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Ankyrin repeat domain 32

BRCT domain-containing protein
Top mentioned proteins: PTIP, Iris, Histone, PAX2, Thioredoxin
Papers on BRCT domain-containing protein
RAD18-BRCTx interaction is required for efficient repair of UV-induced DNA damage.
Huang et al., Hangzhou, China. In Dna Repair (amst), 2012
RAD18 interacts with BRCTx in a phosphorylation-dependent manner
Rtt107 is required for recruitment of the SMC5/6 complex to DNA double strand breaks.
Kobor et al., Vancouver, Canada. In J Biol Chem, 2011
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the BRCT domain-containing protein Rtt107/Esc4 is required for the restart of DNA replication after successful repair of DNA damage and for cellular resistance to DNA-damaging agents.
Establishment of a mouse model with misregulated chromosome condensation due to defective Mcph1 function.
Neitzel et al., Berlin, Germany. In Plos One, 2009
The gene encodes the BRCT-domain containing protein microcephalin/BRIT1.
An allelic series uncovers novel roles of the BRCT domain-containing protein PTIP in mouse embryonic vascular development.
Schimenti et al., Ithaca, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2008
Pax transactivation domain-interacting protein (PTIP, or PAXIP1) is required for mouse development and has been implicated in DNA damage responses and histone modification.
The BRCT-domain containing protein PTIP links PAX2 to a histone H3, lysine 4 methyltransferase complex.
Dressler et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Dev Cell, 2007
The MLL family of histone methyltransferases maintains active chromatin domains by methylating histone H3 on lysine 4 (H3K4).
Genetic dissection of vertebrate 53BP1: a major role in non-homologous end joining of DNA double strand breaks.
Taniguchi et al., Kyoto, Japan. In Dna Repair (amst), 2006
53BP1 (p53 binding protein) is a BRCT domain-containing protein that is rapidly recruited to DNA double strand breaks (DSBs).
BRCTx is a novel, highly conserved RAD18-interacting protein.
Bradley et al., United Kingdom. In Mol Cell Biol, 2005
Results describe the cloning, characterization, and targeted mutagenesis of Brctx, a novel gene with a BRCT motif [Brctx].
TopBP1 and ATR colocalization at meiotic chromosomes: role of TopBP1/Cut5 in the meiotic recombination checkpoint.
Freire et al., Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. In Mol Biol Cell, 2004
Mammalian TopBP1 is a BRCT domain-containing protein whose function in mitotic cells is linked to replication and DNA damage checkpoint.
Regulation of E2F1 by BRCT domain-containing protein TopBP1.
Lin et al., Birmingham, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2003
The E2F transcription factor integrates cellular signals and coordinates cell cycle progression.
BRCT domain-containing protein PTIP is essential for progression through mitosis.
Dressler et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Mol Cell Biol, 2003
The Pax transactivation domain-interacting protein (PTIP) is a large nuclear protein with multiple BRCT domains that was identified on the basis of its interaction with transcription factors of the Pax and Smad families.
BRCT domain-containing protein TopBP1 functions in DNA replication and damage response.
Syväoja et al., Oulu, Finland. In J Biol Chem, 2001
Topoisomerase IIbeta-binding protein (TopBP1), a human protein with eight BRCT domains, is similar to Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dpb11 and Schizosaccharomyces pombe Cut5 checkpoint proteins and closely related to Drosophila Mus101.
PTIP, a novel BRCT domain-containing protein interacts with Pax2 and is associated with active chromatin.
Dressler et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Nucleic Acids Res, 2000
The Pax gene family encodes transcription factors essential for organ and tissue development in higher eukaryotes.
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