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Complement component 1, r subcomponent

Potassium channels are present in most mammalian cells, where they participate in a wide range of physiologic responses. The protein encoded by this gene is an integral membrane protein and inward-rectifier type potassium channel. The encoded protein, which has a greater tendency to allow potassium to flow into a cell rather than out of a cell, is controlled by G-proteins. It may associate with two other G-protein-activated potassium channels to form a heteromultimeric pore-forming complex. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: GIRK1, CAN, HAD, ACID, V1a
Papers using C1r antibodies
Role of 2C T cell receptor residues in the binding of self- and allo-major histocompatibility complexes
Biddison William E. et al., In The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1999
... HMy2.C1R cells 16 were transfected with full-length RSV/HLA-A2 constructs by Lipofectin (Life Technologies).
Papers on C1r
Cross-signaling in metabotropic glutamate 2 and serotonin 2A receptor heteromers in mammalian cells.
Logothetis et al., Richmond, United States. In Pflugers Arch, Feb 2016
To investigate whether mGlu2R and 2AR can cross-signal in mammalian cells, we stably co-expressed them in HEK293 cells along with the GIRK1/GIRK4 channel, a reporter of Gi and Gq signaling activity.
Impacts of N-Butylphthalide on expression of growth factors in rats with focal cerebral ischemia.
Wang et al., Zhengzhou, China. In Bosn J Basic Med Sci, Feb 2016
The thread embolization method was used to prepare the rat model of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion (CIR).
Proteomic analysis for the identification of serum diagnostic markers for joint hypermobility syndrome.
Matsumoto et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Int J Mol Med, Jan 2016
Of the 6 proteins, proteins involved in the complement system including complement C1r subcomponent (C1R), vitronectin (VTN), complement component C9 (C9), and C4b-binding protein alpha chain (C4BPA) were identified as increased proteins in sera from patients with JHS compared with those in sera from controls.
KCNJ5 Mutations: Sex, Salt and Selection.
Reincke et al., Torino, Italy. In Horm Metab Res, Dec 2015
Somatic mutations have been identified in the KCNJ5 gene (encoding the potassium channel GIRK4) in aldosterone-producing adenomas (APA).
The immunomodulatory oligodendrocyte.
Schaeren-Wiemers et al., Basel, Switzerland. In Brain Res, Oct 2015
C1s, C2 and C3, C1R), complement regulatory molecules (e.g.
Characterising the immune profile of the kidney biopsy at lupus nephritis flare differentiates early treatment responders from non-responders.
Rovin et al., Columbus, United States. In Lupus Sci Med, 2014
The top genes responsible for CR clustering included several interferon pathway genes (STAT1, IRF1, IRF7, MX1, STAT2, JAK2), while complement genes (C1R, C1QB, C6, C9, C5, MASP2) were mainly responsible for NR clustering.
Scutellarin Reduces Endothelium Dysfunction through the PKG-I Pathway.
Yang et al., Kunming, China. In Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2014
Human brain microvascular endothelial cells (HBMECs) with hypoxia reoxygenation (HR) treatment and rats with cerebral ischemia reperfusion (CIR) treatment were applied.
Localization and Targeting of GIRK Channels in Mammalian Central Neurons.
Aguado et al., Albacete, Spain. In Int Rev Neurobiol, 2014
Molecular cloning has revealed four distinct mammalian genes (GIRK1-4), which, with the exception of GIRK4, are broadly expressed in the central nervous system (CNS) and have been implicated in a variety of neurological disorders.
Use of allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation based on minimal residual disease response improves outcomes for children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the intermediate-risk group.
von Stackelberg et al., Berlin, Germany. In J Clin Oncol, 2013
This was mainly achieved by reducing the cumulative incidence of subsequent relapse (CIR) at 8 years from 59% ± 9% to 27% ± 5% (P < .001).
Proteolytic processing of von Willebrand factor by adamts13 and leukocyte proteases.
De Cristofaro et al., Roma, Italy. In Mediterr J Hematol Infect Dis, 2012
ADAMTS13 consists of numerous domains including a metalloprotease domain, a disintegrin domain, several thrombospondin type 1 (TSP1) repeats, a cysteine-rich domain, a spacer domain and 2 CUB (Complement c1r/c1s, sea Urchin epidermal growth factor, and Bone morphogenetic protein) domains.
The potassium channel, Kir3.4 participates in angiotensin II-stimulated aldosterone production by a human adrenocortical cell line.
Gomez-Sanchez et al., Jackson, United States. In Endocrinology, 2012
A-II appears to stimulate aldosterone secretion by depolarizing the membrane acting in part through the regulation of the expression and activity of Kir3.4.
A novel point mutation in the KCNJ5 gene causing primary hyperaldosteronism and early-onset autosomal dominant hypertension.
Chrousos et al., Athens, Greece. In J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2012
Sequencing of the KCNJ5 gene revealed a single, heterozygous guanine to thymine (G --> T) substitution at nucleotide position 470 (n.G470T), resulting in isoleucine (I) to serine (S) substitution at amino acid 157 (p.I157S).
Effect of KCNJ5 mutations on gene expression in aldosterone-producing adenomas and adrenocortical cells.
Rainey et al., Augusta, United States. In J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2012
KCNJ5 mutations are prevalent in aldosterone producing adenomas (APA).
G-protein-gated inwardly rectifying K+ channel 4 (GIRK4) immunoreactivity in chemically defined neurons of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus that control body weight.
Meister et al., Stockholm, Sweden. In J Chem Neuroanat, 2012
the GIRK4 channel protein plays a role in regulating membrane excitability in chemically defined neurons of the arcuate nucleus that control body weight
Discovery and Characterization of a Selective Activator of the G-Protein Activated Inward-Rectifying Potassium (GIRK) Channel
Weaver et al., Bethesda, United States. In Unknown Journal, 2012
ML297 shows a preference for the GIRK1/GIRK2 subunit combination compared to GIRK1/GIRK4 and is inactive on GIRK2/GIRK3 and a number of other potassium channels.
Hyaluronan export through plasma membranes depends on concurrent K+ efflux by K(ir) channels.
Prehm et al., Münster, Germany. In Plos One, 2011
Hyaluronan export through plasma membranes depends on concurrent K+ efflux by K(ir) channels.
Prognostic value of minimal residual disease quantification before allogeneic stem-cell transplantation in relapsed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: the ALL-REZ BFM Study Group.
ALL-REZ BFM Study Group et al., Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In J Clin Oncol, 2009
RESULTS: Probability of event-free survival (pEFS) and cumulative incidence of relapse (CIR) in 45 patients with MRD >or= 10(-4) leukemic cells was 0.27 and 0.57 compared with 0.60 and 0.13 in 46 patients with MRD less than 10(-4) leukemic cells (EFS, P = .004;
Patients with acute myeloid leukemia and RAS mutations benefit most from postremission high-dose cytarabine: a Cancer and Leukemia Group B study.
Bloomfield et al., Marburg an der Lahn, Germany. In J Clin Oncol, 2008
We assessed the impact of cytarabine dose on cumulative incidence of relapse (CIR) of patients with (mutRAS) and without (wild-type; wtRAS) RAS mutations.
Dexrazoxane-associated risk for acute myeloid leukemia/myelodysplastic syndrome and other secondary malignancies in pediatric Hodgkin's disease.
Schwartz et al., Arcadia, United States. In J Clin Oncol, 2007
With median 58 months' follow-up, 4-year cumulative incidence rate (CIR) for AML/MDS was 2.55% +/- 1.0% with DRZ versus 0.85% +/- 0.6% in the non-DRZ group (P = .160).
Adverse prognostic significance of KIT mutations in adult acute myeloid leukemia with inv(16) and t(8;21): a Cancer and Leukemia Group B Study.
Cancer and Leukemia Group B et al., Columbus, United States. In J Clin Oncol, 2006
In inv(16), the cumulative incidence of relapse (CIR) was higher for patients with mutKIT (P = .05;
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