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Dickkopf homolog 4

DKK4, DICKKOPF-4, dickkopf homolog 4
This gene encodes a protein that is a member of the dickkopf family. The secreted protein contains two cysteine rich regions and is involved in embryonic development through its interactions with the Wnt signaling pathway. Activity of this protein is modulated by binding to the Wnt co-receptor and the co-factor kremen 2. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: DKK1, Dkk2, p29, ACID, SFRP1
Papers on DKK4
Significant Association Between Polymorphisms of Wnt Antagonist Genes and Lung Cancer.
Kilickap et al., Ankara, Turkey. In J Investig Med, Dec 2015
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms of Wnt antagonist genes including DKK2 (rs17037102), DKK3 (rs3206824), DKK3 intron4 G/C (rs7396187), DKK4 (rs2073664), and sFRP4 (rs1802074) were analyzed using nested polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism.
Paired-like Homeodomain Transcription factor 2 expression by breast cancer bone marrow disseminated tumor cells is associated with early recurrent disease development.
Aft et al., Saint Louis, United States. In Breast Cancer Res Treat, Oct 2015
Three genes-NKD1, LEF1, and DKK4-were significantly downregulated in response to PITX2 suppression.
Distinct Protein Expression Profiles of Solid-Pseudopapillary Neoplasms of the Pancreas.
Kim et al., Seoul, South Korea. In J Proteome Res, Sep 2015
We found that several proteins involved in Wnt signaling, including DKK4 and β-catenin, and proteins that bind β-catenin, such as FUS and NONO, were up-regulated in SPNs.
Comprehensive models of human primary and metastatic colorectal tumors in immunodeficient and immunocompetent mice by chemokine targeting.
Lipkin et al., Ithaca, United States. In Nat Biotechnol, Jun 2015
Metastases have higher DKK4 and NOTCH signaling levels and are more chemoresistant than paired subcutaneous xenografts.
Romak et al., In Klin Khir, May 2015
The BTMG recurrences were noted predominantly in women--carriers of mutant alleles with polymorphism rs8190924 of gene GSR and AA rs3763511--of gene DKK4.
Resonance assignment and secondary structure determination of full length human Dickkopf 4 (hDkk4), a secreted, disulphide-rich Wnt inhibitor protein.
Carr et al., Leicester, United Kingdom. In Biomol Nmr Assign, Apr 2015
The Dkk family includes four secreted proteins (Dkk1-4), which are characterised by two highly conserved cysteine-rich regions corresponding to C24-C73 and C128-C201 in human Dkk4 (hDkk4).
β-catenin regulates NF-κB activity via TNFRSF19 in colorectal cancer cells.
Herbst et al., München, Germany. In Int J Cancer, 2014
Apart from known β-catenin target genes like MYC, OPG, and DKK4, the gene TNFRSF19, a member of the TNF receptor superfamily, is regulated by β-catenin in mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC).
Proteomic analysis of solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas reveals dysfunction of the endoplasmic reticulum protein processing pathway.
Peng et al., Shanghai, China. In Mol Cell Proteomics, 2014
Mass spectrometry results were then further confirmed by assessing six representative proteins (ACADL, EPHX2, MSI2, DKK4, JUP, and DAD1) in individual specimens with immunohistochemistry. Upon mapping of the differentially expressed proteins to the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes pathways database, we found several new cell-adhesion molecules that could be used as pathologic biomarkers.
Dysregulated expression of dickkopfs for potential detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.
Lee et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Expert Rev Mol Diagn, 2014
Although DKK1 offers potential for its use in HCC diagnosis this review will discuss the challenges facing DKK1 and also shed some light on recent developments on the remaining DKK family members: DKK2, DKK3 and DKK4.
High expression of the secreted protein dickkopf homolog 4: roles in invasion and metastasis of renal cell carcinoma and its association with Von Hippel-Lindau gene.
Xu et al., Shanghai, China. In Int J Mol Med, 2014
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of the dickkopf homolog 4 (DKK4)/Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway on tumorigenesis and metastasis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC), as well as to elucidate the underlying mechanisms.
TGFβ regulates epithelial-mesenchymal interactions through WNT signaling activity to control muscle development in the soft palate.
Chai et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Development, 2014
Gene expression of Dickkopf (Dkk1 and Dkk4), negative regulators of WNT-β-catenin signaling, is upregulated in the soft palate of Tgfbr2(fl/fl);K14-Cre mice, and WNT-β-catenin signaling is disrupted in the palatal mesenchyme.
A complex interaction between Wnt signaling and TNF-α in nucleus pulposus cells.
Mochida et al., In Arthritis Res Ther, 2012
Moreover, transfection with DKK-3, DKK-4, or SOST, which are inhibitors of Wnt signaling, blocked Wnt signaling-mediated TNF-α activation; these effects were not observed for DKK-1 or DKK-2.
Restoration of full-length APC protein in SW480 colon cancer cells induces exosome-mediated secretion of DKK-4.
Simpson et al., Australia. In Electrophoresis, 2012
Found the unique expression of the Wnt antagonist DKK4 in SW480APC, but not parental SW480 cell-derived exosomes. Upregulation of DKK4 in SW480APC cells was confirmed by RT-PCR, immunoblotting, and immunogold electron microscopy.
Dickkopf 4 positively regulated by the thyroid hormone receptor suppresses cell invasion in human hepatoma cells.
Lin et al., Taiwan. In Hepatology, 2012
The TR/DKK4/Wnt/beta-catenin cascade influences the proliferation and migration of hepatoma cells during the metastasis process and support a tumor suppressor role of the thyroid hormone receptor.
TFAP2E-DKK4 and chemoresistance in colorectal cancer.
Schmid et al., Mannheim, Germany. In N Engl J Med, 2012
TFAP2E hypermethylation is associated with clinical nonresponsiveness to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer. Functional assays confirm that TFAP2E-dependent resistance is mediated through DKK4.
[Association of the schizophrenia susceptible gene DKK4 with brain volume in Chinese populations].
Xu et al., Kunming, China. In Dongwuxue Yanjiu, 2011
Polymorphism of DKK4 was significantly associated with brain volume in Chinese individuals.
Dickkopf proteins influence lung epithelial cell proliferation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Königshoff et al., Gießen, Germany. In Eur Respir J, 2011
DKK1 and DKK4 proteins are expressed in the lung epithelium in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Chromosome 8p as a potential hub for developmental neuropsychiatric disorders: implications for schizophrenia, autism and cancer.
Rubenstein et al., Valencia, Spain. In Mol Psychiatry, 2009
Molecular genetics and developmental studies have identified 21 genes in this region (ADRA1A, ARHGEF10, CHRNA2, CHRNA6, CHRNB3, DKK4, DPYSL2, EGR3, FGF17, FGF20, FGFR1, FZD3, LDL, NAT2, NEF3, NRG1, PCM1, PLAT, PPP3CC, SFRP1 and VMAT1/SLC18A1) that are most likely to contribute to neuropsychiatric disorders (schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and depression), neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease) and cancer.
Vitamin D and Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in colon cancer: role and regulation of DICKKOPF genes.
Muñoz et al., Madrid, Spain. In Anticancer Res, 2008
Recently, 1,25(OH)2D3 has been shown to distinctly regulate two genes encoding the extracellular Wnt inhibitors DICKKOPF-1 and DICKKOPF-4 (DKK-1, DKK-4).
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