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Neurogenic differentiation 1

This gene encodes a member of the NeuroD family of basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors. The protein forms heterodimers with other bHLH proteins and activates transcription of genes that contain a specific DNA sequence known as the E-box. It regulates expression of the insulin gene, and mutations in this gene result in type II diabetes mellitus. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: HAD, CAN, AGE, beta2-microglobulin, CD45
Papers on beta2
Early COPD Exacerbation Treatment with Combination of ICS and LABA for Patients Presenting with Mild-to-Moderate Worsening of Dyspnea.
Pinto et al., Montréal, Canada. In Copd, Feb 2016
UNASSIGNED: This is a proof of concept study that aims to establish feasibility and safety of a new strategy that includes an action plan for early treatment of acute exacerbations of COPD (AECOPD) with doubling dose of a combination of a long-acting beta2 agonist and an inhaled corticosteroid, and to explore its potential for avoiding the requirement of prednisone and its safety.
Higenamine protects ischemia/reperfusion induced cardiac injury and myocyte apoptosis through activation of β2-AR/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway.
Yan et al., Shanghai, China. In Pharmacol Res, Jan 2016
Herein, we report that higenamine protected myocyte apoptosis and ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury through selective activation of beta2-adrenergic receptor (β2-AR).
Asthma in adults (acute): magnesium sulfate treatment.
Green, Leicester, United Kingdom. In Clin Evid (online), Dec 2015
CONCLUSIONS: In this systematic overview, we categorised the efficacy for two comparisons based on information about the effectiveness and safety of magnesium sulfate (iv) versus placebo and magnesium sulfate (nebulised) plus short-acting beta2 agonists (inhaled) versus short-acting beta2 agonists (inhaled) alone.
Autoimmunity in 2014.
Selmi, Milano, Italy. In Clin Rev Allergy Immunol, Oct 2015
More specifically, the past year witnessed critical revisions of our understanding and management of antiphospholipid syndrome with new exciting data on the pathogenicity of the serum anti-beta2 glycoprotein autoantibody, a better understanding of the current and new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, and new position papers on important clinical questions such as vaccinations in patients with autoimmune disease, comorbidities, or new classification criteria.
Extranodal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with monoclonal gammopathy: an aggressive and primary refractory disease responding to an immunomodulatory agent.
Mian et al., Messina, Italy. In Exp Hematol Oncol, 2014
CASE PRESENTATION: The 73-year-old male patient presented with lateral cervical lymphadenopathy, B symptoms, lactate dehydrogenase and beta2-microglobulin elevation.
Long-acting beta2-agonist in addition to tiotropium versus either tiotropium or long-acting beta2-agonist alone for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Cates et al., London, United Kingdom. In Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2014
BACKGROUND: Long-acting bronchodilators, comprising long-acting beta2-agonists (LABA) and long-acting anti-muscarinic agents (LAMA, principally tiotropium), are commonly used for managing persistent symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Beta2-agonists for acute cough or a clinical diagnosis of acute bronchitis.
van der Wouden et al., Syracuse, United States. In Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2014
Beta2-agonists are often prescribed, perhaps because clinicians suspect many patients also have reversible airflow restriction (as seen in asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)) contributing to the symptoms.
Clinical role of dual bronchodilation with an indacaterol-glycopyrronium combination in the management of COPD: its impact on patient-related outcomes and quality of life.
Cazzola et al., Verona, Italy. In Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis, 2014
For patients whose COPD cannot be not sufficiently controlled with long-acting bronchodilator monotherapy, international guidelines suggest the possibility of associating a long-acting beta2 agonist (LABA) with a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA), ie, dual bronchodilation.
Addition of long-acting beta2-agonists to inhaled corticosteroids for chronic asthma in children.
Ducharme et al., Winnipeg, Canada. In Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 2014
BACKGROUND: Long-acting beta2-agonists (LABA) in combination with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) are increasingly prescribed for children with asthma.
NeuroD1 is required for survival of photoreceptors but not pinealocytes: results from targeted gene deletion studies.
Klein et al., Bethesda, United States. In J Neurochem, 2012
This study suggested that NeuroD1 may act through Aipl1 and other genes to maintain photoreceptor homeostasis
Post-translational modification of Ngn2 differentially affects transcription of distinct targets to regulate the balance between progenitor maintenance and differentiation.
Philpott et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Development, 2012
NeuroD promoter is substantially more sensitive to the phosphorylation status of Ngn2 than the Delta promoter, and that this can be attributed to differences in the ease of promoter activation.
NeuroD1 is an upstream regulator of NSCL1.
Kim, United States. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2012
These results demonstrate that NeuroD1 is an upstream regulator of the NSCL1 gene but not the NSCL2 gene in mice.
Derivation of human differential photoreceptor-like cells from the iris by defined combinations of CRX, RX and NEUROD.
Umezawa et al., Japan. In Plos One, 2011
Photosensitive photoreceptor cells can be generated by combinations of transcription factors. The combination of CRX and RX generate immature photoreceptors: and additional NEUROD promotes maturation.
Combined transfection of the three transcriptional factors, PDX-1, NeuroD1, and MafA, causes differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into insulin-producing cells.
Huang et al., Nantong, China. In Exp Diabetes Res, 2011
Combined transfection of the three transcriptional factors, PDX-1, NeuroD1, and MafA, causes differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into insulin-producing cells
Randomized phase II trial of All-trans-retinoic acid with chemotherapy based on paclitaxel and cisplatin as first-line treatment in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.
De la Garza et al., Mexico. In J Clin Oncol, 2010
PURPOSE: This randomized phase II trial evaluated whether the combination of cisplatin and paclitaxel (PC) plus all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) increases response rate (RR) and progression-free survival (PFS) in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with an acceptable toxicity profile and its association with the expression of retinoic acid receptor beta 2 (RAR-beta2) as a response biomarker.
Nuclear transport receptor goes moonlighting.
Gruss, In Nat Cell Biol, 2010
It has now been shown that importin-beta2 (alternatively called transportin1) also selectively targets the motor protein Kif17 to primary cilia.
Ciliary entry of the kinesin-2 motor KIF17 is regulated by importin-beta2 and RanGTP.
Verhey et al., Ann Arbor, United States. In Nat Cell Biol, 2010
Furthermore, KIF17 interacts with the nuclear import protein importin-beta2 in a manner dependent on the CLS and inhibited by RanGTP.
Specificity of polysaccharide use in intestinal bacteroides species determines diet-induced microbiota alterations.
Sonnenburg et al., Stanford, United States. In Cell, 2010
BT1760, an extracellular beta2-6 endo-fructanase, distinguishes B. thetaiotaomicron genetically and functionally, and enables the use of the beta2-6-linked fructan levan.
A large-scale conformational change couples membrane recruitment to cargo binding in the AP2 clathrin adaptor complex.
Owen et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Cell, 2010
The AP2 adaptor complex (alpha, beta2, sigma2, and mu2 subunits) crosslinks the endocytic clathrin scaffold to PtdIns4,5P(2)-containing membranes and transmembrane protein cargo.
Effect of cessation of drug misuse on the immune status of HIV-infected injecting drug users.
Kuligowski et al., Pittsburgh, United States. In Addict Biol, 1997
drug use on CD4 lymphocyte count and serum levels of beta2 -microglobulin (beta2 m) and soluble interleukin-2 receptor (sIL-2R) were prospectively investigated in 41 HIV-positive drug users enrolled in a methadone treatment programme.
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