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Cyclin-dependent kinase 10

CDK10, PISSLRE, cyclin-dependent kinase 10
The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the CDK subfamily of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family. The CDK subfamily members are highly similar to the gene products of S. cerevisiae cdc28, and S. pombe cdc2, and are known to be essential for cell cycle progression. This kinase has been shown to play a role in cellular proliferation and its function is limited to cell cycle G2-M phase. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, May 2009] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: PCNA, CDC2, CAN, ACID, Raf
Papers on CDK10
Identification and Characterization of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinases Gene Family in Silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Zhang et al., Beijing, China. In Dna Cell Biol, Jan 2016
It was shown from the RNAi experiments that the silencing of CDK1, CDK10, CDK12, and CDC2L1 could influence the cells from G0/G1 to S phase transition.
Decreased CDK10 expression correlates with lymph node metastasis and predicts poor outcome in breast cancer patients - a short report.
Gao et al., Luohe, China. In Cell Oncol (dordr), Dec 2015
BACKGROUND: Cyclin-dependent kinase 10 (CDK10) has recently been identified as a tumor suppressor and, concordantly, its encoding gene has frequently been found to be inactivated in various human cancers.
Genomic Copy Number Variations Characterize the Prognosis of Both P16-Positive and P16-Negative Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma After Curative Resection.
Jung et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Medicine (baltimore), Dec 2015
Loss of a locus containing FGF18 led to a worse, but gain of region including CDK10 and RAD18 led to better overall survival (OS) in all OSCC patients.
Effect of Sodium Fluoride on the Proliferation and Gene Differential Expression in Human RPMI8226 Cells.
Zhou et al., Beijing, China. In Biol Trace Elem Res, Sep 2015
In addition, the genes mRNA expression, including ANKRD1, CRSP6, KLF2, SBNO2, ZNF649, FANCM, PDGFA, RNF152, CDK10, and CETN2 changed in a concentration-dependent manner and increased with fluoride exposure concentration.
Vaccination with cyclin-dependent kinase tick antigen confers protection against Ixodes infestation.
Ohashi et al., Macaé, Brazil. In Vet Parasitol, Aug 2015
To determine the potential of using CDKs as anti-tick vaccine antigens, hamsters were immunized with recombinant Ixodes persulcatus CDK10, followed by a homologous tick challenge.
Updated field synopsis and systematic meta-analyses of genetic association studies in cutaneous melanoma: the MelGene database.
Stratigos et al., Athens, Greece. In J Invest Dermatol, Apr 2015
Random-effects meta-analyses of 81 eligible polymorphisms evaluated in >4 data sets confirmed 20 single-nucleotide polymorphisms across 10 loci (TYR, AFG3L1P, CDK10, MYH7B, SLC45A2, MTAP, ATM, CLPTM1L, FTO, and CASP8) that have previously been published with genome-wide significant evidence for association (P<5 × 10(-8)) with CM risk, with certain variants possibly functioning as proxies of already tagged genes.
Elevated C1orf63 expression is correlated with CDK10 and predicts better outcome for advanced breast cancers: a retrospective study.
Cui et al., Shantou, China. In Bmc Cancer, 2014
The expression of C1orf63 and CDK10, one known cell cycle-dependent tumor suppressor in breast cancer, was assessed by immunohistochemistry.
Genome-wide scan for selection signatures in six cattle breeds in South Africa.
Maiwashe et al., South Africa. In Genet Sel Evol, 2014
In addition, a number of candidate genes associated with the nervous system (WNT5B, FMOD, PRELP, and ATP2B), immune response (CYM, CDC6, and CDK10), production (MTPN, IGFBP4, TGFB1, and AJAP1) and reproductive performance (ADIPOR2, OVOS2, and RBBP8) were also detected as being under selection.
G-protein αq participates in the steroid hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone nongenomic signal transduction.
Zhao et al., Jinan, China. In J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol, 2014
The protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitor could repress 20E-induced phosphorylation of cyclin-dependent kinase 10 (CDK10) and transcription factor ultraspiracle (USP1).
In a nongenomic action, steroid hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone induces phosphorylation of cyclin-dependent kinase 10 to promote gene transcription.
Zhao et al., Jinan, China. In Endocrinology, 2014
In this study, we found that 20E regulated the phosphorylation of serine/threonine protein kinase cyclin-dependent kinase 10 (CDK10) through a nongenomic pathway to mediate gene transcription in the lepidopteran Helicoverpa armigera.
CDKG1 protein kinase is essential for synapsis and male meiosis at high ambient temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Doonan et al., Norwich, United Kingdom. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2014
The Arabidopsis cyclin-dependent kinase G (CDKG) gene defines a clade of cyclin-dependent protein kinases related to CDK10 and CDK11, as well as to the enigmatic Ph1-related kinases that are implicated in controlling homeologous chromosome pairing in wheat.
Phylogenetic analysis of CDK and cyclin proteins in premetazoan lineages.
Yu et al., Shanghai, China. In Bmc Evol Biol, 2013
Seven subfamilies (CDK1/2/3, CDK5, CDK7, CDK 20, CDK8/19, CDK9, and CDK10/11) are conserved in metazoans and fungi, with the remaining subfamily, CDK4/6, found only in eumetazoans.
Proyl isomerase Pin1 facilitates ubiquitin-mediated degradation of cyclin-dependent kinase 10 to induce tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells.
Choi et al., Kwangju, South Korea. In Oncogene, 2012
Data indicate that peptidyl-prolyl isomerase Pin1(-/-) mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) showed higher cyclin-dependent kinase 10 (CDK10) expression than Pin1(+/+) MEFs.
Clinical and biological significance of Cdk10 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Cui et al., Harbin, China. In Gene, 2012
reduced Cdk10 expression is closely linked to hepatocellular carcinoma development and progression
CDK10 functions as a tumor suppressor gene and regulates survivability of biliary tract cancer cells.
Cui et al., Harbin, China. In Oncol Rep, 2012
CDK10 plays a crucial role in the growth and survivability of biliary tract cancer.
CDK10 is not a target for aberrant DNA methylation in breast cancer.
Filipits et al., Vienna, Austria. In Anticancer Res, 2009
CDK10 is not a target for aberrant DNA methylation in breast cancer.
Cancer epigenomics: implications of DNA methylation in personalized cancer therapy.
Shinomura et al., Sapporo, Japan. In Cancer Sci, 2009
CHFR and 14-3-3 sigma, CDK10, and p73), all reportedly influence the sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs, suggesting that DNA methylation could serve as a molecular marker for predicting the responsiveness of tumors to chemotherapy.
Identification of CDK10 as an important determinant of resistance to endocrine therapy for breast cancer.
Ashworth et al., London, United Kingdom. In Cancer Cell, 2008
We demonstrate that CDK10 is an important determinant of resistance to endocrine therapies and show that CDK10 silencing increases ETS2-driven transcription of c-RAF, resulting in MAPK pathway activation and loss of tumor cell reliance upon estrogen signaling.
Unraveling the complexity of endocrine resistance in breast cancer by functional genomics.
Downward et al., London, United Kingdom. In Cancer Cell, 2008
In this issue of Cancer Cell, Iorns et al. find that loss of CDK10 expression promotes resistance of cells to tamoxifen and is associated with poor outcome in breast cancer patients treated with the drug.
Identification of murine cdk10: association with Ets2 transcription factor and effects on the cell cycle.
Giordano et al., Philadelphia, United States. In J Cell Biochem, 2006
Data show that murine cdk10 binds Ets2 transcription factors in vitro, does not show a direct involvement in the G2/M transition and, therefore, does not affect the proliferation rate of the cell lines analyzed.
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