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PPP3CA protein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, alpha isozyme

calcineurin A alpha
Top mentioned proteins: CAN, CNA, ACID, CNB, HAD
Papers on calcineurin A alpha
Ca2+/calcineurin regulation of cloned vascular K ATP channels: crosstalk with the protein kinase A pathway.
Clapp et al., London, United Kingdom. In Br J Pharmacol, 2009
KEY RESULTS: Constitutively active calcineurin A alpha but not A beta significantly attenuated K(ATP) currents activated by low intracellular Ca(2+), whereas calcineurin inhibitors had the opposite effect.
Genes up- and down-regulated by dermcidin in breast cancer: a microarray analysis.
Belizário et al., São Paulo, Brazil. In Genet Mol Res, 2007
Many of the 27 genes up-regulated by DCD-RNAi expression have not yet been fully characterized; among those with known function, we identified the calcium-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase-II delta and calcineurin A alpha.
Cellular and molecular consequences of calcineurin A alpha gene deletion.
Zaidi et al., New York City, United States. In Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2007
Here we briefly review our studies that have unraveled an important role for the calcium- and calmodulin-sensitive enzyme calcineurin (CN) in bone remodeling.
Molecular modeling of the calmodulin binding region of calcineurin.
Martin et al., Minneapolis, United States. In Protein J, 2006
The calmodulin binding region from residues 389 to 420 was modeled based on the structure of two other proteins having calmodulin binding domains with the same 1-8-14 structural motif as calcineurin.
Construction of rat calcineurin A alpha cDNA recombinant adenovirus vector and its identification.
Cheng et al., Wuhan, China. In J Huazhong Univ Sci Technolog Med Sci, 2005
It was concluded that the recombinant adenovirus carrying rat calcineurin A alpha (Ppp3ca) cDNA as well as a report gene-enhancer green fluorescent protein gene was successfully constructed in this experiment.
Calcineurin signaling in avian cardiovascular development.
Yutzey et al., Cincinnati, United States. In Dev Dyn, 2004
Chicken calcineurin A alpha (CnAalpha) and calcineurin A beta (CnAbeta) are differentially expressed in the developing cardiovascular system, including primitive heart tube and valve primordia.
Chronic carbamazepine treatment increases myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate phosphorylation in the rat cerebral cortex via down-regulation of calcineurin A alpha.
Asakura et al., Kawasaki, Japan. In Brain Res, 2004
Carbamazepine (CBZ) is generally used as a mood-stabilizing drug for the treatment of bipolar disorders.
A novel calcineurin splice variant that modifies calcineurin activity.
Völkel et al., Ulm, Germany. In Eur J Biochem, 2001
Here, we report the cloning of a novel calcineurin A alpha splice variant that lacks both the catalytic and calcineurin B binding domains.
Localization of calcineurin in the mature and developing retina.
Higuchi et al., Japan. In J Histochem Cytochem, 2001
The calcineurin A alpha and A beta isoforms were differentially localized in the nucleus and the cytoplasm of the ganglion cell, respectively.
Isoform-specific redistribution of calcineurin A alpha and A beta in the hippocampal CA1 region of gerbils after transient ischemia.
Tanaka et al., Himeji, Japan. In J Neurochem, 1998
To investigate isoform-specific roles of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent phosphatase [calcineurin (CaN)] in ischemia-induced cell death, we raised antibodies specific to CaN A alpha and CaN A beta and localized the CaN isoforms in the hippocampal CA1 region of Mongolian gerbils subjected to a 5-min occlusion of carotid arteries.
[Involvement of calcineurin A alpha and A beta in neuronal death in a gerbil model of cerebral ischemia].
Tanaka et al., Himeji, Japan. In Nihon Yakurigaku Zasshi, 1998
Treatment with FK506, an inhibitor of Ca2+/calmodulin dependent phosphatase (calcineurin, CaN), within 1 hr after transient ischemia afforded protection from apoptotic death in CA1 pyramidal neurons.
Cytoskeletal changes in the brains of mice lacking calcineurin A alpha.
Potter et al., Boston, United States. In J Neurochem, 1997
Hyperphosphorylated tau, the major component of the paired helical filaments of Alzheimer's disease, was found to accumulate in the brains of mice in which the calcineurin A alpha gene was disrupted [calcineurin A alpha knockout (CNA alpha -/-)].
Competitive inhibition of calcineurin phosphatase activity by its autoinhibitory domain.
Bierer et al., Boston, United States. In Biochem J, 1997
Here we show that a 97 amino acid fragment of the calcineurin A alpha C-terminus is approx.
A facilitatory effect on the induction of long-term potentiation in vivo by chronic administration of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides against catalytic subunits of calcineurin.
Inokuchi et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Brain Res Mol Brain Res, 1996
Here we demonstrate that inhibition of the synthesis of calcineurin A alpha and A beta, catalytic subunits of Ca2+/calmodulin- (CaM) dependent protein phosphatase, reduces the threshold of induction for commissural-CA1 LTP in anesthetized rats.
1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3-induced upregulation of calcineurin during leukemic HL-60 cell differentiation.
Nishikawa et al., Tsu, Japan. In Blood, 1996
Immunoblot analysis indicated that increase in calcineurin activity was concordant with the increased expressions of calcineurin catalytic subunit isozymes, calcineurin A alpha (CNA alpha), and calcineurin A beta(CNA beta), and a regulatory calcineurin B subunit (CNB) proteins, which were preceded by a coordinate increase in the levels of CNA alpha, CNA beta and CNB mRNAs.
Calcineurin A alpha (PPP3CA), calcineurin A beta (PPP3CB) and calcineurin B (PPP3R1) are located on human chromosomes 4, 10q21-->q22 and 2p16-->p15 respectively.
McBride et al., Bethesda, United States. In Cytogenet Cell Genet, 1995
We confirm the localization of calcineurin A alpha (PPP3CA, previous gene symbol CALNA) to chromosome 4 without regional localization.
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