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Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily W, polypeptide 1

CYP2W1, cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily W, polypeptide 1, Cytochrome P450 2W1
This gene encodes a member of the cytochrome P450 superfamily of enzymes. The cytochrome P450 proteins are monooxygenases which catalyze many reactions involved in drug metabolism and synthesis of cholesterol, steroids and other lipids. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: Cyp, ACID, CYP2U1, CAN, HAD
Papers on CYP2W1
Membrane topology and search for potential redox partners of colon cancer specific cytochrome P450 2W1.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Febs Lett, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: Cytochrome P450 2W1 (CYP2W1) is a colon tumor-specific enzyme, suggested as a potential target for cancer therapy.
Novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of CYP2W1 gene in Chinese Uygur and Han populations.
Zhang et al., Beijing, China. In Drug Metab Pharmacokinet, Dec 2015
Cytochrome P450 2W1 (CYP2W1) is expressed specially in certain cancers and could metabolize some substances into cytotoxic antitumor drugs in Caucasian ethnic population.
Preparation and application of anti-peptide antibodies for detection of orphan cytochromes P450.
Stiborova et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Neuro Endocrinol Lett, Nov 2015
Both affinity purified antibodies against CYP2S1 peptide recognized the CYP2S1 standard on Western blots, but only one of four anti-peptide antibodies against CYP2W1 reacted with CYP2W1 standard.
Expression of CYP2E1 and CYP2U1 proteins in amygdala and prefrontal cortex: influence of alcoholism and smoking.
Gillam et al., Brisbane, Australia. In Alcohol Clin Exp Res, May 2015
METHODS: In this study, we analyzed the expression of CYP2A6, CYP2B6, CYP2D6, CYP2E1, CYP2J2, CYP2S1, CYP2U1, and CYP2W1 proteins in human prefrontal cortex (PFC) and amygdala (AMG) by immunoblotting with antibodies for which the P450 form specificity had been enhanced by affinity purification.
Cytochrome P450 2W1 (CYP2W1) in Colorectal Cancers.
Leong et al., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Curr Cancer Drug Targets, 2014
Cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily W, polypeptide 1 (CYP2W1) is a newly identified monooxygenase enzyme that is expressed specifically in tumor tissues and during fetal life.
Developmental regulation and induction of cytochrome P450 2W1, an enzyme expressed in colon tumors.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Plos One, 2014
Cytochrome P450 2W1 (CYP2W1) is expressed predominantly in colorectal and also in hepatic tumors, whereas the levels are insignificant in the corresponding normal human adult tissues.
KRT13, FAIM2 and CYP2W1 mRNA expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma patients with risk habits.
Zain et al., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 2014
BACKGROUND: Expression of KRT13, FAIM2 and CYP2W1 appears to be influenced by risk habits, thus exploring the associations of these genes in oral squamous cell cancer (OSCC) with risk habits, clinico-pathological parameters and patient survival may be beneficial in identifying relevant biomarkers with different oncogenic pathways.
The role of cytochromes p450 and aldo-keto reductases in prognosis of breast carcinoma patients.
Souček et al., Praha, Czech Republic. In Medicine (baltimore), 2014
Significantly higher intratumoral levels of AKR1C1, AKR1C2, or CYP2W1 were found in responders to neoadjuvant chemotherapy compared with nonresponders.
Marked methylation changes in intestinal genes during the perinatal period of preterm neonates.
Sangild et al., Shenzhen, China. In Bmc Genomics, 2013
In the 4 d-old formula-fed preterm pigs, four genes associated with intestinal metabolism (CYP2W1, GPR146, TOP1MT, CEND1) showed significant hyper-methylation in their promoter CGIs, and thus, down-regulated transcription.
CYP2W1 is highly expressed in adrenal glands and is positively associated with the response to mitotane in adrenocortical carcinoma.
Allolio et al., Würzburg, Germany. In Plos One, 2013
Human cytochrome P450 2W1 (CYP2W1) is highly expressed in some cancers holding the potential to activate certain drugs into tumor cytotoxins.
Metabolomic analysis and identification of a role for the orphan human cytochrome P450 2W1 in selective oxidation of lysophospholipids.
Guengerich et al., Nashville, United States. In J Lipid Res, 2012
a role for human cytochrome P450 2W1 in selective oxidation of lysophospholipids
Colorectal cancer-specific cytochrome P450 2W1: intracellular localization, glycosylation, and catalytic activity.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Mol Pharmacol, 2010
CYP2W1 is catalytically active in the transformation of aflatoxin B1 to cytotoxic products and in the metabolism of indolines, indicating functional intracellular electron transfer.
CYP2W1 variant alleles in Caucasians and association of the CYP2W1 G541A (Ala181Thr) polymorphism with increased colorectal cancer risk.
Agúndez et al., Badajoz, Spain. In Pharmacogenomics, 2010
CYP2W1 variant alleles are common among Caucasian individuals and, of these, the CYP2W1 G541A (Ala181Thr) polymorphism is associated with increased colorectal cancer risk.
Characterization and expression of extrahepatic CYP2S1.
Bandiera et al., Vancouver, Canada. In Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol, 2009
BACKGROUND: About one-third of the CYP enzymes identified so far, including several novel CYP enzymes such as CYP2S1, CYP2U1 and CYP2W1, belong to the CYP2 family.
Genetic polymorphisms and haplotype structures of the human CYP2W1 gene in a Japanese population.
Hiratsuka et al., Sendai, Japan. In Drug Metab Dispos, 2008
Six single nucleotide polymorphisms of CYP2W1 were identified in a Japanese population.
Expression of CYP2W1 in colon tumors: regulation by gene methylation.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Pharmacogenomics, 2007
The expression of CYP2W1 is colon tumor-specific and is associated with methylation status of the CYP2W1 gene, suggesting a potential causal link between the gene hypomethylation and its enhanced expression.
Tumour-specific expression of CYP2W1: its potential as a drug target in cancer therapy.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Expert Opin Ther Targets, 2007
Recently, a new cytochrome P450, designated CYP2W1, was identified.
The human genome project and novel aspects of cytochrome P450 research.
Ingelman-Sundberg, Stockholm, Sweden. In Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2005
Among the genes discovered by initiatives in the human genome project are CYP2R1, CYP2W1, CYP2S1, CYP2U1 and CYP3A43, the latter apparently encoding a pseudoenzyme.
Novel extrahepatic cytochrome P450s.
Ingelman-Sundberg et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2005
Because of the initiatives associated with the Human Genome Project, a great progress has recently been seen in the identification and characterization of novel extrahepatic P450s, including CYP2S1, CYP2R1, CYP2U1 and CYP2W1.
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