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Cell division cycle and apoptosis regulator 1

Top mentioned proteins: CAN, HAD, ACID, STEP, V1a
Papers on DIS
A Mutation in Plant-Specific SWI2/SNF2-Like Chromatin-Remodeling Proteins, DRD1 and DDM1, Delays Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Kim et al., South Korea. In Plos One, Dec 2015
The WT leaves remarkably lost more chlorophyll and protein content during dark-induced senescence (DIS) than the drd1-6 leaves did.
Perineural invasion in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: role of immunohistochemistry, anatomical site, and the high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor TrkA.
Mahalingam et al., Boston, United States. In Hum Pathol, Aug 2015
Given this, we sought to ascertain the incidence of PNI in cSCCs using double immunostaining (DIS) and to investigate PNI's relationship with TrkA and established histopathologic prognosticators.
Abdominal aortic stiffness as a marker of atherosclerosis in childhood-onset asthma: a case-control study.
Özyürek et al., İzmir, Turkey. In Cardiovasc J Afr, 2015
Using the measured data, abdominal aortic stiffness parameters (aortic distensibility: DIS, aortic strain: S, pressure strain elastic modulus: Ep, and pressure strain normalised by diastolic pressure: Ep*) were calculated.
EZH2 is highly expressed in pituitary adenomas and associated with proliferation.
Buslei et al., Hannover, Germany. In Sci Rep, 2014
These results were correlated with clinical features and double immunofluorescence stainings (DIS) were conducted to evaluate co-expression of EZH2 and proliferation marker Ki-67.
Conserved determinants of lentiviral genome dimerization.
Summers et al., Baltimore, United States. In Retrovirology, 2014
Dimerization of human immunodeficiency virus Type-1 (HIV-1) genomes is initiated by "kissing" interactions between GC-rich palindromic loop residues of a conserved hairpin (DIS), and is indirectly promoted by long-range base pairing between residues overlapping the gag start codon (AUG) and an upstream Unique 5' element (U5).
Fast prediction of RNA-RNA interaction using heuristic algorithm.
Montaseri, Tehrān, Iran. In Methods Mol Biol, 2014
The proposed algorithm has been performed on some datasets including CopA-CopT, R1inv-R2inv, Tar-Tar*, DIS-DIS, and IncRNA54-RepZ in Escherichia coli bacteria.
Measuring Dietary Restraint Status: Comparisons between the Dietary Intent Scale and the Restraint Scale.
Kuijer et al., Christchurch, New Zealand. In Front Nutr, 2014
Compared to Herman and Polivy's commonly utilized Restraint Scale (RS), Stice's Dietary Intent Scale (DIS) is less understood.
Effects of α1 antagonist and cholinesterase inhibitor on cystometric parameters in lumbar canal stenosis rats with underactive bladder.
Matsuya et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Urology, 2014
Two weeks after the surgery, awake cystometry was performed before and after the oral administration of the vehicle, tamsulosin (TAM, 0.03 and 0.1 mg/kg), or distigmine (DIS, 0.3 and 1 mg/kg).
Structural basis of genomic RNA (gRNA) dimerization and packaging determinants of mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV).
Rizvi et al., Al `Ayn, United Arab Emirates. In Retrovirology, 2013
This contact point resides within pal II (5' CGGCCG 3') at the 5' UTR and contains a canonical "GC" dyad and therefore likely constitutes the MMTV RNA dimerization initiation site (DIS).
Melatonin protects the esophageal epithelial barrier by suppressing the transcription, expression and activity of myosin light chain kinase through ERK1/2 signal transduction.
Lin et al., Nanjing, China. In Cell Physiol Biochem, 2013
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Dilated intercellular space (DIS) contributes to the pathophysiology of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Whole genome transcript profiling of drug induced steatosis in rats reveals a gene signature predictive of outcome.
Borlak et al., Hannover, Germany. In Plos One, 2013
Drug induced steatosis (DIS) is characterised by excess triglyceride accumulation in the form of lipid droplets (LD) in liver cells.
CCAR1 is required for Ngn3-mediated endocrine differentiation.
Chiang et al., T'ai-chung-shih, Taiwan. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2012
CCAR1 is a novel partner of Ngn3 in mediating endocrine differentiation.
Antagonists of anaphase-promoting complex (APC)-2-cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein (CARP)-1 interaction are novel regulators of cell growth and apoptosis.
Rishi et al., Detroit, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2011
anaphase-promoting complex (APC)-2-cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein (CARP)-1 interaction antagonists are novel regulators of cell growth and apoptosis
CATSPER-Related Male Infertility
Smith et al., Seattle, United States. In Unknown Journal, 2010
CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS: CATSPER-related male infertility results from abnormalities in sperm and can be either CATSPER-related nonsyndromic male infertility (NSMI) or the deafness-infertility syndrome (DIS) when associated with non-progressive prelingual sensorineural hearing loss.
Requirement of cell cycle and apoptosis regulator 1 for target gene activation by Wnt and beta-catenin and for anchorage-independent growth of human colon carcinoma cells.
Stallcup et al., Los Angeles, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2009
CCAR1 is a novel component of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling that plays an important role in transcriptional regulation by beta-catenin.
Dilated intercellular spaces as a marker of GERD.
Orlando et al., Durham, United States. In Curr Gastroenterol Rep, 2009
Recently, biopsies established that subjects with heartburn and PPI-responsive NERD, like those with erosive esophagitis, have lesions within the esophageal epithelium known as dilated intercellular space (DIS).
Microtubule-dependent association of AKAP350A and CCAR1 with RNA stress granules.
Goldenring et al., Nashville, United States. In Exp Cell Res, 2009
These results provide the first evidence for the microtubule dependent association of AKAP350A and CCAR1 with RNA stress granules.
CCAR1, a key regulator of mediator complex recruitment to nuclear receptor transcription complexes.
Stallcup et al., Los Angeles, United States. In Mol Cell, 2008
CCAR1 regulates expression of key proliferation-inducing genes.
Esophageal dilated intercellular spaces (DIS) and nonerosive reflux disease.
Sifrim et al., Leuven, Belgium. In Am J Gastroenterol, 2008
Esophageal mucosal dilated intercellular spaces (DIS) are frequently observed in patients with nonerosive reflux disease (NERD) and patients with esophagitis.
Dimerization of retroviral genomic RNAs: structural and functional implications.
Ehresmann et al., Strasbourg, France. In Biochimie, 1995
For MoMuLV and especially HIV-1, it was shown that dimerization is initiated at a stem-loop structure named the dimerization initiation site (DIS).
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