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BDH2 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase, type 2

Top mentioned proteins: POLYMERASE, fibrillin-1, HAD, Transcription Factor DP1, Angiotensin II
Papers on Bdh-2
Membrane-associated proteins of ejaculated sperm from Morada Nova rams.
Moura et al., Fortaleza, Brazil. In Theriogenology, 2013
Also, membrane proteins were incubated with antibodies against binder of sperm protein (BSP) 1 and bodhesin 2 (Bdh-2), components of vesicular gland secretion.
Expression, purification and structural analysis of recombinant rBdh-2His₆, a spermadhesin from buck (Capra hircus) seminal plasma.
Cavada et al., Fortaleza, Brazil. In Reprod Fertil Dev, 2011
In the present study, bodhesin Bdh-2 cDNA present in buck seminal plasma was subcloned with the expression plasmid pTrcHis TOPO used to transform Escherichia coli Top10 One shot cells.
Quantitative expression analysis of Bodhesin genes in the buck (Capra hircus) reproductive tract by real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR).
Rádis-Baptista et al., Fortaleza, Brazil. In Anim Reprod Sci, 2009
For each homologous bodhesin gene, namely Bdh-1, Bdh-2 and Bdh-3, sets of specific primers and recombinant plasmids were prepared for gene quantification.
Analysis of protein expression and a new prokaryotic expression system for goat (Capra hircus) spermadhesin Bdh-2 cDNA.
Freitas et al., Fortaleza, Brazil. In Genet Mol Res, 2008
Bdh-2 cDNA was inserted into a prokaryotic expression plasmid, pTrcHis TOPO.
Buck (Capra hircus) genes encode new members of the spermadhesin family.
Rádis-Baptista et al., Fortaleza, Brazil. In Mol Reprod Dev, 2008
Following 3'- and 5'-end amplifications using seminal vesicle cDNA, we cloned and sequenced four highly similar (97-98%) nucleotide sequences encoding spermadhesins, which were named Bodhesin-1(Bdh-1), Bdh-2, Bdh-3, and Bdh-4.
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