of PPP1CB, PPP1R14A-D.
Fluid shear triggers microvilli formation via mechanosensitive activation of TRPV6.
Takeuchi et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Nat Commun, 2014
TRPV6 regulates phosphorylation of Ezrin via a Ca(2+)-dependent phosphorylation of Akt; this molecular event is necessary for microvillar localization of Ezrin in response to FSS.
A-kinase anchoring proteins: cAMP compartmentalization in neurodegenerative and obstructive pulmonary diseases.
Schmidt et al., Groningen, Netherlands. In Br J Pharmacol, 2014
Next to AKAP5, we focus here on AKAP12 and Ezrin (AKAP78).
Prognostic Value of Ezrin in Various Cancers: A Systematic Review and Updated Meta-analysis.
Yu et al., Guangzhou, China. In Sci Rep, 2014
More and more studies have investigated the effects of Ezrin expression level on the prognostic role in various tumors.
Re-defining ERM function in lymphocyte activation and migration.
Gupta et al., Cleveland, United States. In Immunol Rev, 2013
The Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin (ERM) family proteins reversibly link the plasma membrane and cortical actin meshwork and mediate the dynamic nature of the membrane-cytoskeletal interface to facilitate remodeling.
New insights in regulation of calcium homeostasis.
Levine et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens, 2013
Ezrin, a cross-linking protein important for renal phosphate handling, is also involved in the regulation of intestinal calcium absorption.
Rap2A links intestinal cell polarity to brush border formation.
Bos et al., Utrecht, Netherlands. In Nat Cell Biol, 2012
The subsequent recruitment of phospholipase D1 allows polarized accumulation of phosphatidic acid, which provides a local cue for successive signalling by the guanine nucleotide exchange factor PDZGEF, the small G protein Rap2A, its effector TNIK, the kinase MST4 and, ultimately, the actin-binding protein Ezrin.
Macrophage binding to receptor VCAM-1 transmits survival signals in breast cancer cells that invade the lungs.
Massagué et al., New York City, United States. In Cancer Cell, 2011
Clustering of cell surface VCAM-1, acting through Ezrin, triggers Akt activation and protects cancer cells from proapoptotic cytokines such as TRAIL.
Spatial control of actin organization at adherens junctions by a synaptotagmin-like protein Btsz.
Lecuit et al., Marseille, France. In Nature, 2006
We show that Btsz binds to the Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin protein Moesin, an F-actin-binding protein that is localized apically and is recruited in the AJR in a btsz-dependent manner.
Ezrin...a metastatic detERMinant?
McClatchey et al., United States. In Cancer Cell, 2004
Mounting evidence, culminating in the work described in two recent articles, strongly suggests that the membrane:cytoskeleton organizer Ezrin can promote tumor metastasis.
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