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F-box protein 43

Emi2, Erp1, Erp1p
Members of the F-box protein family, such as FBXO43, are characterized by an approximately 40-amino acid F-box motif. SCF complexes, formed by SKP1 (MIM 601434), cullin (see CUL1; MIM 603134), and F-box proteins, act as protein-ubiquitin ligases. F-box proteins interact with SKP1 through the F box, and they interact with ubiquitination targets through other protein interaction domains (Jin et al., 2004 [PubMed 15520277]).[supplied by OMIM, Mar 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: APC, CsF, PCNA, Ubiquitin, CAN
Papers on Emi2
Atrazine and malathion shorten the maturation process of Xenopus laevis oocytes and have an adverse effect on early embryo development.
Liu et al., Pomona, United States. In Toxicol In Vitro, Jan 2016
We found that both atrazine and malathion shortened the frog oocyte maturation process and resulted in reduced Emi2 levels at cytostatic factor-mediated metaphase arrest, and a high level of Emi2 is critically important for oocyte maturation.
Structural basis for recognition of Emi2 by Polo-like kinase 1 and development of peptidomimetics blocking oocyte maturation and fertilization.
Namgoong et al., South Korea. In Sci Rep, 2014
Emi2 is one of the CSFs, and it maintains the protein level of maturation promoting factor (MPF) by inhibiting ubiquitin ligase anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C).
Possible role of p38 MAPK-MNK1-EMI2 cascade in metaphase-II arrest of mouse oocytes.
Baba et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In Biol Reprod, 2014
The Mos-MAPK signaling pathway involving the Mos-MEK1/2-ERK1/2-RSK1/2/3 or MSK1-EMI2 cascade is directly linked to metaphase-II arrest of vertebrate oocytes.
Emi2 mediates meiotic MII arrest by competitively inhibiting the binding of Ube2S to the APC/C.
Sagata et al., Fukuoka, Japan. In Nat Commun, 2013
In vertebrates, unfertilized eggs are arrested at metaphase of meiosis II by Emi2, a direct inhibitor of the APC/C ubiquitin ligase.
The zinc-binding region (ZBR) fragment of Emi2 can inhibit APC/C by targeting its association with the coactivator Cdc20 and UBE2C-mediated ubiquitylation.
Yokoyama et al., Yokohama, Japan. In Febs Open Bio, 2013
In vertebrates, Emi2/Erp1/FBXO43 inhibits APC/C-Cdc20, and functions as a cytostatic factor that causes long-term M phase arrest of mature oocytes.
Intracellular signalling during female gametogenesis.
Mclaughlin et al., Newcastle, Australia. In Mol Hum Reprod, 2013
We also appraise a novel role for the metal ion zinc in the regulation of meiosis I and meiosis II progression through early meiosis inhibitor (Emi2) and Mos-Mapk signalling, and examine studies which expand our understanding of intracellular calcium signalling and extrinsic Plcζ in stimulating oocyte activation.
The APC/C inhibitor XErp1/Emi2 is essential for Xenopus early embryonic divisions.
Mayer et al., Konstanz, Germany. In Science, 2012
the APC/C-inhibitory activity of XErp1 (also known as Emi2) was essential for early divisions in Xenopus embryos.
A zinc-dependent mechanism regulates meiotic progression in mammalian oocytes.
Woodruff et al., Chicago, United States. In Biol Reprod, 2012
data support the conclusion that zinc itself, through its interaction with EMI2, is a central component of the cytostatic factor
Possible involvement of mitogen- and stress-activated protein kinase 1, MSK1, in metaphase-II arrest through phosphorylation of EMI2 in mouse oocytes.
Baba et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In Dev Biol, 2011
phosphorylation was required for up-regulation of the EMI2 activity in the oocytes. These results suggest that mouse MSK1 may play a key role in the metaphase-II arrest through phosphorylation of EMI2
Dynamic regulation of Emi2 by Emi2-bound Cdk1/Plk1/CK1 and PP2A-B56 in meiotic arrest of Xenopus eggs.
Sagata et al., Fukuoka, Japan. In Dev Cell, 2011
Emi2 stability and activity are dynamically regulated by Emi2-bound multiple kinases and PP2A phosphatase.
Cell cycle in ascidian eggs and embryos.
Dumollard et al., Villefranche-sur-Saône, France. In Results Probl Cell Differ, 2010
Meta II-CSF is mediated by the Mos/MEK/MAPK/Erp1 pathway, which inhibits the ubiquitin ligase APC/C(cdc20) preventing cyclin B destruction thus stabilizing MPF activity.
Mouse Emi2 as a distinctive regulatory hub in second meiotic metaphase.
Perry et al., Bath, United Kingdom. In Development, 2010
separable N- and C-terminal domains of mouse Emi2 modulated metaphase establishment and maintenance, respectively, through indirect and direct mechanisms.
Across the meiotic divide - CSF activity in the post-Emi2/XErp1 era.
Kornbluth et al., Durham, United States. In J Cell Sci, 2008
review mechanism of action and mode of regulation of Emi2, CSF function, and the general principles of APC/C regulation and control of protein function by MAPK pathways [review]
A deadenylation negative feedback mechanism governs meiotic metaphase arrest.
Méndez et al., Barcelona, Spain. In Nature, 2008
We also show that the opposing activities of the CPEs and the AREs define the precise activation times of the mRNAs encoding the anaphase-promoting complex inhibitors Emi1 and Emi2 during distinct phases of the meiotic cycle.
Intracellular calcium in the fertilization and development of mammalian eggs.
Jones, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. In Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol, 2007
2. The oscillatory Ca(2+) signal switches on calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII), which phosphorylates the egg-specific protein Emi2, earmarking it for degradation.
A direct link of the Mos-MAPK pathway to Erp1/Emi2 in meiotic arrest of Xenopus laevis eggs.
Sagata et al., Fukuoka, Japan. In Nature, 2007
Recently, Erp1 (also called Emi2), an inhibitor of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) required for degradation of the mitotic regulator cyclin B (ref. 5), has also been shown to be a component of CSF in both Xenopus and mice.
Phosphorylation of Erp1 by p90rsk is required for cytostatic factor arrest in Xenopus laevis eggs.
Kishimoto et al., Yokohama, Japan. In Nature, 2007
Thus, Mos and Erp1 collaboratively establish and maintain metaphase II arrest in Xenopus eggs
New insight into metaphase arrest by cytostatic factor: from establishment to release.
Maller et al., Aurora, United States. In Oncogene, 2007
The anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) inhibitor Emi2 is another recent focus of work in the field.
Calcium triggers exit from meiosis II by targeting the APC/C inhibitor XErp1 for degradation.
Mayer et al., Martinsried, Germany. In Nature, 2005
Recently, we characterized XErp1 (Emi2), an inhibitor of the APC/C and key component of CSF activity in Xenopus egg extract.
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