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EGF-like, fibronectin type III and laminin G domains

Top mentioned proteins: FSHR, COL5A2, FLI-1, INSL3, MGP
Papers on EGFLAM
Transcriptome comparisons identify new cell markers for theca interna and granulosa cells from small and large antral ovarian follicles.
Rodgers et al., Adelaide, Australia. In Plos One, 2014
Many genes up regulated in theca interna were common to both sizes of follicles (MGP, DCN, ASPN, ALDH1A1, COL1A2, FN1, COL3A1, OGN, APOD, COL5A2, IGF2, NID1, LHFP, ACTA2, DUSP12, ACTG2, SPARCL1, FILIP1L, EGFLAM, ADAMDEC1, HPGD, COL12A1, FBLN5, RAMP2, COL15A1, PLK2, COL6A3, LOXL1, RARRES1, FLI1, LAMA2).
Rabbit morula vitrification reduces early foetal growth and increases losses throughout gestation.
Marco-Jiménez et al., Valencia, Spain. In Cryobiology, 2013
We observed that the relative expressions of mRNA transcripts from SCGB1A1, EMP1, ANXA3 and EGFLAM genes were significantly altered.
Genome-wide pharmacogenomic study of citalopram-induced side effects in STAR*D.
van den Oord et al., Richmond, United States. In Transl Psychiatry, 2011
Suggestive findings were also found for SNPs at LAMA1, AOX2P, EGFLAM, FHIT and RTP2.
Familial brain arteriovenous malformation maps to 5p13-q14, 15q11-q13 or 18p11: linkage analysis with clipped fingernail DNA on high-density SNP array.
Yoshiura et al., Nagasaki, Japan. In Eur J Med Genet, 2010
such as MAP3K1, DAB2, OCLN, FGF10, ESM1, ITGA1, ITGA2, EGFLAM, ERBB2IP, and PIK3R1, but no causative genetic alteration was detected.
[Model of aberrant DNA methylation patterns and its applications in epithelial ovarian cancer.].
Guo et al., Shanghai, China. In Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi, 2009
The methylation ratio of gene LSM2, EGFLAM and CDKN2A in tissue DNA of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer and benign ovarian diseases was 11% (10/87) versus 33% (14/42), 8% (7/87) versus 21% (9/42), 9% (8/87) versus 31% (13/42), respectively, which was significantly decreased in tissues DNA of ovarian cancer than that from benign ovarian diseases (P < 0.05).
Gene expression in the mouse eye: an online resource for genetics using 103 strains of mice.
Williams et al., Memphis, United States. In Mol Vis, 2008
Strong candidate gene for macular dystrophy, MCDR3 (human 5p15.33-p13.1). Conclusion is based on a massive expression data set for mouse (103 strains) and joint analysis of RetNet database.
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