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Even skipped homeotic gene 1 homolog

Evx1, Xhox3
This gene encodes a member of the even-skipped homeobox family characterized by the presence of a homeodomain closely related to the Drosophila even-skipped (eve) segmentation gene of the pair-rule class. The encoded protein may play an important role as a transcriptional repressor during embryogenesis. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
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Papers on Evx1
Contribution of EVX1 in Aggressiveness of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Forghanifard et al., Mashhad, Iran. In Pathol Oncol Res, Dec 2015
EVX1 is known as a new target gene of BMP signaling pathway, a group of morphogens which are making the largest subset within the transformation growth factor beta (TGF-β) superfamily.
Neuronal labeling patterns in the spinal cord of adult transgenic Zebrafish.
Drapeau et al., Montréal, Canada. In Dev Neurobiol, Oct 2015
We used well-known transgenic lines in which expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) is driven by promoters to hb9 and isl1 in motoneurons, alx/chx10 and evx1 interneurons, ngn1 in sensory neurons and olig2 in oligodendrocytes, as well as antibodies for neurons (HuC/D, NF and SV2) and glia (GFAP).
Meta-analysis of correlated traits via summary statistics from GWASs with an application in hypertension.
Redline et al., Cleveland, United States. In Am J Hum Genet, Feb 2015
We applied our method to the Continental Origins and Genetic Epidemiology Network (COGENT) African ancestry samples for three blood pressure traits and identified four loci (CHIC2, HOXA-EVX1, IGFBP1/IGFBP3, and CDH17; p < 5.0 × 10(-8)) associated with hypertension-related traits that were missed by a single-trait analysis in the original report.
HOXA genes cluster: clinical implications of the smallest deletion.
Esposito et al., Milano, Italy. In Ital J Pediatr, 2014
(chr7: 26,333,553-28,859,312), involving the entire HOXA cluster and a small number of other genes as SNX10, SKAP2, EVX1, HIBADH, TAX1BP1, JAZF1, and CREB5.
Genome-wide association analysis of blood-pressure traits in African-ancestry individuals reveals common associated genes in African and non-African populations.
Zhu et al., Chapel Hill, United States. In Am J Hum Genet, 2013
Five loci (EVX1-HOXA, ULK4, RSPO3, PLEKHG1, and SOX6) reached genome-wide significance (p < 1.0 × 10(-8)) for either systolic or diastolic BP in a transethnic meta-analysis after correction for multiple testing.
Using the epigenetic field defect to detect prostate cancer in biopsy negative patients.
Jarrard et al., Madison, United States. In J Urol, 2013
Regression models incorporating individual genes (EVX1, CAV1 and FGF1) and a gene combination (EVX1 and FGF1) discriminated nontumor from tumor associated tissues in the original training set (AUC 0.796-0.898,
Pilot study on "pericytic mimicry" and potential embryonic/stem cell properties of angiotropic melanoma cells interacting with the abluminal vascular surface.
Barnhill et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Cancer Microenviron, 2013
The most significantly differentially expressed genes have demonstrated properties linked to cancer cell migration (CCL2, ICAM1 and IL6), cancer progression (CCL2, ICAM1, SELE, TRAF1, IL6, SERPINB2 and CXCL6), epithelial to mesenchymal transition (CCL2 and IL6), embryonic/stem cell properties (CCL2, PDGFB, EVX1 and CFDP1) and pericytic recruitment (PDGFB).
Methylation profiling defines an extensive field defect in histologically normal prostate tissues associated with prostate cancer.
Jarrard et al., Madison, United States. In Neoplasia, 2013
Several of the most significantly altered loci (CAV1, EVX1, MCF2L, and FGF1) were then used as probes to map the extent of these DNA methylation changes in normal tissues from prostates containing cancer.
Analysis of promoter non-CG methylation in prostate cancer.
Jarrard et al., Madison, United States. In Epigenomics, 2013
An assessment of the promoter CG islands EVX1 and FILIP1L demonstrates a fourfold higher rate of non-CG methylation at EVX1 compared with FILIP1L across all cell lines.
Identification of an evx1-dependent joint-formation pathway during FIN regeneration.
Iovine et al., Bethlehem, United States. In Plos One, 2012
First, we identify three genes that influence joint formation, evx1, dlx5a, and mmp9.
DNA methylation profiles at precancerous stages associated with recurrence of lung adenocarcinoma.
Kanai et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Plos One, 2012
DNA hypermethylation of the ADCY5, EVX1, GFRA1, PDE9A, and TBX20 genes resulted in reduced mRNA expression in tumorous tissue samples.
Even-skipped homeobox 1 is frequently hypermethylated in prostate cancer and predicts PSA recurrence.
Jarrard et al., Madison, United States. In Br J Cancer, 2012
Given the role of even-skipped homeobox 1 (EVX1) in the regulation of multiple genes during embryogenesis, we postulated that EVX1 methylation is altered in PCa progression.
Methylation status of NEUROG2 and NID2 improves the diagnosis of stage I NSCLC.
Yu et al., Shanghai, China. In Oncol Lett, 2012
With the aim of improving the diagnostic potential by optimizing the composition of the target set, in this study, 13 candidate genes (ACTA1, AIDH1A2, CBX8, CDH8, EVX1, MGC16275, NEUROG1, NEUROG2, NID2, OTX2OS1, PGAM2, PHOX2B and TOX) were analyzed by methylation-specific PCR to determine the methylation status of each gene in 5 NSCLC cell lines and in lung tissue samples from 15 healthy volunteers, 103 stage I NSCLC patients and 26 non-cancerous control patients.
EVEN-SKIPPED HOMEOBOX 1 controls human ES cell differentiation by directly repressing GOOSECOID expression.
Serup et al., Denmark. In Dev Biol, 2012
Even-skipped homeobox 1 controls human embryonic stem cell differentiation by directly repressing Goosecoid expression.
Function of FGF-4 in limb development.
Martin et al., San Francisco, United States. In Mol Reprod Dev, 1994
We have previously demonstrated that FGF-4 protein can stimulate limb mesenchyme proliferation and can induce the expression of a downstream homeobox gene, Evx-1 (homologue of the Drosophila even-skipped gene), that is normally regulated by a signal from the AER.
Interaction between peptide growth factors and homoeobox genes in the establishment of antero-posterior polarity in frog embryos.
Melton et al., Cambridge, United States. In Nature, 1989
The expression of the Xenopus homoeobox gene xhox3 is an early response to mesoderm induction by peptide growth factors and the level of xhox3 expression marks the antero-posterior character of the induced mesoderm.
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