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Dihydropyrimidinase-like 2

CRMP-2, collapsin response mediator protein-2, TOAD-64, DRP-2, dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 2
membrane-associated protein, may be important for axonal outgrowth and pathfinding [RGD, Feb 2006] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: fibrillin-1, V1a, CAN, ACID, Actin
Papers using CRMP-2 antibodies
Chemo-enzymatic detection of protein isoaspartate using protein isoaspartate methyltransferase and hydrazine trapping
Uversky Vladimir N., In PLoS ONE, 2007
... Rabbit anti-mouse CRMP2 polyclonal antibody was custom made by AnaSpec.
A dynamically regulated 14-3-3, Slob, and Slowpoke potassium channel complex in Drosophila presynaptic nerve terminals
Nguyen Trung P. et al., In Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, 1998
... CRMP2Abcam ...
Papers on CRMP-2
Changes of synapses in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by using Fasudil.
Xiao et al., Datong, China. In Wound Repair Regen, Feb 2016
Synapse-related molecule synaptophysin was enhanced, and CRMP-2, AMPA receptor and GSK-3β were declined in spinal cord of Fasudil-treated mice.
cPKCβ-mediated phosphorylation inhibits CRMP2 proteolysis and alleviates ischemic injury in cultured cortical neurons and ischemic stroke-induced mice.
Li et al., Beijing, China. In J Neurochem, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: We previously reported that conventional protein kinase C (cPKC)β participated in hypoxic preconditioning (HPC)-induced neuroprotection against cerebral ischemic injury, and collapsin response-mediated protein 2 (CRMP2) was identified as a cPKCβ-interacting protein.
Docosahexaenoic Acid Promotes Axon Outgrowth by Translational Regulation of Tau and Collapsin Response Mediator Protein 2 Expression.
Sobue et al., Japan. In J Biol Chem, Feb 2016
DHA-mediated axon outgrowth was accompanied by the translational upregulation of Tau and collapsin response mediator protein 2 (CRMP2), two important axon-related proteins, and the activation of Akt and p70 S6 kinase (S6K).
A novel Nogo-66 receptor antagonist peptide promotes neurite regeneration in vitro.
Xiao et al., Guangzhou, China. In Mol Cell Neurosci, Jan 2016
Horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-streptavidin-biotin assay further showed that NAP2 binds to NgR1 and the dissociation constant (Kd) was 0.45μM Functional analyses indicated that NAP2 could reduce the inhibitory effects of Nogo-66 on neurite outgrowth in differentiated PC12 cells and CGCs by blocking the Nogo-66-induced activation of Rho-associated coiled coil-containing protein kinase (ROCK), collapsin response mediator protein 2 (CRMP2) and myosin light chain (MLC).
Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activation promotes axonal growth and recovery in the CNS.
Huang et al., Wuhan, China. In J Neurol Sci, Jan 2016
Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A), one of the main serine-threonine phosphatases in mammalian cells, dephosphorylates collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP2) in the developing CNS.
The protein interactome of collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP2/DPYSL2) reveals novel partner proteins in brain tissue.
Turck et al., Campinas, Brazil. In Proteomics Clin Appl, Oct 2015
PURPOSE: Collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP2) is a CNS protein involved in neuronal development, axonal and neuronal growth, cell migration, and protein trafficking.
CRMPs: critical molecules for neurite morphogenesis and neuropsychiatric diseases.
Duchemin et al., Lyon, France. In Mol Psychiatry, Sep 2015
Changes in CRMPs levels have been observed after psychotropic treatments, and disrupting CRMP2 binding to calcium channels blocked neuropathic pain.
Mechanisms of HIV-1 Tat neurotoxicity via CDK5 translocation and hyper-activation: role in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.
Masliah et al., San Diego, United States. In Curr Hiv Res, 2014
For this manuscript we review evidence showing that Tat, via calcium dysregulation, promotes calpain-1 cleavage of p35 to p25, which in turn hyper-activates CDK5 resulting in abnormal phosphorylation of downstream targets such as Tau, collapsin response mediator protein-2 [CRMP2], doublecortin [DCX] and MEF2.
Dynamin-related proteins in plant post-Golgi traffic.
Tsutsumi et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Front Plant Sci, 2013
So far, two structurally distinct subfamilies of plant DRPs (DRP1 and DRP2) have been found to participate in various pathways of post-Golgi traffic.
Axonal degeneration in multiple sclerosis: can we predict and prevent permanent disability?
Petratos et al., In Acta Neuropathol Commun, 2013
However, more specific therapeutic targets to limit axonal damage in MS need investigation and may include such integral axonal proteins such as the collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP-2), a molecule which upon post-translational modification may propagate axonal degeneration in MS.
Dpysl2 (CRMP2) and Dpysl3 (CRMP4) phosphorylation by Cdk5 and DYRK2 is required for proper positioning of Rohon-Beard neurons and neural crest cells during neurulation in zebrafish.
Ohshima et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Dev Biol, 2012
These results suggest that the phosphorylation of Dpysl2 and Dpysl3 by Cdk5 and DYRK2 is required for the proper positioning of Rohon-Beard neurons and neural crest cells during neurulation in zebrafish embryos.
Involvement of the Akt/GSK-3β/CRMP-2 pathway in axonal injury after hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in neonatal rat.
Mu et al., Chengdu, China. In Neuroscience, 2012
Found that the Akt/glycogen synthase kinase-3beta /collapsin response mediator protein 2 pathway mediates axonal injury in neonatal rat brain after hypoxic-ischemia.
Synaptic cell adhesion molecule-2 and collapsin response mediator protein-2 are novel members of the matrix metalloproteinase-9 degradome.
Kaczmarek et al., Warsaw, Poland. In J Neurochem, 2012
Two novel matrix metallopeptidase 9 targets were identified: synaptic cell adhesion molecule-2 and collapsin response mediator protein-2
Drp2 and periaxin form Cajal bands with dystroglycan but have distinct roles in Schwann cell growth.
Brophy et al., Edinburgh, United Kingdom. In J Neurosci, 2012
Cajal band appositions contain a dystroglycan complex that includes periaxin and dystrophin-related protein (Drp)2.
Limiting multiple sclerosis related axonopathy by blocking Nogo receptor and CRMP-2 phosphorylation.
Bernard et al., Australia. In Brain, 2012
This study demonistrated that phosphorylation of CRMP-2 may be downstream of NgR1 activation and play a role in axonal degeneration in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis.
ZNRF1 promotes Wallerian degeneration by degrading AKT to induce GSK3B-dependent CRMP2 phosphorylation.
Araki et al., Kodaira, Japan. In Nat Cell Biol, 2011
The E3 ligase (ZNRF1)-AKT-glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK3B)-CRMP2 pathway plays an important role in controlling Wallerian degeneration.
Suppression of inflammatory and neuropathic pain by uncoupling CRMP-2 from the presynaptic Ca²⁺ channel complex.
Khanna et al., Indianapolis, United States. In Nat Med, 2011
Here we report that inflammatory and neuropathic hypersensitivity can be suppressed by inhibiting the binding of collapsin response mediator protein 2 (CRMP-2) to CaV2.2 and thereby reducing channel function.
GSK-3beta regulates phosphorylation of CRMP-2 and neuronal polarity.
Kaibuchi et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Cell, 2005
We previously showed that collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP-2) is critical for specifying axon/dendrite fate, possibly by promoting neurite elongation via microtubule assembly.
CRMP-2 regulates polarized Numb-mediated endocytosis for axon growth.
Kaibuchi et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Nat Cell Biol, 2003
Inhibition of CRMP-2 stopped endocytosis of L1 at axonal growth cones and suppressed axon growth, suggesting that CRMP-2 is involved in polarized Numb-mediated endocytosis of proteins such as L1.
CRMP-2 binds to tubulin heterodimers to promote microtubule assembly.
Kaibuchi et al., Nagoya, Japan. In Nat Cell Biol, 2002
CRMP-2 regulates axonal growth and branching as a partner of the tubulin heterodimer
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