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Hormonally up-regulated Neu-associated kinase

B19, B18
The protein encoded by this gene is a subunit of the multisubunit NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I). Mammalian complex I is composed of 45 different subunits. It is located at the mitochondrial inner membrane. This protein has NADH dehydrogenase activity and oxidoreductase activity. It transfers electrons from NADH to the respiratory chain. The immediate electron acceptor for the enzyme is believed to be ubiquinone. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: DR3, HAD, HLA-A, Insulin, CAN
Papers using B19 antibodies
The investigation of parvovirus B19 infection in patients with haematological disorders by using PCR and ELISA techniques
Kumar Archana et al., In The Indian Journal of Medical Research, 2006
... B19 DNA extraction and amplifications: DNA was extracted from serum samples by QIAamp Ultrasens virus kit (Qiagen, Germany) as per manufacturer’s ...
Papers on B19
Endosomal escape efficiency of fusogenic B18 and B55 peptides fused with anti-EGFR single chain Fv as estimated by nuclear translocation.
Doi et al., Yokohama, Japan. In J Biochem, Jan 2016
Recently, we found that the fusogenic peptides (FPs) B18 and B55 from bindin, a sea urchin gamete recognition protein, facilitated the endosomal escape of FP-fused enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) and/or of co-administered cargos such as dextrans [Niikura et al.
Exploring the Role of Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors and Their HLA Class I Ligands in Autoimmune Hepatitis.
Carcassi et al., Cagliari, Italy. In Plos One, Dec 2015
In our cohort, type 1 autoimmune hepatitis was strongly associated with the HLA-B18, Cw5, DR3 haplotype.
Metal-free organic dyes for TiO2 and ZnO dye-sensitized solar cells.
Diau et al., Brescia, Italy. In Sci Rep, Dec 2015
We report the synthesis and characterization of new metal-free organic dyes (namely B18, BTD-R, and CPTD-R) which designed with D-π-A concept to extending the light absorption region by strong conjugation group of π-linker part and applied as light harvester in dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs).
Chronic hepatitis C: Burden of disease and cost associated with hospitalisations in France in 2012 (The HEPC-LONE study).
Gaudin et al., Clermont-Ferrand, France. In Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol, Dec 2015
METHODS: All hospital stays with CHC (ICD-10 code B18.2) coded as the principal, related or significantly associated diagnosis were extracted from the French National Hospital database 2012 (PMSI).
Comparison and analysis of the prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection by region in the Republic of Korea during 2005-2012.
Ki et al., Pusan, South Korea. In Clin Mol Hepatol, Sep 2015
The subjects of the study had visited medical facilities and been diagnosed with or received treatment for acute or chronic HCV as a primary or secondary disease according to ICD-10 codes of B17.1 or B18.2, respectively.
A fusogenic peptide from a sea urchin fertilization protein promotes intracellular delivery of biomacromolecules by facilitating endosomal escape.
Doi et al., Yokohama, Japan. In J Control Release, Sep 2015
In this context, we focused on FPs derived from a sea urchin fertilization protein, bindin, which is involved in gamete recognition (B18, residues 103-120 and B55, residues 83-137 of mature bindin).
Identification of a panel of complex autoantigens (LGALS3, PHB2, MUC1, and GK2) in combination with CA15-3 for the diagnosis of early-stage breast cancer.
Qin et al., Xi'an, China. In Tumour Biol, Sep 2015
In the end, a panel of complex autoantigens consisting of B11 (LGALS3), B18 (PHB2), B119 (MUC1), B130 (GK2), and CA15-3, which had a sensitivity of 87 % and a specificity of 76 %, were identified.
Moroccan study of HLA (-A, -B, -C, -DR, -DQ) polymorphism in 647 unrelated controls: Updating data.
Essakalli et al., Rabat, Morocco. In Mol Cell Probes, Aug 2015
The most frequent haplotypes were: A2-B44, A30-B18, A2-C*16, A30-C*06, B14-C*08, B58-C*07, B45-C*06, DRB1*03-DQB1*02, DRB1*04-DQB1*03, DRB1*07-DQB1*02 and DRB1*15-DQB1*06.
Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy for pure red cell aplasia related to human parvovirus b19 infection: a retrospective study of 10 patients and review of the literature.
Groupe d'experts de l'Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris et al., Paris, France. In Clin Infect Dis, 2013
BACKGROUND: We evaluated the efficacy of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy in patients with pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) related to human parvovirus B19 (HPV-B19) infection.
Parvovirus b19 associated hepatitis.
Sarin et al., New Delhi, India. In Hepat Res Treat, 2012
Parvovirus B19 infection can present with myriads of clinical diseases and syndromes; liver manifestations and hepatitis are examples of them.
NDUFB7 and NDUFA8 are located at the intermembrane surface of complex I.
Huynen et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In Febs Lett, 2011
This subunit of complex I is localized in the mitochondrial inter-membrane space. The protein contains intra-molecular disulfide bridges in the twin Cx(9)C motif.
Hunk is required for HER2/neu-induced mammary tumorigenesis.
Chodosh et al., Philadelphia, United States. In J Clin Invest, 2011
Hunk is required for HER2/neu-induced mammary tumorigenesis
HUNK suppresses metastasis of basal type breast cancers by disrupting the interaction between PP2A and cofilin-1.
Mak et al., Toronto, Canada. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2010
Data show that HUNK reconstitution in basal breast cancer cell lines prevented protein phosphatase 2-A (PP2A from binding to CFL-1.
The Snf1-related kinase, Hunk, is essential for mammary tumor metastasis.
Chodosh et al., Philadelphia, United States. In Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2009
a gene expression signature that distinguishes Hunk-wild type from Hunk-deficient tumors predicts clinical outcome in women with breast cancer
Human C21orf63 is a heparin-binding protein.
Angata et al., Tsukuba, Japan. In J Biochem, 2009
C21orf63 is a heparin-binding protein; in glycan microassay, the product of C21orf63 binds with heparin and heparan sulfate; real-time polymerase chain reaction and tissue immunostaining imply that C21orf63 is expressed on epithelia of various tissues
Pathogenesis of aleutian mink disease parvovirus and similarities to b19 infection.
Bloom et al., Hamilton, United States. In J Vet Med B Infect Dis Vet Public Health, 2005
B19 is the only autonomous parvovirus known to infect humans.
The value of corpus cavernosum electromyography in erectile dysfunction: current status and future prospect.
COST Action B18 project et al., Nijmegen, Netherlands. In Eur Urol, 2003
Recently, the European Commission created the so-called COST Action B18 (corpus cavernosum EMG in erectile dysfunction), aiming to strengthen the coordination of the European research groups and give the development of CC-EMG a new impetus.
Hairy cell leukemia in father and son.
Bayik et al., İstanbul, Turkey. In Med Oncol, 2002
The HLA haplotype shared by the father and son was A2, B18, BW6, CW7, DR3, DR10, and DQ8.
Association between HLA-B antigens and acute graft-versus-host disease.
Thomas et al., In Lancet, 1983
Patients with HLA-B18 had an estimated acute GVHD incidence nearly three times that of other patients, whereas the incidence in the presence of HLA-B8 or HLA-Bw35 was estimated to be about half that in the absence of these alleles.
Strong association between idiopathic membranous nephropathy and HLA-DRW3.
Williams et al., In Lancet, 1979
The frequencies of HLA B8 and B18, which are in linkage disequilibrium with DRW3, were also increased.
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