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Inhibin, beta B

activin betaB
Top mentioned proteins: SFRP1, follistatin, CAN, HAD, FSH
Papers on activin betaB
WNT4/beta-catenin pathway maintains female germ cell survival by inhibiting activin betaB in the mouse fetal ovary.
Yao et al., Champaign, United States. In Plos One, 2009
Activin betaB (Inhbb), a subunit of activins, was upregulated in the Wnt4 and beta-catenin knockout ovaries, suggesting that Inhbb could be the cause for the loss of female germ cells, which are positive for activin receptors.
Inhibin betaB expression in murine adipose tissue and its regulation by leptin, insulin and dexamethasone.
Miller et al., Aberdeen, United Kingdom. In J Mol Endocrinol, 2009
Inhibin betaB (INHBB; coding for the activin betaB subunit) has previously been identified in both human and rodent adipose tissue and using Taqman real-time PCR with specific primers we confirm the expression of INHBB mRNA in rodent adipose tissue.
Seasonal changes in spermatogenesis and immunolocalization of inhibin/activin subunits in the wild male ground squirrel (Citellus dauricus Brandt).
Taya et al., Beijing, China. In J Reprod Dev, 2008
The sections of the testes were immunostained by the avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex method (ABC) using polyclonal antisera raised against porcine inhibin alpha, inhibin/activin betaA and inhibin/activin betaB during the breeding and non-breeding seasons.
Development of a new antibody to the human inhibin/activin betaB subunit and its application to improved inhibin B ELISAs.
Groome et al., Oxford, United Kingdom. In J Immunol Methods, 2008
Inhibin B has emerged as a clinically useful analyte for studies of reproductive function in both men and women.
The regulation of FSHbeta transcription by gonadal steroids: testosterone and estradiol modulation of the activin intracellular signaling pathway.
Marshall et al., Charlottesville, United States. In Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2007
We determined the effects of androgen and estrogen on FSHbeta primary transcript (PT) concentrations in male and female rats, and we correlated those changes with pituitary: activin betaB mRNA, FS mRNA, the mRNAs for Smads2, -3, -4, and -7, and the phosphorylation (p) status of Smad2 and -3 proteins.
Expression of inhibin-activin subunits, follistatin and smads in granulosa-luteal cells collected at oocyte retrieval.
Huang et al., Kao-hsiung, Taiwan. In J Assist Reprod Genet, 2006
CONCLUSIONS: We found, for the first time that inhibin-activin betaB-subunit mRNA was well expressed in human granulosa-luteal cells obtained from either dominant or cohort follicles.
Seasonal changes in immunolocalization of inhibin/activin subunits and testicular activity in wild male raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides).
Taya et al., Beijing, China. In J Reprod Dev, 2006
The sections of testes were immunostained by the avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex method (ABC) using polyclonal antisera raised against porcine inhibin alpha, inhibin/activin betaA and inhibin/activin betaB.
The expression of inhibin beta B is high in human adipocytes, reduced by weight loss, and correlates to factors implicated in metabolic disease.
Carlsson et al., Göteborg, Sweden. In Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 2006
Inhibin beta B (INHBB; coding for the activin betaB subunit) was identified and high expression in adipocytes was confirmed by real-time PCR and immunohistochemistry. INHBB expression in adipose tissue was down regulated by diet-induced weight loss (p<0.001).
Exogenous FGF10 can rescue an eye-open at birth phenotype of Fgf10-null mice by activating activin and TGFalpha-EGFR signaling.
Ohuchi et al., Tokushima, Japan. In Dev Growth Differ, 2006
To verify the role of FGF10 during eyelid closure, explant culture of Fgf10-null eyelid anlagen was performed, by which it was examined whether or not exogenous FGF10 could rescue the expression of activin betaB and transforming growth factor alpha, known to be required for eyelid closure.
Selective inhibition of cell growth by activin in SNU-16 cells.
Lee et al., Seoul, South Korea. In World J Gastroenterol, 2006
Basal level of inhibin/activin subunits, activin receptors, Smads, and p21(CIP1/WAF1) except for activin betaB mRNAs was observed to have differential expression patterns in the human gastric cancer cell lines, AGS, KATO III, SNU-1, SNU-5, SNU-16, SNU-484, SNU-601, SNU-638, SNU-668, and SNU-719.
Drivers of germ cell maturation.
Jans et al., Melbourne, Australia. In Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2005
We examined the in vivo impact of activin on testis development using two mouse models, the inhba-/- mouse (which lacks the gene encoding the activin A subunit and dies at birth) and BK mice, with inhbb (encoding the activin betaB subunit) replacing inhba (which survive to adulthood and show delayed fertility onset in males).
Developmental profiles of activin betaA, betaB, and follistatin expression in the zebrafish ovary: evidence for their differential roles during sexual maturation and ovulatory cycle.
Ge et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Biol Reprod, 2004
Activin betaA is involved in promoting ovary and follicle growth, whereas activin betaB may have a tonic role throughout follicle development but becomes critical at the late stage of oocyte maturation and/or ovulation.
Genetic models for transforming growth factor beta superfamily signaling in ovarian follicle development.
Matzuk et al., Houston, United States. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, 2004
A knockin model of activin betaB expressed from the activin betaA locus, revealed that activin betaB can act as a hypomorphic protein and rescue some but not all of activin betaAs functions.
Involvement of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in the differential regulation of activin betaA and betaB expression by gonadotropin in the zebrafish ovarian follicle cells.
Ge et al., Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In Endocrinology, 2003
whereas the inhibitory effect of hCG on activin betaB expression is likely mediated by PKA-independent pathway(s).
Asymmetry: molecular, biologic, embryopathic, and clinical perspectives.
Cohen, Halifax, Canada. In Am J Med Genet, 2001
This overview of asymmetry addresses the following topics: chiral molecules; asymmetric signaling molecules, including N-cadherin, Shh, Fgf8, lefty1, lefty2, nodal, Pitx2, activin betaB, activin receptor IIA, and cSnR; situs abnormalities; asymmetric cell division; laterality in humans and animals; behavioral asymmetry in humans and animals; asymmetric embryopathies, including Tessier-type "clefts"; hemiasymmetries such as hemihyperplasia, hemihypoplasia, and hemiatrophy; asymmetric vascular syndromes, including Klippel-Trenaunay and Sturge-Weber syndromes; plagiocephaly of the synostotic and deformational types; somatic mosaicism, including a discussion of McCune-Albright syndrome, fibrous dysplasia, GNAS1 mutations, and Proteus syndrome.
Studying TGF-beta superfamily signaling by knockouts and knockins.
Matzuk et al., Houston, United States. In Mol Cell Endocrinol, 2001
We found that activin betaB, expressed in the spatiotemporal pattern of activin betaA, can function as a hypomorphic allele of activin betaA and rescue the craniofacial defects and neonatal lethal phenotype of activin betaA-deficient mice.
Functional analysis of mammalian members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily.
Matzuk, Houston, United States. In Trends Endocrinol Metab, 1995
Among the genes targeted via ES cell strategies are the TGF-beta1, Müllerian-inhibiting substance (MIS), inhibin alpha, activin betaA, and activin betaB genes.
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