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Actin-binding LIM protein 1

actin-binding LIM protein
Top mentioned proteins: Actin, LIM, V1a, fibrillin-1, Isl-1
Papers on actin-binding LIM protein
ABLIM1 splicing is abnormal in skeletal muscle of patients with DM1 and regulated by MBNL, CELF and PTBP1.
Ishiura et al., Tokyo, Japan. In Genes Cells, Feb 2015
In this study, we found abnormal splicing of actin-binding LIM protein 1 (ABLIM1) in skeletal muscles of patients with DM1 and a DM1 mouse model (HSA(LR) ).
Genetic loci that control the size of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization.
D'Amato et al., Boston, United States. In Faseb J, 2009
The newly mapped regions contain several candidate genes involved in the angiogenic process, including thrombospondin 1, delta-like 4, BclII modifying factor, phospholipase C, beta 2, adrenergic receptor, beta 1, actin-binding LIM protein 1 and colony stimulating factor 2 receptor, alpha.
Nuclear actin and actin-binding proteins in the regulation of transcription and gene expression.
Wen et al., Shijiazhuang, China. In Febs J, 2009
Among the ABPs, striated muscle activator of Rho signaling and actin-binding LIM protein regulate actin dynamics and serum response factor-dependent muscle-specific gene expression.
Genetic analysis of tongue size and taste papillae number and size in recombinant inbred strains of mice.
Waters et al., Memphis, United States. In Chem Senses, 2008
From these QTLs, we identified a number of candidate genes within the QTL intervals that include SRY-box containing gene, nebulin-related anchoring protein, and actin-binding LIM protein 1.
Protein trafficking and anchoring complexes revealed by proteomic analysis of inward rectifier potassium channel (Kir2.x)-associated proteins.
Vandenberg et al., Santa Barbara, United States. In J Biol Chem, 2004
We identified eight members of the MAGUK family of proteins (SAP97, PSD-95, Chapsyn-110, SAP102, CASK, Dlg2, Dlg3, and Pals2), two isoforms of Veli (Veli-1 and Veli-3), Mint1, and actin-binding LIM protein (abLIM) as Kir2.2-associated
Limatin (LIMAB1), an actin-binding LIM protein, maps to mouse chromosome 19 and human chromosome 10q25, a region frequently deleted in human cancers.
Chishti et al., Boston, United States. In Genomics, 1998
LIM domains, found in over 60 proteins, play key roles in the regulation of developmental pathways.
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