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Zinc finger, HIT-type containing 6

BCD1, ZNHIT6, NY-BR-75, Bcd1p
Top mentioned proteins: NUFIP, CAN, HAD, Hsp90, Nop58p
Papers on BCD1
Structure/Function Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions Developed by the Yeast Pih1 Platform Protein and Its Partners in Box C/D snoRNP Assembly.
Manival et al., Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France. In J Mol Biol, Sep 2015
They contain one guide RNA and four core proteins and their in vivo assembly requires numerous factors including (HUMAN/Yeast) BCD1/Bcd1p, NUFIP1/Rsa1p, ZNHIT3/Hit1p, the R2TP complex composed of protein PIH1D1/Pih1p and RPAP3/Tah1p that bridges the R2TP complex to the HSP90/Hsp82 chaperone and two AAA+ ATPases.
Proteomic and 3D structure analyses highlight the C/D box snoRNP assembly mechanism and its control.
Bertrand et al., Montpellier, France. In J Cell Biol, 2014
In vivo, however, assembly factors are required (NUFIP, BCD1, and the HSP90-R2TP complex), and it is unknown whether a similar sequential scheme applies.
Optimization of Rutaecarpine as ABCA1 Up-Regulator for Treating Atherosclerosis.
Si et al., Beijing, China. In Acs Med Chem Lett, 2014
Compounds CD1, CD6, and BCD1-2 were found to possess the most potential activity as antiatherosclerotic agents among all compounds tested.
Evaluation of a new powerful bone-anchored hearing system: a comparison study.
Mylanus et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In J Am Acad Audiol, 2013
RESEARCH DESIGN: Direct comparison of the subject's own device (BCD1) with the new device (BCD2) was examined in a nonrandomized design.
A Golgi-localized MATE transporter mediates iron homoeostasis under osmotic stress in Arabidopsis.
Park et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Biochem J, 2012
In the present study, we show that a MATE (multidrug and toxic compound extrusion) transporter, designated BCD1 (BUSH-AND-CHLOROTIC-DWARF 1), contributes to iron homoeostasis during stress responses and senescence in Arabidopsis.
Expression profiling identifies genes involved in emphysema severity.
Yang et al., Brisbane, Australia. In Respir Res, 2008
Biological replication in an independent cohort confirmed the altered expression of eight genes, with seven genes differentially expressed by greater than 1.3 fold, identifying these as candidate determinants of emphysema severity.Gene expression profiling of lung from emphysema patients identified seven candidate genes associated with emphysema severity including COL6A3, SERPINF1, ZNHIT6, NEDD4, CDKN2A, NRN1 and GSTM3.
A dynamic scaffold of pre-snoRNP factors facilitates human box C/D snoRNP assembly.
Watkins et al., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. In Mol Cell Biol, 2007
We have characterized four novel human biogenesis factors (BCD1, NOP17, NUFIP, and TAF9) which, along with the ATPases TIP48 and TIP49, are likely to be involved in the formation of the pre-snoRNP.
Global analysis of yeast RNA processing identifies new targets of RNase III and uncovers a link between tRNA 5' end processing and tRNA splicing.
Hughes et al., Toronto, Canada. In Nucleic Acids Res, 2004
The microarray verified a general loss of Box C/D snoRNAs in the TetO7-BCD1 mutant, which had previously been shown for only a handful of snoRNAs.
A panoramic view of yeast noncoding RNA processing.
Hughes et al., Toronto, Canada. In Cell, 2003
Ten factors involved in noncoding RNA biogenesis were verified by further experimentation, including a protein required for 20S pre-rRNA processing (Tsr2p), a protein associated with the nuclear exosome (Lrp1p), and a factor required for box C/D snoRNA accumulation (Bcd1p).
Humoral immunity to human breast cancer: antigen definition and quantitative analysis of mRNA expression.
Old et al., New York City, United States. In Cancer Immun, 2001
NY-BR-62, NY-BR-75, NY-BR-85, and NY-BR-96.
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