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Dopa decarboxylase

Dopa Decarboxylase
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Papers on Dopa Decarboxylase
Lack of Association Between Polymorphisms in Dopa Decarboxylase and Dopamine Receptor-1 Genes With Childhood Autism in Chinese Han Population.
Zhang et al., Hangzhou, China. In J Child Neurol, Oct 2015
This study is to determine the association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in dopa decarboxylase (DDC) and dopamine receptor-1 (DRD1) genes with childhood autism, in a Chinese Han population.
In vivo protective effect of Uridine, a pyrimidine nucleoside, on genotoxicity induced by Levodopa/Carbidopa in mice.
Celikler Kasimogullari et al., Menderes, Turkey. In Food Chem Toxicol, Aug 2015
Motor symptoms of PD are most commonly controlled by L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (Levodopa, L-DOPA), a precursor of dopamine, plus a peripherally-acting aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase (dopa decarboxylase) inhibitor, such as carbidopa.
Entacapone and prostate cancer risk in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Haukka et al., Espoo, Finland. In Mov Disord, May 2015
RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Use of entacapone with l-dopa/dopa decarboxylase inhibitor caused no increased risk of prostate cancer incidence (hazard ratio [HR]: 1.05; 95% confidence interval: 0.76-1.44)
Catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors in Parkinson's disease.
Müller, Berlin, Germany. In Drugs, Feb 2015
Oral application of levodopa formulations with a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor (DDI) results in fluctuating levodopa plasma concentrations, predominantly due to the short half-life of levodopa and its slowing of gastric emptying.
Overexpression of Tyrosine hydroxylase and Dopa decarboxylase associated with pupal melanization in Spodoptera exigua.
Li et al., Wuhan, China. In Sci Rep, 2014
The full length cDNA sequences of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and dopa decarboxylase (DDC), two key enzymes in the biosynthesis pathway of melanin, were cloned, and their temporal expression patterns in the integument were compared during the larval-pupal metamorphosis process of the S. exigua wild type (SEW) and melanic mutant (SEM) strains.
Clinical/pharmacological aspect of adenosine A2A receptor antagonist for dyskinesia.
Uchida et al., Shizuoka, Japan. In Int Rev Neurobiol, 2013
Dopamine replacement therapy using the dopamine precursor, l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-DOPA), with a peripheral dopa decarboxylase inhibitor is the most effective treatment currently available for the symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD).
Pharmacokinetic considerations for the use of levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson disease: focus on levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone for treatment of levodopa-associated motor complications.
Müller, Berlin, Germany. In Clin Neuropharmacol, 2013
Pharmacokinetic trials of oral LD/dopa decarboxylase inhibitor (DDCI) formulations with and without the catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor, entacapone, showed that repeated administration with entacapone causes an increase in both the maximum concentration (Cmax) and time to Cmax (Tmax) of LD.
The treatment of restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder in adults--an update for 2012: practice parameters with an evidence-based systematic review and meta-analyses: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine Clinical Practice Guideline.
American Academy of Sleep Medicine et al., Baltimore, United States. In Sleep, 2012
Therapies with a GUIDELINE level of recommendation include levodopa with dopa decarboxylase inhibitor, opioids, gabapentin enacarbil, and cabergoline (which has additional caveats for use).
Pharmacological treatment and the prospect of pharmacogenetics in Parkinson's disease.
Bostantjopoulou et al., Thessaloníki, Greece. In Int J Clin Pract, 2011
Levodopa (l-dopa), usually combined with a peripheral dopa decarboxylase inhibitor, has been proved to provide the best symptomatic benefit for PD.
Assessing the impact of nicotine dependence genes on the risk of facial clefts: An example of the use of national registry and biobank data.
Lie et al., Oslo, Norway. In Nor Epidemiol, 2011
Gamma-aminobutyric acid B receptor 2 (GABBR2), dopa decarboxylase (DDC), and cholinergic receptor nicotinic alpha 4 (CHRNA4) are three examples of genes that have previously shown strong associations with nicotine dependence.
Presynaptic dopaminergic deficits in Lesch-Nyhan disease.
Cohen et al., Bethesda, United States. In N Engl J Med, 1996
A low ratio indicates decreased dopa decarboxylase activity and dopamine storage.
CNS and hypoderm regulatory elements of the Drosophila melanogaster dopa decarboxylase gene.
Hirsh et al., In Science, 1986
Expression of the dopa decarboxylase gene (Ddc) is regulated in a tissue- and developmental stage-specific manner throughout the life cycle of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster.
The cloned dopa decarboxylase gene is developmentally regulated when reintegrated into the Drosophila genome.
Hirsh et al., In Cell, 1983
The Drosophila dopa decarboxylase gene, Ddc, functions normally when reintroduced into flies.
Genetic dissection of monoamine neurotransmitter synthesis in Drosophila.
Tempel et al., In Nature, 1983
In contrast, dopa decarboxylase (Ddc) mutations decreased dopamine and serotonin synthesis but did not affect octopamine synthesis.
Parkinson's disease: activity of L-dopa decarboxylase in discrete brain regions.
Hornykiewicz et al., In Science, 1971
The activity of L-dopa decarboxylase was greatly reduced in the striatum, less so in the hypothalamus, and unchanged in the cortex of brains of patients with Parkinson's disease.
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