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Adiponectin receptor 2

AdipoR2, adiponectin receptor 2
The adiponectin receptors, ADIPOR1 (MIM 607945) and ADIPOR2, serve as receptors for globular and full-length adiponectin (MIM 605441) and mediate increased AMPK (see MIM 602739) and PPAR-alpha (PPARA; MIM 170998) ligand activities, as well as fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake by adiponectin (Yamauchi et al., 2003 [PubMed 12802337]).[supplied by OMIM, Mar 2008] (from NCBI)
Top mentioned proteins: adiponectin, AdipoR1, Insulin, V1a, ACID
Papers using AdipoR2 antibodies
Calreticulin: one protein, one gene, many functions
Mangge Harald et al., In Biologics : Targets & Therapy, 1998
... In each case, two anti-AdipoR1 and anti-AdipoR2 antibodies were purchased (rabbit antimouse antibodies, LifeSpan Biosciences, Seattle, WA; goat ...
Papers on AdipoR2
Purified Betacyanins from Hylocereus undatus Peel Ameliorate Obesity and Insulin Resistance in High-Fat-Diet-Fed Mice.
Zheng et al., Hangzhou, China. In J Agric Food Chem, Feb 2016
Moreover, the hepatic gene expression analysis indicated that PPBN supplementation increased the expression levels of lipid-metabolism-related genes (AdipoR2, Cpt1a, Cpt1b, Acox1, PPARγ, Insig1, and Insig2) and FGF21-related genes (β-Klotho and FGFR1/2) but decreased the expression level of Fads2, Fas, and FGF21, suggesting that the protective effect of PPBNs might be associated with the induced fatty acid oxidation, decreased fatty acid biosynthesis, and alleviated FGF21 resistance.
Protective role of adiponectin in a rat model of intestinal ischemia reperfusion injury.
Ye et al., Guangzhou, China. In World J Gastroenterol, Jan 2016
No significant changes in the expression of adiponectin receptor 1 and adiponectin receptor 2 were found between sham and I/R rats.
Longitudinal changes in adipose tissue of dairy cows from late pregnancy to lactation. Part 2: The SIRT-PPARGC1A axis and its relationship with the adiponectin system.
Mielenz et al., Bonn, Germany. In J Dairy Sci, Jan 2016
The mRNA abundance of SIRT1, PPARGC1A, NAMPT, and the ADIPOQ receptors 1 (ADIPOR1) and 2 (ADIPOR2) changed in SCAT and RPAT during the considered time period.
[Effects of telmisartan on the expression of adiponectin and its receptors in testes of type 1 diabetic rats].
Liu et al., Taiyuan, China. In Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi, Jul 2015
There was no significant difference in the expression of adiponectin receptor 2 between group DM and NC [(1.02 ± 0.13) vs (1.00 ± 0.00), P>0.05].
Crystal structures of the human adiponectin receptors.
Yokoyama et al., Yokohama, Japan. In Nature, May 2015
Adiponectin stimulation of its receptors, AdipoR1 and AdipoR2, increases the activities of 5' AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR), respectively, thereby contributing to healthy longevity as key anti-diabetic molecules.
Adiponectin in asthma: implications for phenotyping.
Bianco et al., Napoli, Italy. In Curr Protein Pept Sci, 2014
Interestingly, the three receptors AdipoR1, AdipoR2, and Tcadherin mediating adiponectin activity are expressed on lung cells mediating adiponectin beneficial effects.
Hawthorn leaf flavonoids alleviate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by enhancing the adiponectin/AMPK pathway.
Ji et al., Shanghai, China. In Int J Clin Exp Med, 2014
In addition, HLF intervention dramatically increased circulating adiponectin levels and up-regulated the expression of adiponectin receptors, particularly adiponectin receptor 2 (AdipoR2) in the liver.
Regulation of insulin sensitivity by adiponectin and its receptors in response to physical exercise.
Gonçalves et al., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Horm Metab Res, 2014
Adiponectin binds to adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2, and exerts antidiabetic effects via activation of AMPK and PPAR-α pathways, respectively.
Effects of interventions on adiponectin and adiponectin receptors.
Kwak et al., Columbia, United States. In J Exerc Rehabil, 2014
Adiponectin secreted from adipose tissue binds to two distinct adiponectin receptors (AdipoR1 and AdipoR2) identified and exerts its anti-diabetic effects in insulin-sensitive organs including liver, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue as well as amelioration of vascular dysfunction in the various vasculatures.
Cardiometabolic effects of adiponectin.
Walsh et al., Boston, United States. In Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2014
While progress has been made in identifying receptors essential for the metabolic actions of adiponectin (AdipoR1 and AdipoR2), few studies have examined the receptor-mediated signaling pathways in cardiovascular tissues.
Adiponectin: a manifold therapeutic target for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and coronary disease?
Tenenbaum et al., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. In Cardiovasc Diabetol, 2013
AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 are its major receptors in vivo mediating the metabolic actions.
A small-molecule AdipoR agonist for type 2 diabetes and short life in obesity.
Kadowaki et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Nature, 2013
Adiponectin secreted from adipocytes binds to adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2, and exerts antidiabetic effects via activation of AMPK and PPAR-α pathways, respectively.
Adiponectin receptor as a key player in healthy longevity and obesity-related diseases.
Kadowaki et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Cell Metab, 2013
The cloning of Adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 has stimulated adiponectin research, revealing pivotal roles for AdipoRs in pleiotropic adiponectin actions, as well as some postreceptor signaling mechanisms.
Adiponectin and its receptors modulate granulosa cell and cumulus cell functions, fertility, and early embryo development in the mouse and human.
Shimada et al., Houston, United States. In Fertil Steril, 2012
Adiponectin differentially alters the expression of Adipor1/Adipor2 as well as genes related to steroidogenesis, ovulation, and apoptosis in cumulus cells versus granulosa cells.
Arterial stiffness is associated with increased monocyte expression of adiponectin receptor mRNA and protein in patients with coronary artery disease.
Raptis et al., Athens, Greece. In Am J Hypertens, 2012
Increased mRNA and protein expression of adiponectin receptors is related with increased aortic stiffness, coronary and peripheral atherosclerosis in patients with coronary artery disease.
Adiponectin-AdipoR1/2-APPL1 signaling axis suppresses human foam cell formation: differential ability of AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 to regulate inflammatory cytokine responses.
Fu et al., Birmingham, United States. In Atherosclerosis, 2012
Adiponectin suppression of macrophage lipid accumulation/foam cell formation is mediated through AdipoR1/AdipoR2/APPL1. AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 exhibited a differential ability to regulate inflammatory cytokines and SR-A1.
Adiponectin and leptin systems in human endometrium during window of implantation.
Dieudonné et al., Poissy, France. In Fertil Steril, 2012
Report expression of adiponectin, leptin, and their respective receptors in the human endometria of fertile women compared with women with unexplained recurrent implantation failure during the window of implantation.
The role of inflammatory pathway genetic variation on maternal metabolic phenotypes during pregnancy.
Lowe et al., Chicago, United States. In Plos One, 2011
Data suggest that RETN, IL8, ADIPOR2, LEPR, IL6, and TNF alpha may contribute to metabolic phenotypes in pregnant women.
Adiponectin enhances insulin sensitivity by increasing hepatic IRS-2 expression via a macrophage-derived IL-6-dependent pathway.
Kadowaki et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Cell Metab, 2011
Surprisingly, this activation is associated with IL-6 production from macrophages induced by adiponectin through NFκB activation independent of its authentic receptors, AdipoR1 and AdipoR2.
Adiponectin receptor signaling: a new layer to the current model.
Yamauchi et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Cell Metab, 2011
Adiponectin and its receptors, AdipoR1 and AdipoR2, regulate glucose and fatty acid metabolism partly via activation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).
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