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Annexin A5b

anxa5, anxV
Top mentioned proteins: HB9, CK4, cTnT, ACID, BOP
Papers on anxa5
Quantitative analysis of annexin V-membrane interaction by flow cytometry.
Hua et al., Nanjing, China. In Eur Biophys J, Jul 2015
We constructed a green fluorescent phosphatidylserine (PS)-binding probe, which was generated by fusing enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) to the C terminus of human annexin V (anxV).
Pbx1 is essential for growth of zebrafish swim bladder.
Chan et al., George Town, Malaysia. In Dev Dyn, 2010
However, the expression of anxa5 was completely abolished by pbx1 knockdown at 60 hpf suggesting that pbx1 may be required during the late stage of swim bladder development.
The role of vasculature and blood circulation in zebrafish swimbladder development.
Gong et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Bmc Dev Biol, 2009
Analyses of the three tissue layers of the swimbladder were performed using molecular markers hb9, fgf10a, acta2, and anxa5 to distinguish epithelium, mesenchyme, and outer mesothelium.
Development of zebrafish swimbladder: The requirement of Hedgehog signaling in specification and organization of the three tissue layers.
Gong et al., Singapore, Singapore. In Dev Biol, 2009
In the present study, swimbladder development in zebrafish was analyzed by using several molecular markers: hb9 (epithelium), fgf10a and acta2 (mesenchyme), and anxa5 (mesothelium), as well as in vivo through enhancer trap transgenic lines Et(krt4:EGFP)(sq33-2) and Et(krt4:EGFP)(sqet3) that showed strong EGFP expression in the swimbladder epithelium and outer mesothelium respectively.
Concerted action of two dlx paralogs in sensory placode formation.
Fritz et al., Atlanta, United States. In Development, 2002
Expression patterns of the otic marker pax2.1, olfactory marker anxV and eya1, a marker of both placodes, in morpholino-injected embryos recapitulate the reduced expression of these genes seen in b380 mutants.
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