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DAZL deleted in azoospermia-like

Deleted in Azoospermia-like
Top mentioned proteins: DAZ, PUM2, FATE, DAN, Pumilio
Papers on Deleted in Azoospermia-like
Biochemical characterization of Pumilio1 and Pumilio2 in Xenopus oocytes.
Yamashita et al., Sapporo, Japan. In J Biol Chem, 2011
It was reported that another Pumilio, Pumilio2 (Pum2), exists in Xenopus oocytes and that this protein regulates the translation of RINGO mRNA, together with Deleted in Azoospermia-like protein (DAZL).
Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding the bovine BOULE protein.
Xie et al., Nanjing, China. In Mol Genet Genomics, 2009
The bovine Deleted in Azoospermia-like gene is a strong candidate for male cattle-yak infertility.
Production of knockdown rats by lentiviral transduction of embryos with short hairpin RNA transgenes.
Garbers et al., Dallas, United States. In Methods Mol Biol, 2007
This system has been used to generate a transgenic line with stable and heritable knockdown of the gene Deleted in Azoospermia-like (Dazl), resulting in male sterility and germline transmission of the transgene through females.
Genomic structure and transcript variants of the bovine DAZL gene.
Ponce de León et al., Reno, United States. In Cytogenet Genome Res, 2006
analysis of genomic structure and transcript variants of the bovine DAZL gene
In vitro germline potential of stem cells derived from fetal porcine skin.
Li et al., Guelph, Canada. In Nat Cell Biol, 2006
When differentiation was induced, a subpopulation of these cells expressed markers such as Oct4, Growth differentiation factor 9b (GDF9b), the Deleted in Azoospermia-like (DAZL) gene and Vasa - all consistent with germ-cell formation.
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