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Zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7C

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Top mentioned proteins: APM2, STEP, Histone, Tec, cadherin-9
Papers on APM-1
Integrative Mouse and Human Studies Implicate ANGPT1 and ZBTB7C as Susceptibility Genes to Ischemic Injury.
Weiss et al., Boston, United States. In Stroke, Dec 2015
rs32249495, which corresponds to angiopoietin-1 (ANGPT1), was also significant in the recessive model in humans, whereas rs1944577, which corresponds to ZBTB7C, was nominally significant in both the additive and dominant genetic models in humans.
Association between polymorphisms in the adiponectin gene (APM-1) and atherosclerotic cerebral infarction in a Hainan Chinese Han population.
Ding et al., Haikou, China. In Genet Mol Res, 2014
We investigated the association between polymorphisms in the adiponectin gene (APM-1) and atherosclerotic cerebral infarction (ACI) in a Chinese Han population of Hainan Province.
Kr-pok increases FASN expression by modulating the DNA binding of SREBP-1c and Sp1 at the proximal promoter.
Hur et al., Seoul, South Korea. In J Lipid Res, 2012
Kr-pok (kidney cancer-related POZ domain and Kruppel-like protein) activates transcription of the FASN gene.
KR-POK interacts with p53 and represses its ability to activate transcription of p21WAF1/CDKN1A.
Hur et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Cancer Res, 2012
our findings define KR-POK as a transcriptional repressor with a pro-oncogenic role that relies upon binding to p53 and inhibition of its transactivation function.
Biparental inheritance of chromosomal abnormalities in male twins with non-syndromic mental retardation.
Tommerup et al., Copenhagen, Denmark. In Eur J Med Genet, 2011
The translocation breakpoint at 9p was within a cluster of interferon α genes and the 18q21 breakpoint truncated ZBTB7C (zinc finger and BTB containing 7C gene).
Foxl2 functions in sex determination and histogenesis throughout mouse ovary development.
Ottolenghi et al., Baltimore, United States. In Bmc Dev Biol, 2008
CONCLUSION: The results, including a comprehensive principal component analysis, 1) support the proposal of dose-dependent Foxl2 function and anti-testis action throughout ovary differentiation; and 2) identify candidate genes for roles in sex determination independent of FOXL2 (e.g., the transcription factors IRX3 and ZBTB7C) and in the generation of the ovarian reserve downstream of FOXL2 (e.g., the cadherin-domain protein CLSTN2 and the sphingomyelin synthase SGMS2).
Nanoreactors based on amphiphilic uracilophanes: self-organization and reactivity study.
Konovalov et al., Kazan', Russia. In J Phys Chem B, 2008
New amphiphilic pyrimidinic macrocycles (APMs) with two (APM-1) and three (APM-2) decyl tails have been synthesized by quaternization of the bridged N. Complex examination of the APM-based systems with the help of tensiometry, conductometry, dynamic light scattering, and UV and NMR spectroscopy provides evidence for their aggregation.
Adrenomedullin and adrenomedullin binding protein-1 protect endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation in sepsis.
Wang et al., New York City, United States. In Mol Med, 2007
Adm and APM-1 protect endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation in sepsis.
Retinoic acid regulation of eye and testis-specific transcripts within a complex locus.
Rogers et al., Newark, United States. In Mech Dev, 2007
Additionally, these two RNAs are embedded within the third intron of the 329kbp gene that encodes the Zinc Finger and BTB domain containing 7C protein (Zbtb7C).
Analysis of human meningiomas for aberrations of the MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC tumor suppressor genes on the long arm of chromosome 18.
Reifenberger et al., Cambridge, United Kingdom. In Int J Cancer, 2001
In the present study, we have investigated a series of 37 meningiomas for mutation and expression of 4 tumor suppressor genes (MADH2, MADH4, APM-1 and DCC) located at 18q21.
Distinct and redundant functions of mu1 medium chains of the AP-1 clathrin-associated protein complex in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
Lee et al., Seoul, South Korea. In Mol Biol Cell, 2000
In this report, we identified and analyzed the second mu1 chain gene, apm-1.
APM-1, a novel human gene, identified by aberrant co-transcription with papillomavirus oncogenes in a cervical carcinoma cell line, encodes a BTB/POZ-zinc finger protein with growth inhibitory activity.
Schwarz et al., Heidelberg, Germany. In Embo J, 1998
We report here the identification of a novel human gene, named APM-1, which is co-transcribed with the HPV68 E6 and E7 genes and is present in the 3'-cellular part of the ME180 viral-cellular fusion transcripts.
Production and toxicological application of anti-paraquat antibodies.
Nagao, In Nihon Hoigaku Zasshi, 1989
For the purpose of the establishment of immunoassay for paraquat, polyclonal and three monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs), named APM-1, APM-2 and APM-3, have been produced.
Development and characterization of monoclonal antibodies reactive with paraquat.
Akabane et al., Sapporo, Japan. In J Immunoassay, 1988
A set of three anti-paraquat monoclonal antibodies(MoAbs), named APM-1, APM-2 and APM-3, has been isolated.
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