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BCL2-like 12

The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the BCL-2 protein family. BCL-2 family members form hetero- or homodimers and act as anti- or pro-apoptotic regulators that are involved in a wide variety of cellular activities. This protein contains a Bcl-2 homology domain 2 (BH2). The function of this gene has not yet been determined. Two alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene encoding distinct isoforms have been reported. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: bcl-2, HAD, CAN, PrP, Bax
Papers on BCL2L12
miRNA-182 and the regulation of the glioblastoma phenotype - toward miRNA-based precision therapeutics.
Stegh et al., Chicago, United States. In Cell Cycle, Jan 2016
miR-182 sensitized glioma cells to TMZ-induced apoptosis, promoted glioma initiating cell (GIC) differentiation, and reduced tumor cell proliferation via knockdown of Bcl2L12, c-Met and HIF2A.
The novel function of CD82 and its impact on BCL2L12 via AKT/STAT5 signal pathway in acute myelogenous leukemia cells.
Yokoyama et al., Kōchi, Japan. In Leukemia, Dec 2015
Microarray analysis of patient-isolated CD34(+)/CD38(-) AML cells revealed that the levels of anti-apoptotic protein BCL2L12 were downregulated after CD82 depletion by specific short hairpin RNA (shRNA).
miR-125a-5p inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer via targeting BCL2, BCL2L12 and MCL1.
Zhang et al., Harbin, China. In Biomed Pharmacother, Oct 2015
We also confirmed that in colon cancer cells, anti-apoptotic genes BCL2, BCL2L12 and Mcl-1 were direct targets of miR-125a-5p, and they were down-regulated by miR-125a-5p overexpression.
Predictive genetic markers of coagulation, inflammation and apoptosis in Perthes disease—Serbian experience.
Spasovski et al., Belgrade, Serbia. In Eur J Pediatr, Aug 2015
The expression level of Bax, Bcl-2, Bcl2L12, Fas and FasL was analyzed by quantitative reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) technique.
Differential roles of Bcl2L12 and its short variant in breast cancer lymph node metastasis.
Lee et al., Kao-hsiung, Taiwan. In Oncol Rep, Aug 2015
Bcl2L12 plays a role in post-mitochondrial apoptosis through multiple mechanisms involving p53, αB-crystallin, caspase-3 and -7 in glioblastoma.
Gemcitabine impacts differentially on bladder and kidney cancer cells: distinct modulations in the expression patterns of apoptosis-related microRNAs and BCL2 family genes.
Scorilas et al., Athens, Greece. In Tumour Biol, May 2015
Herein, we sought to investigate the impact of gemcitabine on the expression levels of the BCL2 family members BCL2, BAX, and BCL2L12 and the apoptosis-related microRNAs miR-182, miR-96, miR-145, and miR-16 in the human bladder and kidney cancer cell lines T24 and Caki-1, respectively.
miR-182 integrates apoptosis, growth, and differentiation programs in glioblastoma.
Stegh et al., Chicago, United States. In Genes Dev, May 2015
Repression of Bcl2-like12 (Bcl2L12), c-Met, and hypoxia-inducible factor 2α (HIF2A) is of central importance to miR-182 anti-tumor activity, as it results in enhanced therapy susceptibility, decreased GIC sphere size, expansion, and stemness in vitro.
Cytotoxic activity of sunitinib and everolimus in Caki-1 renal cancer cells is accompanied by modulations in the expression of apoptosis-related microRNA clusters and BCL2 family genes.
Scorilas et al., Athens, Greece. In Biomed Pharmacother, Mar 2015
As for the expression levels of the BCL2 family members BCL2, BAX and BCL2L12 and those of the mature microRNAs of the miR-183/96/182, miR-143/145, and miR-15a/16 clusters, they were quantified via real-time PCR.
Chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 treatment roadmap for resource constrained settings.
Lim, Singapore, Singapore. In World J Gastroenterol, Mar 2015
Alternatively, 28 wk BPR has similar SVR.
Integrated RNA-Seq and sRNA-Seq Analysis Identifies Chilling and Freezing Responsive Key Molecular Players and Pathways in Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis).
Ding et al., Qingdao, China. In Plos One, 2014
Intriguingly, we found that karrikins, a new group of plant growth regulators, and β-primeverosidase (BPR), a key enzyme functionally relevant with the formation of tea aroma might play an important role in both early chilling and freezing response of tea plants.
Molecular cloning of novel alternatively spliced variants of BCL2L12, a new member of the BCL2 gene family, and their expression analysis in cancer cells.
Scorilas et al., Athens, Greece. In Gene, 2012
Molecular cloning of novel alternatively spliced variants of BCL2L12, a new member of the BCL2 gene family, and their expression analysis in cancer cells.
GSK3β regulates Bcl2L12 and Bcl2L12A anti-apoptosis signaling in glioblastoma and is inhibited by LiCl.
Hong et al., Kao-hsiung, Taiwan. In Cell Cycle, 2012
The BCL2L12(153-191) fragment directly interrupted GSK3beta mediated Tau phosphorylation.
The role of Bcl-2 family proteins in therapy responses of malignant astrocytic gliomas: Bcl2L12 and beyond.
Stegh et al., Chicago, United States. In Scientificworldjournal, 2011
studies began to define the molecular mechanisms underlying therapy resistance of GBM tumors, and pointed to the Bcl-2 protein family, in particular the atypical member Bcl2-Like 12 (Bcl2L12), as important regulators of therapy-induced cell death
BCL2L12 is a novel biomarker for the prediction of short-term relapse in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Scorilas et al., Sfax, Tunisia. In Mol Med, 2011
Data indicate BCL2L12 expression to be an unfavorable and independent prognostic indicator of short-term relapse in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Beyond effector caspase inhibition: Bcl2L12 neutralizes p53 signaling in glioblastoma.
DePinho et al., Chicago, United States. In Cell Cycle, 2011
Recent studies have identified and validated Bcl2-Like 12 (Bcl2L12) as a potent glioma oncoprotein with multiple strategic points in apoptosis regulatory networks, i.e. effector caspases and the p53 tumor suppressor.
The novel member of the BCL2 gene family, BCL2L12, is substantially elevated in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, supporting its value as a significant biomarker.
Scorilas et al., Athens, Greece. In Oncologist, 2010
BCL2L12 mRNA expression is significantly higher in CLL patients than in healthy blood donors.
Genetic and epigenetic alteration in gastric carcinogenesis.
Machado et al., Porto, Portugal. In Helicobacter, 2010
Several genes have been newly associated with gastric carcinogenesis, both through oncogenic activation (MYC, SEMA5A, BCL2L12, RBP2 and BUBR1) and tumor suppressor gene inactivation mechanisms (KLF6, RELN, PTCH1A, CLDN11, and SFRP5).
Data management in the cell therapy production facility: the batch process record (BPR).
Janssen, Tampa, United States. In Cytotherapy, 2007
Because cell therapy products are functionally pharmaceuticals, the paradigm of the pharmaceutical manufacturing batch process record (BPR) is proposed as a unit for collecting the data resulting from processing.
Eukaryotic transcriptional regulation and chromatin-associated protein phosphorylation by cyclic AMP.
Rosenfeld et al., In Science, 1983
This effect is correlated with the phosphorylation of a chromatin-associated basic protein designated BPR.
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