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Ribosomal Proteins 2
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Ribosomes 2
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1: Title: Predicting the potential ankylosing spondylitis-related genes utilizing bioinformatics approaches.
Authors: Zhao, Hao, .
Journal: Rheumatology international (Rheumatol Int), Vol. 35 (6): 973-9, 2015 .
Snippet: Moreover, the nodes in the module were significantly enriched in ribosomal protein (RPL17, ribosomal protein L17 and MRPL22, mitochondrial ribosomal protein L22) and proteasome (PSMA6, proteasome subunit, alpha type 6, PSMA4)-related domains.
Affiliation: Department of Arthritis Emergency, Guanghua Integrative Medicine Hospital, Changning District, Shanghai, China, .
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2: Title: Tag-mediated isolation of yeast mitochondrial ribosome and mass spectrometric identification of its new components.
Authors: Gan, Xiang, .
Journal: European journal of biochemistry / FEBS (Eur J Biochem), Vol. 269 (21): 5203-14, 2002 .
Snippet: Thus, we have newly established Ymr158w (MrpS8), Ypl013c (MrpS16), Ymr188c (MrpS17) and Ygr165w (MrpS35) as small subunit mrps and Img1, Img2, Ydr116c (MrpL1), Ynl177c (MrpL22), Ynr022c (MrpL50) and Ypr100w (MrpL51) as large subunit mrps.
Affiliation: Graduate School of Science and Technology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, and Biosignal Research Center, Kobe University, Japan. .
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