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Deoxyribonuclease I

DNase I, Deoxyribonuclease I, Deoxyribonuclease
This gene encodes a member of the DNase family. This protein is stored in the zymogen granules of the nuclear envelope and functions by cleaving DNA in an endonucleolytic manner. At least six autosomal codominant alleles have been characterized, DNASE1*1 through DNASE1*6, and the sequence of DNASE1*2 represented in this record. Mutations in this gene have been associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease. A recombinant form of this protein is used to treat the one of the symptoms of cystic fibrosis by hydrolyzing the extracellular DNA in sputum and reducing its viscosity. Alternate transcriptional splice variants of this gene have been observed but have not been thoroughly characterized. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
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Papers using DNase I antibodies
Study of free oligosaccharides derived from the bacterial N-glycosylation pathway.
Zhang Shuguang, In PLoS ONE, 2008
... RNeasy Mini Kit, RNase-free DNase I, the anti-His Antibody Selector Kit and the 6xHis Protein Ladder were obtained from Qiagen (Courtaboeuf, FR) ...
Genome-wide significance for dense SNP and resequencing data.
Butler Geraldine, In PLoS ONE, 2007
... RNA was extracted with the RNeasy Mini-Kit (Qiagen) and treated during the process with RNase-free DNase I (Qiagen).
The use of activated protein C in severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria
Ho May et al., In The American Journal of Pathology, 2006
... DNase I was purchased from Qiagen Canada (Mississauga, ON, Canada) ...
p53 Translocation to Mitochondria Precedes Its Nuclear Translocation and Targets Mitochondrial Oxidative Defense Protein-Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
St Clair Daret K. et al., In Oncogene, 2004
... from Midland Certified Reagent Company (Midland, TX), and DNase I from New England Biolabs Inc ...
A potential pro-angiogenic cell therapy with human placenta-derived mesenchymal cells.
Tailleux Ludovic, In PLoS ONE, 2003
... central placental cotyledons was minced, trypsinized (0.05% trypsin-EDTA solution; Invitrogen), and treated with 10 U/ml DNase I (Sigma-Aldrich) in Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM; Gibco) at 37°C for 5 min several times, and finally filtered through a cell strainer (BD Biosciences).
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Papers on DNase I
Magnesium in cystic fibrosis-Systematic review of the literature.
Lava et al., Switzerland. In Pediatr Pulmonol, Feb 2016
Finally, stimulating observations suggest that magnesium supplements might achieve an improvement in respiratory muscle strength and mucolytic activity of both recombinant and endogenous deoxyribonuclease.
Biological Activities of Uric Acid in Infection due to Enteropathogenic and Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli.
Lis et al., Buffalo, United States. In Infect Immun, Feb 2016
Uric acid levels in the gut lumen increased in response to exogenous DNA and these increases were enhanced by the actions of DNase I. Interestingly, addition of DNase I reduced the numbers of EPEC bacteria recovered after a 20 h infection and protected against EPEC-induced histologic damage.
Tissue-specific patterns of allelically-skewed DNA methylation.
Mill et al., Colchester, United Kingdom. In Epigenetics, Feb 2016
We identify ASM flanking known imprinted regions, and show that ASM sites are enriched in DNase I hypersensitivity sites and often located in an extended genomic context of intermediate DNA methylation.
Mapping nucleosome positions using DNase-seq.
Hartemink et al., In Genome Res, Feb 2016
Though deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) was used to probe the structure of nucleosomes in the 1960s and 70s, in the current high-throughput sequencing era, it has mainly been used to study genomic regions devoid of nucleosomes.
DepR1, a TetR-family transcriptional regulator, positively regulates daptomycin production in an industrial producer Streptomyces roseosporus SW0702.
Li et al., Hangzhou, China. In Appl Environ Microbiol, Feb 2016
The direct interaction between DepR1 and dptEp was then confirmed by EMSA and DNase I footprinting assays.
Chromatin structure and gene regulation: a dynamic view of enhancer function.
Hager et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nucleus, Feb 2016
Using glucocorticoid receptor (GR) as a model system we will discuss spatiotemporal relationships between receptor/chromatin interactions, lifetimes of the DNase I hypersensitivity sites (DHSs), long-range interactions, and gene regulation.
At the Bedside: Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) as targets for biomarkers and therapies in autoimmune diseases.
Oates et al., Nashville, United States. In J Leukoc Biol, Jan 2016
In addition to anti-IFN-α therapies, other novel agents, such as N-acetyl-cysteine, DNase I, and peptidylarginine deiminase inhibitor 4, target neutrophil extracellular traps.
Dynamic Reorganization of Extremely Long-Range Promoter-Promoter Interactions between Two States of Pluripotency.
Stunnenberg et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In Cell Stem Cell, Jan 2016
To assess whether 3D chromatin organization changes during this transition, we established Capture Hi-C with target-sequence enrichment of DNase I hypersensitive sites.
Genome-wide detection of DNase I hypersensitive sites in single cells and FFPE tissue samples.
Zhao et al., Bethesda, United States. In Nature, Jan 2016
DNase I hypersensitive sites (DHSs) provide important information on the presence of transcriptional regulatory elements and the state of chromatin in mammalian cells.
Large-scale identification of sequence variants influencing human transcription factor occupancy in vivo.
Stamatoyannopoulos et al., Seattle, United States. In Nat Genet, Dec 2015
We use allelically resolved genomic DNase I footprinting data encompassing 166 individuals and 114 cell types to identify >60,000 common variants that directly influence transcription factor occupancy and regulatory DNA accessibility in vivo.
The genetics of human autoimmune disease: A perspective on progress in the field and future directions.
Seldin, Davis, United States. In J Autoimmun, Nov 2015
These studies to identify genetic risk loci are also complemented by progress in gene expression studies including definition of expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL), various alterations in chromatin structure including histone marks, DNase I sensitivity, repressed chromatin regions as well as transcript factor binding sites.
Extracellular DNA: A Bridge to Cancer.
Elquza et al., Tucson, United States. In Cancer Res, Nov 2015
DNase I is a secreted enzyme whose function has been presumed to control "waste management" in the human system, by degrading DNA that leaks from dead and dying cells.
Meta-analysis of shared genetic architecture across ten pediatric autoimmune diseases.
Hakonarson et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Nat Med, Sep 2015
The pAID-associated single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were functionally enriched for deoxyribonuclease (DNase)-hypersensitivity sites, expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs), microRNA (miRNA)-binding sites and coding variants.
A method to predict the impact of regulatory variants from DNA sequence.
Beer et al., Baltimore, United States. In Nat Genet, Aug 2015
We show that deltaSVM accurately predicts the impact of SNPs on DNase I sensitivity in their native genomic contexts and accurately predicts the results of dense mutagenesis of several enhancers in reporter assays.
Interventions for bronchiectasis: an overview of Cochrane systematic reviews.
Spencer et al., London, United Kingdom. In Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2014
There was inconclusive evidence on the use of long-term antibiotics and nebulised hypertonic saline for reducing exacerbation frequency and evidence that human deoxyribonuclease (RhDNase) increases exacerbation frequency.
POU1F1-mediated activation of hGH-N by deoxyribonuclease I hypersensitive site II of the human growth hormone locus control region.
Shewchuk et al., Greenville, United States. In J Mol Biol, 2012
POU1F1 binds to multiple sites at deoxyribonuclease I hypersensitive site II.
Silencing of renal DNaseI in murine lupus nephritis imposes exposure of large chromatin fragments and activation of Toll like receptors and the Clec4e.
Mortensen et al., Tromsø, Norway. In Plos One, 2011
silencing of renal DNaseI gene expression initiates a cascade of inflammatory signals including activation of Toll like receptors and Clec4e, leading to progression of both murine and human lupus nephritis
Engineering a waste management enzyme to overcome cancer resistance to apoptosis: adding DNase1 to the anti-cancer toolbox.
Mehregan et al., Detroit, United States. In Cancer Gene Ther, 2011
Modified DNase1 can efficiently eliminate apoptosis-resistant cancer cells through apoptosis.
Functional and genetic survey of all known single-nucleotide polymorphisms within the human deoxyribonuclease I gene in wide-ranging ethnic groups.
Takeshita et al., Izumo, Japan. In Dna Cell Biol, 2011
The genetic aspects of DNASE1 with regard to all the SNPs in wide-ranging ethnic groups could be first demonstrated. Further, there was no correlation of all the polymorphic SNPs other than nonsynonymous ones with serum DNase I activity levels.
Induction and maintenance of IL-4 expression are regulated differently by the 3' enhancer in CD4 T cells.
Chang et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In J Immunol, 2011
In thymocyte-selected CD4 T cells (T-CD4 T cells) DNase I hypersensitive sites at the 3'-enhancer region of interleukin-4 play an essential role during the induction of IL-4 expression.
More papers using DNase I antibodies
Transcriptomic and proteomic characterization of the Fur modulon in the metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis
Zhou Jizhong et al., In BMC Genomics, 2003
... RNA samples were treated with RNase-free DNase I (Ambion) to digest residual chromosomal DNA and then purified with RNeasy Kit (Qiagen) prior to spectrophotometric quantification ...
The Bloom's syndrome helicase suppresses crossing over during homologous recombination
Barre François-Xavier et al., In The EMBO Journal, 2002
... Endo III, T7 endo I and Dnase I were purchased from New England Biolabs.
The Drosophila homolog of Aut1 is essential for autophagy and development.
Davies Stephen John, In PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2002
... worms using Trizol reagent (Invitrogen, Life Technologies Inc., Carlsbad, CA, USA) and then treated with DNAse I (QIAGEN, Hilden, Germany) ...
Efficient lipid-mediated gene transfer to articular chondrocytes.
Gabay Cem et al., In Arthritis Research, 1999
... Cell culture reagents and DNAse I were purchased from Life Technologies AG (Basel, Switzerland) ...
Genome-scale Gene Expression Analysis and Pathway Reconstruction in KEGG.
Liu Zhanjiang, In PLoS ONE, 1998
... Total RNA was treated with RNase-free DNase I (New England BioLabs) for 30 min at ...
Molecular cloning of p67, a lysosomal membrane glycoprotein from Trypanosoma brucei
Smith Deborah F. et al., In Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 1998
... Total RNA was extracted from parasites using TRIzol Reagent (Invitrogen), treated with DNase I (Ambion) and reverse-transcribed using Omniscript RT (Qiagen).
Parameters of photosynthesis: definitions, theory and interpretation of results.
Grebe Markus, In PLoS ONE, 1996
... On-column digestion of DNA with DNase I (QIAGEN) was included for all ...
Anti-DNA antibodies bind to DNase I
Botto Marina et al., In Arthritis Research & Therapy, 1994
... Expression of transgenic DNase I was measured in two ways: secretion of DNase from T cells purified from transgenic mice, as described below; ...
rRNA processing: Removal of only nineteen bases at the gap between 28S alpha and 28S beta rRNAs in Sciara coprophila.
Warman Guy R. et al., In Journal of Insect Science, 1984
... total RNA was extracted via silica-matrix spin columns (QIAGEN RNeasy Mini Kit) including an on-column DNase I treatment (QIAGEN DNase I, RNase-free), both ...
Identification of coagulase-positive Staphylococcus intermedius and Staphylococcus hyicus subsp. hyicus isolates from veterinary clinical specimens
Kluytmans J. A. J. W. et al., In European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 1980
... All isolates with discordant test results of the DML Staph assay were retested for deoxyribonuclease (DNAse) activity (in-house product) [6], coagulase activity (Coagulase Plasma Rabbit, Becton Dickinson, Bedford, MA, USA), the ...
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