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Granzyme D

CCP5, granzyme D, granzyme D-G
Top mentioned proteins: CCP, MAST, carboxypeptidase, POLYMERASE, Perforin
Papers on CCP5
Evidence for new C-terminally truncated variants of α- and β-tubulins.
Marie-Jo et al., Grenoble, France. In Mol Biol Cell, Feb 2016
This truncated α1A/B-tubulin variant can be generated from αΔ2-tubulin by the deglutamylases CCP1, CCP4, CCP5, CCP6, but not by CCP2 and CCP3.
Exome Sequencing Reveals AGBL5 as Novel Candidate Gene and Additional Variants for Retinitis Pigmentosa in Five Turkish Families.
Epplen et al., Bochum, Germany. In Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, Jan 2016
In one family, exome analyses of two affected individuals revealed a homozygous missense mutation (c.883G>A; p.Asp295Asn) in the AGBL5 (Agbl5; CCP5) gene, previously not reported to be associated with RP.
Granzyme H is a novel protease expressed by human mast cells.
Pejler et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Int Arch Allergy Immunol, 2013
In addition, recent studies have indicated that murine mast cells also express granzyme D, a protease previously thought to be confined to cytotoxic lymphocytes.
Cytosolic carboxypeptidase 5 removes α- and γ-linked glutamates from tubulin.
Fricker et al., In J Biol Chem, 2013
Cytosolic carboxypeptidase 5 (CCP5) is a member of a subfamily of enzymes that cleave C-terminal and/or side chain amino acids from tubulin.
Zebrafish cytosolic carboxypeptidases 1 and 5 are essential for embryonic development.
Fricker et al., In J Biol Chem, 2013
Analysis by quantitative polymerase chain reaction indicated that CCP1, CCP2, CCP5, and CCP6 mRNAs were detectable between 2 h and 8 days postfertilization with highest levels 5-8 days postfertilization.
Granzyme D is a novel murine mast cell protease that is highly induced by multiple pathways of mast cell activation.
Pejler et al., Uppsala, Sweden. In Infect Immun, 2013
Granzymes A and B have been extensively studied, but relatively little is known about granzymes C to G and K to M. T cells, lymphohematopoietic stromal cells, and granulated metrial gland cells express granzyme D, but the function of granzyme D is unknown.
Porcine endogenous retrovirus copy number in different pig breeds is not related to genetic diversity.
Ramis et al., Murcia, Spain. In Zoonoses Public Health, 2012
The purpose of this study was (i) to examine the copy number of PERV in different Spanish pig breeds, Spanish wild boar and commercial cross-bred pigs from five different farms and genetic background (CCP1-CCP5) and (ii) to investigate the correlation between PERV copy number and the genetic background of the pigs in order to improve the selection of pigs for xenotransplantation.
Antibiotic-resistance Staphylococcus aureus isolated from cow's milk in the Hawassa area, South Ethiopia.
Yihdego et al., Āwasa, Ethiopia. In Ann Clin Microbiol Antimicrob, 2011
METHOD: A total of 160 milk (CCP1-CCP5) samples were collected and screened for the presence of S. aureus.
A family of protein-deglutamylating enzymes associated with neurodegeneration.
Janke et al., Montpellier, France. In Cell, 2010
Three enzymes (CCP1, CCP4, and CCP6) catalyze the shortening of polyglutamate chains and a fourth (CCP5) specifically removes the branching point glutamates.
Identification of tubulin deglutamylase among Caenorhabditis elegans and mammalian cytosolic carboxypeptidases (CCPs).
Setou et al., Hamamatsu, Japan. In J Biol Chem, 2010
Similarly, we confirmed that overexpression of murine CCP5, one of two sequence orthologs of nematode ccpp-6, caused a dramatic loss of MT polyglutamylation in cultured mammalian cells.
Evidence for transoceanic migrations by loggerhead sea turtles in the southern Pacific Ocean.
Waycott et al., Townsville, Australia. In Proc Biol Sci, 2009
Only two haplotypes (CCP1 93% and CCP5 7%) were observed across all samples, and there were no significant differences in haplotype frequencies between the southwest Pacific rookeries and the post-hatchlings.
Identification of novel monosodium urate crystal regulated mRNAs by transcript profiling of dissected murine air pouch membranes.
Schumacher et al., Dresden, Germany. In Arthritis Res Ther, 2007
Among the downregulated mRNAs, quantitative PCR confirmed significant decreases in mRNAs encoding TREM-2 (an inhibitor of macrophage activation) and granzyme D (a constituent of natural killer and cytotoxic T cells) within 50 hours after crystal injection.
A novel subfamily of mouse cytosolic carboxypeptidases.
Fricker et al., United States. In Faseb J, 2007
In brain, Nna1/CCP1, CCP5, and CCP6 are broadly distributed, whereas CCP2 and 3 exhibit restricted patterns of expression.
The emerging pathogen Moraxella catarrhalis interacts with complement inhibitor C4b binding protein through ubiquitous surface proteins A1 and A2.
Riesbeck et al., Malmö, Sweden. In J Immunol, 2004
The UspA1 and A2 bound to the alpha-chain of C4BP, and experiments with C4BP lacking CCP2, CCP5, or CCP7 showed that these three CCPs were important for the Usp binding.
A family of serine esterases in lytic granules of cytolytic T lymphocytes.
Tschopp et al., In Cell, 1987
Antibodies raised against granzyme B strongly cross-react with A, G, and H, and antibodies to granzyme D recognize C, E, and F. These antigenic relationships correlate with similarities in the N-terminal amino acid sequences.
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